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24 Apr 2012
Oltra was satisfied with the performance of his team before a great rival; Juan Dominguez was saying that Deportivo must try to fix the errors in defense, while Lendoiro was explaining the status of Colotto’s renewal.

Coach José Luis Oltra was praising the fact that his team knew how to react after every Elche’s goal; at the same time he said that he never suffered in the game, “It’s my opinion, but I don’t think this was an agony, perhaps you were anxious as the goal came at the end, but not for what we were doing. They equalized very quickly and it isn’t something easy to assimilate. But this team has faith, style and players to transform our ideas on this pitch. In this way we scored the winning goal, just like the past week we went out searching for it.”

“In the final stretch you assume some risks and go out for the match. We could have made other substitutions, but we never surrendered. The team has made a very complete game and therefore I´m satisfied. The final minute arrived and we were holding on the 4.3, but the intention was always the same: to win. And on this league you need tears, sweat and blood in order to win.” He added.

Asked about the fact that his team allowed three goals in the match, the Valencian coach said that, “Would we were pretending to not see a shot on target against us? We were facing a great rival, a team coming after completing some a solid season, and since César Ferrando is the coach they are trying to practice a more combinative game and have power in set-pieces. And we won being faithful with our style. I would be saying the same if we wouldn’t have won. This league is tough and my players deserve the merits.”

Finally, Oltra believes that this is an important step in the quest for the promotion, “Well, you end happy as with a 4-3 there are a lot of goals, besides the public has been great, they have been the same throughout the season and they keep surprising me. I believe this isn’t a little step, because each day there are less games and the steps are getting bigger. This is an important step towards the promotion, but a lot still ahead. The job isn’t finished yet and now we’ll think of Almeria.”

Juan Dominguez was critic with the errors committed by the team in defense, “As a spectator you can’t ask for more, but we see things from a different view, because we see the failures that we committed and that caused so many goals. We must correct those errors and not to see them happening again.”

“I don’t think it was caused for a lack of attention; those errors are normal and we must try to fix them. Now we can’t relax, until the numbers say otherwise we aren’t from Primera, we don’t believe on it. Right now we just try to extend the lead over the third place.” The Galician midfielder added.

Bruno Gama was one of the heroes in the game as he scored a brace and also gave an assist; he was happy with his performance, “I am content, because we won and helped the team with my goals.  It’s always great to score goals and see the team winning. We were scoring and quickly they were replying, in the end we won and the team has made a step forward.”

“One more game has passed and each victory means a decisive step, these are crucial steps and this match was important. I am content on here and want to help the team to keep growing. We must continue working in order to reach Primera.” The Portuguese winger added.

The other hero in the clash was central defender Diego Colotto as he scored the winning goal at the final minutes; he couldn’t believe the ups and downs in the game, “Puff! We never were able to hold on the advantage. We had it three times, but as soon as we were scoring they were replying. It was difficult, but we achieved the final victory. It was a hard match and we won due to the heart and the courage of the team.”

Álex Bergantiños gave his opinion on the game, “I believe they scored three goals without doing too much, all of them in set-pieces, including an error of Dani [Aranzubia], but well we must try to return to be a strong team that doesn’t allow too many opportunities. The true is that we’re a team that plays in open games. We are content, but this is not done yet. We have now two tough meetings facing Almeria and Valladolid on here, so we must go step by step as we’ve done throughout the year.”

President Augusto César Lendoiro admitted that he suffered a lot, “The true is that if we were looking for a script in suspense movie then we could be successful, because the last minutes in Vigo and today´s game made us suffer. In the end the only thing for real is the victory, and this result increases the gap with the third place and it’s an important step for us, still this isn’t the last game and a lot of points still in dispute. So, we will remain suffering from the heart, because for the general public today’s game was great, but for us this game was to suffer a lot. It was a deserved victory and the rival demonstrated that they will fight until the end. These are three more points and one day less.”

Depor’s boss also said that the renewal of Colotto, something that was chanted by the public throughout the game, isn’t something for sure yet, “The reality is that Deportivo is interested since a while in his renewal, but there are two parties and they need to reach an agreement. We´ll try it as he’s a great player and an important man at the changing room. We’ll try everything we can, but unfortunately we have the same limitations of football in general. We had a light meeting with his agent on this week and will keep talking in the next month.”

At Elche, coach César Ferrando was frustrated as he thinks that his team deserved a better luck in this match, “I believe that we deserved more, at least the draw, because to achieve a comeback, before a great rival that was playing in a tough stadium like this and a team that we put against the ropes, it means something important, but what happens is that the negative streak has affected us. “

“It was the opposite of what it occurred to Depor in the first round game; they equalized the game and then ended losing, and here it was the opposite. It’s the dynamic of a team that’s strong at the top of the standings and another one facing a tough situation, so the punch of Depor has defined the game.” He said before leaving the press room at the Riazor.



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