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28 Apr 2012
Depor’s coach knows that this is a difficulty meeting, but he’s hopeful in adding the three points; meanwhile Almeria’s trainer is confident of his men despite been dragging a negative streak of nine games without achieving the victory.

Esteban Vigo Benítez, nicknamed ‘Boquerón´, is a former player with a 15-year career as a coach; he has been successful in both aspects. The Andalusian man, a midfielder at the time, performed for Malaga and later played for ten years at FC Barcelona (1977-87); he won several titles with the Catalans and scored one of the goals in the 3–1 win against Sporting Gijón during the final of the season 1980/81.

He retired in 1991 and four years later began his career as a coach working for UD Almeria, he later moved on to other clubs, mainly in the region of Andalusia, also having an abroad spell in Romania. His biggest achievement as a coach was to clinch the promotion with Xérez CD during the season 2008/09. He repeated the achievement with Hércules CF during the season 2009/10, and was fired from the job one year ago as his team failed to survive at Primera. He returned just three weeks ago to UD Almeria after Lucas Alcaraz was fired due to the negative streak of the team; still Vigo hasn’t achieved any victory after his arrival (two draws and one defeat).

El Boquerón has faced José Luis Oltra in four previous opportunities; he won the first two as his team Xérez CF defeated Oltra’s Tenerife (2-1 on the season 2007/08 and 2-0 on the campaign 2008/09), and later Depor’s current coach clinched two victories in the next two matches; the first a 2-0 win in the second round match of the season 08/09 and the last one on the past campaign as UD Almeria defeated Hércules CF 2-1 playing at the Rico Pérez stadium.

Depor’s coach gave his press conference on Thursday; he talked with reporters for twenty-three minutes; he started talking of the rival, which by the way was the team that he coached on the past season, “It might look like a routine, but it isn’t like that. This is a complicate game, again for me it’s the most important match on the season, because it’s the next one and also because a win will mean a new step towards the goal. We are facing a tough rival, a team that has spent almost the entire season inside the playoff zone and that has only lost one game at home, they drew a lot there, but only lost once. Also, they only missed to score three times at home.”

“I define them as a pretty competitive and experienced team; besides they are playing for a lot of things, so it’s going to be complicated. They are having a negative streak, but it’s a tough game. The challenge and the goal are to add the three points playing with our style and avoiding not the relaxation, but to think that things are already done.” He added.

Later the Valencian coach was remembering his stage at Almeria, “I am going to say hi to several friends, it wasn’t a long stage, but I was happy there. It was a place where I had a wonderful time, perhaps the results weren’t what we expected, but it was a pleasure to train at Primera División. Now I want to win, not for a sense of revenge, but because I want to win the game for my team.”

Then Oltra was asked about the casualties for the game and the status of Ze Castro, and he responded that, “For now the confirmed casualties are… Jesús Vázquez… Riki… and Aythami… correct, I didn’t want to screw things up [looking to his assistant] for the rest we are going to wait to tomorrow, because there are some men having some issues. Some are evident cases, other don’t, and I won’t talk of them. Regarding the case with Ze Castro, I am optimistic as I believe he will be ready for the game, but we’ll wait for tomorrow.”

“Seoane was one of the players having some issues, and we’ll see tomorrow. Morel is fine; if he didn’t train it was because he’s dragging some problems, but we are taking care of Claudio and I think that he will be ready. Still, today’s was a soft training and wasn’t crucial to take part of it.” He added.

About the goal that Aranzubia scored on the past season visiting Almeria, the coach said that, “I was there, so my memories aren’t as positive as we were just watching. It doesn’t happen too often, that he could do the same now? If the rival scores a goal in the counterattack perhaps you will kill me before reaching the changing room. It’s something you have to analyze. I haven’t thought of it; perhaps we will do it again if we are losing, but not if we are winning or drawing.”

During the week there were some comments in A Coruña about the unhappiness of Salomão as the Portuguese isn’t having minutes lately, but Oltra denied this rumour, “I haven’t talked with him about this, I read it, but I see that he’s plugged into the game when he enters, he yields and competes and always leave everything during the trainings. I just make decisions and he respects everything. I see him at the top and the player has brought a lot of things. Truly he has had lesser minutes and has enough reasons to be unhappy, but he has told me before that he is happy and that he’s there in order to help us.”

Then he talked of Rochela; Marca informed during the week about the possibility of loaning the player out, but he denied everything, “Who’s talking of a loan spell? Who at the club has said anything about it? I didn’t do it, neither the sporting director. It was written by the press, but you also wrote that I have talked seven times with the president. I just tell Rochela that I have confidence in him. And for your information I told Rochela during the game before Elche that he was going in, but only if there wasn’t a goal in the free-kick, then Álbacar scored and I decided to make other substitutions. But the press wrote another thing and that’s why I talked to him during the week. I have plenty confidence on him.”

A reporter asked if he was surprised with the goals scored by players coming from the second line, and the former trainer of Almeria answered that, “No. I am not surprised. I am not surprised because I see them training everyday; we ask them to display a style of playing. I’m happy with their contribution in attack and also of his work at defense, as example Bruno, “el guey” [Guardado], Salomão… they don’t miss the ark  despite been scoring goals.”

Finally, Oltra was remembering the reasons why he hasn’t made too many changes at the lineup within the matches played in 2012, “We aren’t playing three competitions, not even in two; we play from Sunday to Sunday; besides the performance has been great and in the end the circumstances lead you to make decisions. To see people knowing by memory the lineup is just an accident; all the players have brought things and I just try to put the best players. Maybe I will start to make changes, but I don’t know.”

Almeria’s coach gave his press conference on Thursday; he talked to reporters for ten minutes; he is optimistic towards the game against Depor, “We are better than in the past week; we are facing a team that’s the leader, a team that’s completing an spectacular seasons and I don’t think you can have a better motivation than that.”

“They have a series of quality players, players that know how to complete the last pass, and we must try to cut this aspect, but at the same time we are talking of a team that’s allowing a lot of goals lately, though they have such a scoring capacity that they can score four times when you score three goals against them, so what we must try to do is to not allow any goal and then score once, in this way we’ll win. Our team is able to defeat anyone, and off course is abnormal to spend nine matchdays without winning.” He added.

About the fact that he hasn’t achieved the victory in the three matches he has spent at the club, the Andalusian man said that, “When the results aren’t pleasant then you analyze and look to the good and bad things, and from the three matches I´ve spent here we have lost once and drew the other two, and you extract conclusions from it; I like to win, and I believe that we deserved to succeed before Villarreal B, but it wasn’t possible. The other day [against Cartagena] we had everything almost done and we committed an error that cost the penalty, these are motives that make you think, but it isn’t something to make three or four changes; the more confidence you give to the players, the better, because they yield at the top.”

About the casualties for the game, Esteban Vigo explained that, “He [Goitom] can’t start over again, he is having some issues. And the injury of Soriano is complicated, because everything seems fine when he’s running following a lane, but it’s different when you make a pause or try to change the pace, so we will see how he evolves as he joins the group.”

Then, the former per of Barcelona was emphasizing the presence of Leo Ulloa at his team, “You should feel confident having a player with the characteristics of Leo, because he’s the top scorer in the league and a real threat for the rival; at any moment he can create a scoring opportunity, and if he doesn’t do it, then it will be the partner alongside him, so this is what I expect from the player, surely he will continue scoring goals.”

Finally, Vigo was remembering the importance of this game, “To not achieve the victory it would mean to depend on others, and in order to create our destiny we must add the three points in this meeting. We must create a positive environment at the stadium, bringing hope to the fans that witnessed the problems before Cartagena. These are the games you like to play. To be facing Deportivo is a good thing for us and the team is ready to face the challenge.”



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