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30 Apr 2012
The Galician papers criticized the poor presentation of Deportivo, especially the performance of the midfielders, while the papers in Almeria were proud of the game completed by Esteban Vigo’s side.

La Opinión A Coruña: Without an engine room. Two moments portrayed Colotto and Rochela in yesterday's game. They formed the centre of the defense for the first time on this season and ended up marked by two critical errors that, nevertheless, fit into the mess of imprecisions that condemned José Luis Oltra’s team in Almeria. The goal of Ulloa in the first part was born from a risky pass of Álex at midfield, especially unfortunate in yesterday’s match at Estadio de Los Juegos Mediterráneos.

The wreck at midfield was joined by the defensive problems, something that just penalized the strikers. Neither Valerón, nor Juan Dominguez nor Álex Bergantiños provided solutions to a team that barely had scoring opportunities during the meeting. The one missed by Bruno in the first part will remain as the only clear opportunity throughout the meeting in the absence of attempts during the final 45 minutes.

The emptiness of the midfielders conditioned the defenders, as example the first long throw in the quest of a counterattack that annulled Rochela against the velocity of Aaron. The youngster had been correct so far as the companion of Colotto, who neither suffered so much during the match. His expulsion with the 2-0 on the scoresheet, and with the time expired, it just darkened a gray game that complicates the already dangerous visit of Valladolid on next Sunday, a match in which Oltra will presumably have to rely again on Rochela. M. O.

La Voz de Galicia: The victory of the need. Deportivo completed a poor game, lacking in pace, and lost with justice (0-2) before an Almeria that needed the three points to not lose the track of the sixth place. Ulloa claimed the lead for the locals before half-time. In the second half, Depor tried to put a lot of people in attack, but it wasn’t worthy. The only scoring opportunities were for the locals, side that spared several times before Aaron decided the meeting. Colotto may not play against Valladolid with a new red card that was shown in the stoppage time, with everything decided.

Deportivo entered the field aware of its advantage over the third place and Almeria, with the need to not lose the wagon of the playoffs, was excited. Ones were trotting, and other were over-revolutionized, the scarce scoring opportunities arrived by the errors of the rival. The clearest for Depor came from the hand of Bruno Gama: the Portuguese was left alone with Esteban after a resounding failure of the local defense, he hit the body of the keeper. Almeria, except for some clearly offside that was angrily protested, failed its opportunities in the first act, but Ulloa, top-scorer in the championship, scored the first goal. Alex Bergantiños lost the ball and the locals claimed the lead. Verza served to the giant Argentine striker and his attempt ended kissing the net. Both teams missed to create scoring chances, and by halftime the team in need was winning. F. Balado

La Opinión A Coruña: The left wing. All the danger for Deportivo came by the left flank, on a day when Oltra’s team noticed Guardado’s absence and it didn’t suffer a major defeat by three extraordinary saves made by Aranzubia. Salomão only completed one aid to Morel in 45 minutes, while Esteban Vigo was aware of the danger on this side and also that he couldn’t give freedom to Valerón. There was intensity, but Depor failed to capitalize the strong wind and didn’t complete shots from close range. In the second half, the changes, and the position of Valerón, allowed Los Blanquiazules to dominate the game. Three counterattacks didn’t make much harm as the players didn’t complete the right movements. Colotto, however, shouldn’t even play that ball with 2-0 in the scoresheet.

Gaps on the sides. The absence of Guardado against Almeria was not covered, neither Salomão first nor Saul later. Bruno Gama was also absent and even missed the best opportunity had by Oltra’s players. The punch disappeared. The spectacular effectiveness of Deportivo that has been presumed by the fans within the last matchdays was completely vanished during the whole game against Almeria. There were no shots on target and neither scoring opportunities Luis R. Vaz

La Voz de Almeria: A brilliant victory. The supporters of Almeria had to wait ten matchdays to return to see their team winning a match. There have been many stages of suffering and disappointments, and all of them were forgotten with a big win against the leader in the league. A victory that brings prestige and self-esteem, not only by the weight of the points or for the entity's rival, but above all the brilliancy of the team. Vigo made a perfect reading of the rival and planned the match from the base of not giving space to the creative players of Deportivo, always trying to take advantage of the speed on the sides to overcome the enemy’s defense. The best thing you can say from the big game displayed by Los Rojiblancos was the path drew by Esteban Vigo, a fact that led to a big win, as bright as short.

It was until the 40th minute that Ulloa opened the score finishing an assist of Rafita, but before Los Rojiblancos had surpassed the fragile midfield mounted by Oltra, and only the lack of precision in the final pass prevented Almeria to reach the halfway mark with the match sentenced. Electrical game of Almeria, a team that had three arrivals within the first five minutes, but lacked finishing. This was the only error of the team in the first period and the cause why Aranzubia, despite the local arrivals, didn’t have to intervene.

In this first half Deportivo had its only clear chance. An exchange of blows at the beginning of the second period. Colotto saves before Dani Bautista, Valerón missed to capitalize an error of Rafita and Aranzubia cleared a great shot of Juanma Ortiz. The local wingers, especially Vidal, attacked the visitor's defense system and forced Aranzubia to be the hero of his team as he saved twice the attempts of Ulloa in counterattacks lead by Aleix. Three minutes before the end an exemplary counterattack of Corona ended with the goal for the tranquility. Colotto was sent off at the last minute, and before two goals disallowed to Jakobsen and Ulloa. Miguel Del Pin

El Almeria.es: Almeria remembered how to win the games. Not even the veterans remembered how they celebrated a victory at the Mediterráneo. After nine matchdays without success, Almeria was reunited with  the three points that are helping to remove the fears that gripped in previous matchdays. And the team did it as at the beginning of the season: with a strong defense and creating many scoring opportunities. They didn’t forget how to win a game and if they continue on this way, then there’s enough time to climb into the promotion playoff.  Pablo Laynez



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