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01 May 2012
Midfielder Juan Dominguez said that Deportivo canít think that the promotion is done, he sees the match with Real Valladolid as a final and also denied that the team had a lack of attitude in the past defeat visiting UD Almeria.

Midfielder Juan Dominguez talked to reporters after Sundayís training; he started talking of the poor game of Deportivo during the visit to UD Almeria, ďThereís no turning back; we didnít do the right things and itís time to turn the page and think of Valladolid. We missed a little of everything; to finish the plays and to create more scoring opportunities. When you have a bad game then everything turns to be bad.Ē

A reporter asked if the team felt the absence of Guardado, and the Pontedeume-born player answered that, ďGuardado is an important player, everyone knows it, but it isnít an excuse. It canít be an excuse for losing the game. We have a long and good squad; there are players that can add a lot of things, though they have different characteristics.Ē

Then the midfielder analyzed the importance of the upcoming clash against Real Valladolid, ďIt will be a pretty game, starting with the fact of been a match between the first and the second place. Valladolid is living an impressive streak, letís hope it will be a pretty game and that people will like it, and especially that we can achieve the three points.Ē

ďWe face the second place at the standings and the three points will mean a big step towards the promotion, itís the most important game on the season and we are going to face it like that. I donít know if the fans will feel the same intensity than in the derby before Celta, but we are going out at 100%. The fans are an important fact for us; thanks to them we are having more solid games.Ē

Then he was asked if the team is missing more attitude during the away matches, as it seemed in the past clash with UD Almeria, and he answered that, ďIt isnít a problem; we play every weekend as it was the game of the season. We know that every game is important in order to reach the goal. A lot still ahead and we know that things arenít done yet.

ďWe go out with the same concentration and intensity; itís always the same in every game. Truly there are opportunities in which you donít match the level of other games, and this is football. I donít know how things are seen from the outside, but the players give everything. Simply it wasnít our best game and nothing else. Itís true that we have problems when we are in disadvantage during the meetings, we must correct this issue and itís something to improveĒ He added

For Juan Dominguez the competition is hard in order to reach the first two places and also the playoff spots, ďI think the level is high among the top places, for me the first ten teams have a real chance of reaching the playoff, things are equal at the top. The automatic promotion is tough, thereís a lot of competence and rivalry.Ē

Hercules is two points behind Celta, then Celta is five below Valladolid and they are five points below us. We have ten points of advantage over the third place and they have one more game to play. Until the numbers donít say otherwise, I donít think we are already promoted. Last year the club that was the first place [Celta] barely entered into the playoffs, so it will be a big error to think that we already secured the promotion, thatís a warning for us.Ē He finalized



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