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17 Apr 2012
Oltra was proud of his team, while the players were celebrating the huge result for Depor. Lendoiro hopes to see Celta joining Depor in the way back to Primera. Celta’s players were devastated with the loss, though coach Herrera believes it won’t affect them.

Coach José Luis Oltra was proud for the game completed b his men, “I'm a happy person and a proud coach, because we did a lot of things in order to win this game. I am happy for our people. The team combined on the pitch and searched the victory since the start. It was a painful way to lose for them and a good one for us to win. I’m proud for been coaching this team."

“I’m proud, because the defense always tried to counteract the game of Celta; at half-time I was asking my players to give more, and far from staying with what we already had made they were still trying to get more. I’m proud of this team.” He added.

However, the Valencian coach was warning that nothing is done yet and the team must keep its guard ahead of the final stretch in liga, “I understand the euphoria, but we aren't promoted yet. Off course this isn’t a small step, it’s a big jump, but it remains to be a step forward. Nobody has clinched the promotion with 72 points."

Finally, Oltra was also praising the courage of his men during the last play, which meant the decisive goal, “In that last play we sent both central defenders into the area; the first touch was made by one of them and the goal was scored by the defensive midfielder. In the celebration of the goal I jumped as I never did in my life.”

Bruno Gama commented that, “We suffered a lot and it tastes better like this. I believe we have made a great game. We were fine in all the levels. In the end we deserved the victory. We must continue facing the season game by game, but knowing that we are closer to the goal.”

Diego Colotto was warning that the team still has to fight for the promotion, “It has been an important victory, but people must remember that we aren’t at Primera, at least not yet.” About the curious scene in which he embraced a security member at Balaidos he said that, “I embraced him, because I didn’t know how to exteriorize my joy. They poor guy didn’t know what to do. I hope he could become a Depor’s fan.”

The hero this time was Borja Fernandez as he scored the winning in the stoppage time; he said that, “After scoring I felt an explosion of joy. I only score a few goals, but usually my goals turn to be important, especially today. I just ran to celebrate it with the fans and the true is that it was a great joy. It’s clear that not all the goals worth the same, and it’s clear that the value of this one is big.”

“We suffered a lot as they equalized the game in two plays in which they surprised us. We are removing from us a game before a solid rival, therefore anything could had happened here. We could even have lost the game, because the rival was really good.” He added regarding the difficulty of the game.

On Monday Ze Castro still couldn’t believe the excitement lived in A Coruña, “It was incredible, incredible to see the joy of the fans for the victory over Celta. We were welcomed like we were champions. The rivalry is huge and the game was pretty emotive. Without doubt this has been one of the biggest victories in my career. I feel to be living one of the best moments in my career; I feel mature and confident.”

Meanwhile, Valerón was saying that, “It was a precious game, we are pretty content and this is a huge step forward. We seized the chances and this victory is a moral boost.  Some games still to be played, but the philosophy has been reinforced. There was tension on the pitch, but both sides should be content.”

Riki scored the first goal in the game; he was also happy with the final score, “I’m really happy with this last-minute win; it’s the reward to our effort. We had the advantage since the start; they equalized in the second part, but we never surrendered.”

At the same time the Madrilenian striker was feeling sorry for his injury, "I think the injury is a tear in the muscle. I feel screwed, because probably I will be out for two or three weeks. I didn’t invent anything with the injury. I tried to return, but couldn’t do it. I am the one that suffers, because now will be out for two or three weeks. The referee booked me, because he thought I was able to continue.” Later the scans confirmed the injury and that the striker will be off for three or four weeks.

President Augusto César Lendoiro  was pretty happy with the victory, "The result is spectacular. The true is that it was great to see this environment, colorful and with two great groups of fans. Let's hope Celta and Depor could end clinching the promotion, because it would be great to see this match at Primera División. This victory is one of the sweetest I´ve lived, though it isn’t comparable to the great moments lived in Champions League.”

At RC Celta, coach Paco Herrera said that this defeat won’t affect the morale of his team, “The league ends in a month and a half, and don’t have the right to fell down. It was a highly disputed game that had different moment. There were times when we were great, and there were others when they were controlling the match. They have the punch to score a goal without doing too much, and this is the final reading of the game, because we were tired trying to have opportunities to score the goals, and they practically scored from nowhere. That was the difference.”

Herrera was also admitting that the goal of Celta isn’t anymore the first place, “Our goal has always been to fight for the spot that was above us, and for how things are right now what we want is to catch the second place, because with the authority of Depor I don’t think that no one can catch them now. In the first round this game reinforced us, and now this game should do the same. The league ends in one and a half moth and must continue. If we defeat Cartagena then we will remain at the second spot, one point behind Valladolid.”

The defeat was hardest to assimilate for the players; goalkeeper Yoel Rodriguez barely talked at the press room after the match, “All the defeats are negative, but clearly this one is more painful. In the end, a lot of games still ahead.”

The symbol of Celta, Borja Oubiña, was admitting that Deportivo deserves to be the leader at Liga Adelante, “Depor has something else than us. I don’t know what it is, but they have something more. That’s why they have ten more points than us.”

David Catalá scored the equalizer, and later was feeling sad for the defeat, “It has been a harsh end for Celta; it’s a hard hit and the defeat is harder than the one of the first round. We must analyze the errors in order to correct them. We are sad, but it should be like that until tomorrow, because we must be strong for the remaining games. A lot still ahead.”

Finally, Quique De Lucas was saying that the defeat was unfair for Celta, “Today football has shown its more cruel face. The team did enough on the pitch in order to win the game. Watching what happened you should realize that the result is unfair. Even the draw would have been unfair, but it’s difficult to valorize a game when you face a team like Deportivo. We know it’s like this as they have that experience. They have players used to games like this, and they were going to seize their opportunities.”



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