05 May 2012
Right winger Pablo Álvarez was interviewed by newspaper La Opinión A Coruña; The Shark talked of his possible appearance in the game against Valladolid, and also admitted that he won’t probably continue at the team for next season.

Q: It was a bittersweet return for you, after several weeks out. How did you live those moments, despite the defeat?
A: We were willing to win the game, but we lost. Almeria was fine, but we weren’t as strong as we were in past matches. I'm glad I could help and the pity was to not been able to grab a point.

Q: Did you feel fine after been stopped all this time?
A: Yes, I felt fine and that’s the most important thing to me. During the past weeks I've been training well and thanks to the doctors, who are always watching me, I'm working hard. I'm striving to improve my fitness. A few games are remaining and I’m available for the coach with the intention of trying to help.

Q: Although it has been a season in which you barely have played, I guess you would look forward to be available on the last stretch of the league, because it can be prettier.
A: Yes, on a personal level the year hasn’t been good, but the important thing is the collective level, and this aspect has been perfect. Now, we´ve to face the biggest games, the most beautiful ones, the ones when everything is decided, the moment when all teams are playing for something. Maybe I can participate, helping the team and feeling part of the effort. You have to look at things optimistically. It's what I think, to be available for the coach, and if I’ve a chance, then to do my best.

Q: With the suspension of Bruno, and the injury problems of Salomão, you may have an opportunity against Valladolid, how do you see it?
A: I don’t know what the possibilities are; I just train at the top. The coach has to make decisions and I've always respected him. I’m careless of the position, what I want is to be one more player. I just want to be one more man at the team. I've always played on the wing and like that position. I also like to be in attack as it’s a pretty option.

Q: Do you think the game against Valladolid is the most important one of the season, also taking into account the standings?
A: Yes, but it isn’t for the rivalry between the teams, but because we are the first and the second place, and if we win then it will be a huge step towards the promotion. Perhaps it won’t be definitive, but it will be important. It will be a vital game. I think the fans will be with us until death and will fill the stadium. It's a great rival, together with Celta and us, the three best teams in the league.

In addition you are ending contract on June 30. How do you see the future?
A: Uncertainty is always there, but I'm pretty quiet, although the situation is bad because I barely played. Surely there are people who will trust in me, either on here or in another place.

Q: Do you see yourself more outside than inside Deportivo?
A: Yes, it’s logic. I've barely played and the club hasn’t spoken to me, from what I understand they don’t want me to continue. I understand it and it’s normal, nothing happens. Football has these things. There are stages that must end.

Q: In any case, would you like to close your stage at Depor with the promotion to Primera?
A: Absolutely. The only goal is for this year is the promotion.



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