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17 Apr 2012
Several readings from the vibrant derby played at Balaidos; the papers emphasized the punch and experience of a Deportivo that’s on the right track to Primera, while the result is also seen as a strong hit to Celta’s aspirations.

La Voz de Galicia: Deportivo beats Celta in a Galician derby to remember. A show that dignifies football at Segunda División and that finished in favour of Deportivo La Coruña just  by a hair, in a set-piece situation, the main weakness of Celta. The team from Vigo, side that fought until its last breath to overcome a 0-2, was savoring a tie that responded to the sacrifice made by the local team. But a free-kick that was pretty bad defended was seized by Borja to bring a victory for Depor and three quarters of the direct promotion. Oltra’s men, who took the lead in its first opportunity and hat struggled to maintain it throughout the match, are virtually leaving sentenced the return to Primera, supported by two immense centre backs, besides to the drop of quality from Juan Dominguez and the presence of Guardado, who served as anchor in the middle of the rival’s siege. Miguel Piñeiro

La Opinión A Coruña: One less curse. The changing weather found by Celta and Deportivo in their meeting at Balaídos should serve as a metaphor for a match as unstable as attractive to the viewer, a game in which Los Blanquiazules were able to bury the curse that has haunted them visiting this stadium. The last goal by Borja Fernandez put an end to 22 seasons in which Depor was unable to defeat Celta playing for Segunda División at Balaidos. The goal was the culmination of a meeting in which both sides seized the most of the resources that have been identifying them throughout the season.

The so mentioned punch of Deportivo that was lamented by Celta’s coach and players after the game decanted the outcome, while it also showed the effectiveness of Los Blanquiazules playing on counterattacks. The velocity of Guardado, Bruno Gama, Lassad and Riki, with Valerón and Juan Dominguez as shuttles, buried Celta’s options, although they had the initiative for several sections of the meeting. The waste of energy succumbed to the economy used by Depor, which converted Celta’s deployment into a sterile thing when it seemed they had no options.

The alternatives at both teams allowed the fans to enjoy an open game that wasn’t resolved until the last minute. The only negative note from a sensational game was the moments when objects were thrown onto the pitch and the referee reflected this in the act of the game. Exceptional was the work of the central defenders. A great responsibility in yesterday’s victory was on the shoulders of Colotto and Ze Castro, exceptional at defense. They held the team when things were worse and after Celta pushed strongly mainly after Deportivo’s first goal. Marcos Otero

La Voz de Galicia: If not seen, hard to believe. With the pass of time people will talk of this Celta-Deportivo (2-3) and the game will be presented as one of the most important between these teams. The announcement was responding to the reality of the moment, though it’s too early to certify the consequences of the final score. It seems certain that it catapulted Deportivo to Primera, while it isn’t closing the doors to Celta, at least in a definitive way, although the team from Vigo is now more complicated. Football has these fluctuations, so Deportivo won with firmness, a virtue that not only allows to be the leader, but to keep the lane. That is something.

The game was intense until the stoppage time. A derby that planted joy on both sides, according to the side and as the goals were arriving, which were five, the last one when no one was expecting for more and that left the Celtismo drown in a tremendous pain, in contrast to the explosive joy of the Deportivismo, the visitors were content with the draw, though they were feeling sorry after wasting the two-goal lead. We said it a couple of days ago: you know how the games start, but not how they will end. Especially in games like this one, with an intense atmosphere as the one saw at Balaídos, eagerly waited by the fans since the day it was played the game of the first round at the Riazor. Vicente Leirachá

AS: Highway to Primera. Rarely the expectations placed on a game are met. Yesterday, in the derby played at Balaídos, we didn’t only meet them, but they were overcome. There was quality football, goals, gala atmosphere, alternatives, passion, controversy and excitement until the last breath. It was a large game that Borja, the only Galician that scored, decided with a header at minute 92. For Celta it was cruel due to its faith and ambition, for Depor is a large prize that  enshrines the team as the king of Galicia and of Segunda. And that victory leaves Oltra’s side with eight points ahead of Valladolid and ten more on Herrera’s men waiting for their suspended meeting with Cartagena. Those 31 minutes are now key, three golden points to enter the highway to Primera, that road that no longer has tolls for Oltra’s Deportivo.

Yet the first sensation of the morning was the surprise. Herrera bet in Yoel, absent in the last ten games, rather than Sergio. He was blameless in the goals, but ate three. The first one had to remind him to the Riazor, because Riki scored again before the public was sitting In A Coruña it was with the heel, yesterday a subtle touch after a pass from Juan Dominguez. The Madrilenian experienced a complete déjà vu, because in addition to score he suffered an injury, as in the first-leg. Precisely his injury served to heat the derby. For some, as for the referee, by throwing himself to the ground, for others, for lasting too much in allowing the entry of the doctors.

Earlier, Celta had sought by every possible mean for the tie. Passes, movement ... Everything worked till the last centimeter, and then it appeared the colossal figure of Colotto. Orellana, De Lucas, Alex Lopez and company played and played. Meanwhile, Depor, without much elaboration, threatened with an ambitious Guardado and Riki, who after his injury was replaced by Lassad. The Marseille-born striker, as well as it happened at the Riazor, scored the 0-2 after a pass from the Mexican. The derby looked dead, sentenced and slept under the baton of Valerón, who grew over the game. Aranzubía only suffered at the very beginning of the second half, when he had to cut the play of Joan Tomas, which left the loose ball to Aspas. With the goal alone for him, Iago only saw the body of Morel, and sent the ball there. Anxiety? Sure, because you have to play the derbies with heart and also with a cool head, and when one of these elements fails, then the errors show up.

Oltra started thinking about closing the game and pulled Borja in. The one sacrificed was Valerón, and the coach made a mistake (at the beginning). Without El Flaco Depor lost the ball, and with him on their feet Celta’s players regained faith. De Lucas scored first after Orellana’s pass. The entrance of Manuel Pablo for Bruno converted the prudence into a total withdrawal. A free-kick masterfully threw by De Lucas forced Aranzubía to make the miracle, he repeated it in the subsequent attempt of David, but couldn´t do anything before Catalá, who scored in offside. Balaídos roared, but the leader hadn’t finished yet. Guardado threw a free-kick; Colotto hit the crossbar and Borja unleashed the madness among the Blanquiazul fans. The defensive change sent Depor to Primera. Paradoxes of football. Luis de La Cruz

Marca: Deportivo rules in Galicia. Deportivo defeated Celta (2-3) at Balaidos in a match for infarction in which the local team went out for everything since the beginning. In the second minute Riki claimed the lead for Oltra’s men, the second didn’t arrive until the second half thanks to Lassad. At the middle of the second part Lucas finally scored for his side and helped in the play that meant the draw of Catalá. It was useless as Celta saw how Borja was scoring the third, pulling down Vigo’s team from the direct promotion seats. Great game made by a Celta that has lost the second place. Depor increases its distance with the clubs coming from behind and reaffirms the first position, which makes them dream of returning to Primera. Laura Tirad

El Pais: Depor has the last word. After so long, after so much glory and misery in almost a quarter of century as the president, after winning la liga, the Cup, the Centenariazo, epics nights at the Champions League or the penalty of Djukic, Augusto César Lendoiro said after the derby that he was convinced he had seen a piece of Depor’s history, victorious in a match that ennobles football from Segunda, a league that has suffered a switch and that’s more respected for the emotion and feeling involved in the game. In Balaídos it was lived a memorable duel that had a tragic coda for Celta, cruel because it drowned when it reached the shore after achieving a hard worked tie, wiping away two goals from its eternal rival. Deportivo was the one carrying out with the reward, which was managed with the usual courage and having the guts to play after suffering the morale stroke of the tie, the last set-piece action of the game, with the two central defenders and a midfielder searching for the header. Among them produced the decisive goal, and who knows if the promotion, a goal that still has to cause a reaction at Celta, side that falls to the third place at the standings.

It was that kind of matches used to evaluate the professionalism of the players. All approved. There was a superlative performance from them, especially Colotto, a monument of defense, one of those guys that are suspected for being slow in long plays, but a player that knows the game and have the wisdom to exploit its conditions. He was not only impenetrable, but served as leader and was decisive in the play of the last goal Colotto and Bergantiños held Depor during its worst moments. There were two. The first after the initial goal of Riki, just when Celta was playing without watching the clock. That team cheered by everyone as it knows how to play in counterattacks and that damaged in sensitive areas of the opponent, because Orellana knew how to fall between the lines and find partners. Without the ball, Deportivo was looking confused, Valerón was distressed as he was asking for the ball without absorbing it. But the minutes passed without much trouble for Aranzubia and Celta entered into desperation. It forgot the combinative game and quickly sought for the wings to release crosses that were easy to defend. Deportivo caught a second breath, which grabbed despite some disasters like the umpteenth injury of Riki, an episode that created an operetta with the referee, inflexible to keep him lying on the ground for five minutes without allowing him to be attended.

The morass created by the dispute between the referee and Deportivo’s striker misled Celta, side that lost the thread after the break. From there it emerged Valerón, who didn’t make a sprint, but when he receives the ball is almost always on his dominions: the free spaces. Under his baton, Deportivo played a special quarter hour in which Celta was erased from the pitch and produced the second goal, a pass of Guardado to Lassad, who sentenced in a one-on-one action with Yoel. But Oltra made a move for the debate as he removed Valerón and Celta found the goal in an action that was resolved by De Lucas with a twisted shot from inside the area. The equalizer came via Catalá with ten minutes left.

What happened next was amazing. Celta took a step backward, timid, as if the tie was the highest award possible. And from there Depor raised, now without Valerón, and got the victory when there was no time for the amendment, one of those results that not only can mark a season, but the immediate future that the two biggest sides of Galician football are about to write. Juan L. Cudeiro

ABC: Depor gets another derby due to its punch. Deportivo was again the winner in extremis of the Galician derby in what turned to be a carbon copy of the match at the Riazor: Celta put the football, and Depor one more goal than the rival. As football doesn’t understand of justice, but of results, now Celta struggles for the promotion, Valladolid has passed them. Meanwhile, Los Blanquiazules have given a giant step towards the escalation of class.

Celta dominated the entire clash, with Deportivo retreated after the ball, but mostly pushed within the first half hour. Zé Castro and Colotto managed to save the rush of Orellana, Aspas and De Lucas, with Oubiña in command of the expedition. Herrera’s men were pushing.. Celta was a more dynamic side and pressed a Depor that ended running after the ball. A memorable derby. Too bad that a few vandals will make the headlines in what should be just a party Evaristo Amado.

Faro de Vigo: The cruel fate punished Celta. Yesterday’s Celta received a terrible blow, a cruel fate wink when it was savoring a heroic point in a derby to remember, playing at the limit of physical exhaustion and rewarding the team that had the most parsimonious performance. Los Vigueses lost the coveted match against Deportivo in the stoppage time, this after overcoming a match that had gone 0-2 thanks to a strange decision of Oltra and a dash of courage and football when all seemed lost. Borja Fernandez's goal is a terrible punishment for the group of Herrera, who had stood up bravely to the blows from an opponent that has a lot less football than them, but that has plenty of punch and experience. Celta, side that was also guilty for the excessive anxiety in the last twenty yards, has none of both virtues. It needs too much to score and achieved the equalizer at the final stretch of the game, then it lacked the needed coolness to assess and protect this treasure.

It dreamed at times with the win, with a comeback for the legend, but the lungs and legs, empty for the effort, didn’t give refuge. And Deportivo viciously punished in the stoppage time through a free-kick that was badly defended. As it happened in the first round derby, Celta lost after being better than Deportivo. But Oltra’s team is adorned with obvious virtues.

The game was for a massacre of Deportivo, this for the score and the disposition on the pitch to open a road to Celta. But Oltra came out and changed everything. The Valencian pulled Valerón out of the field, just when it was the perfect game for him. The decision gave wings to Celta, side that also found the rebirth of players like Alex Lopez and Orellana. The Chilean in a play of pure electricity assisted De Lucas at the heart of the area and the Catalan fired a great shot that reduced the gap. Then Deportivo trembled, while Herrera’s men finally pulled the nails. In a burst of strength, but also of football, the locals invaded the visiting area and the opportunities started to flow out. Like the first half Celta failed in those final meters to find the right pass. But Deportivo was scared. Oltra took off Gama and placed Manuel Pablo alongside Laure at the right side. A statement of intent in the making.

Celta, side revitalized by Bermejo, resolutely insisted. And the locals found oil in a set-piece. Catalá pushed the ball into the net to unleash the madness at Balaidos. Celta went into a trance and it turned to be its condemnation. At that time, seeing Deportivo hurt, it thought it could complete an epic comeback and got carried away without being aware that its deposit was empty after the wild effort that was made. The team was dead and the players began to fall victim of the cramps. Still, the players sought for the impossible instead of protecting a point that was gold. It lacked a clear mind to keep the game far from its area. With time served it quickly tried to go out in a counterattack; they lost the ball and thus came the free-kick that brought the victory to Deportivo. A savage punishment to the generosity of Celta. One of those losses that turn to be a hard-to-heal wound. Juan Carlos Álvarez



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