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06 May 2012
Depor’s coach denied that his team will feel the impact of the casualties as he believes that his team is large enough for the task; the coach of Valladolid thinks that a victory will mean a moral injection for his side.

Miroslav Djukić is a well known former player of Deportivo La Coruña that completed 212 league appearances at Primera División wearing the Blanquiazul shirt, which is the ninth highest mark in the history of the club. He played for six years in La Coruña and was considered as a solid fullback that was one of the figures during the years of the Super Depor.

Unfortunately, many people will only remember him as the player that missed the penalty at the last matchday of the season 1993/94, this after Brazilian striker Bebeto didn’t’ want to assume the responsibility; that error cost a liga title to Deportivo. After his stage in La Coruña, the Serbian went to Valencia CF and ended his career playing for CD Tenerife (2003/04).

As a coach, Djukić started working with the national teams of his country; the first club under his command was Belgian outfit RE Mouscron, then he landed in Spain on last season as he was hired as the coach of Hércules CF, club that was fighting to survive at Primera. He left a positive impression there, though was unable to clinch the salvation.

Djukić was hired as the coach of Real Valladolid during the past summer and his team has had a positive run so far, reason why they’re the second place at the standings. This is his second meeting with José Luis Oltra after the goalless match of the first round.

Depor’s trainer gave his press conference on Friday; he talked with reporters for twenty minutes; he started talking of Aranzubia, “Yes, he is doubtful; today he went out to train and was feeling some issues, but will wait for his evolution. We will wait for tomorrow’s training, and we aren’t forcing him, because if he isn’t fit then German [Lux] is going to play. He is anxiously waiting for a chance and will love to play in an important game, but we´ll wait until the last moment.”

About the situation with the injuries, the Valencian coach said that, “I won’t complain and neither will give excuses, because if we were presuming of something before was of having a large squad. This team has quality. If someone is going out, then another player will claim their spot. Who isn’t important at this squad? There have been important casualties in past games and we have faced, sometimes it worked out, sometimes it didn’t.”

He was also talking of the players that will be starters after been under shadows during a lot of time, “They already gave a step forward competing during the trainings, and for some circumstances, mainly the results, I chose to give continuity to the team, but under other circumstances I’m sure they would have been starters. They are there in order to bring things to the team, and aren’t passing a test neither they need to prove anything.”

About the physical state of Guardado and Ze Castro, he said that, “He [Guardado] hasn’t told me anything, neither the doctors have told me anything. He was training normally and will see tomorrow; let’s hope nothing will happen and he should be fit to play. The same goes for Ze Castro. It’s the same case. Last week Guardado had problems before the match, just in the last training, so I prefer not to talk, because it can happen tomorrow again, but at this moment El Guey and Ze Castro are fit to play and both are having good feelings.”

Oltra also denied the scenario that he’s losing a lot of important people at the most important game of the season, “This game isn’t more important than the past ones, if you think like that then you must remember that before there were other 35 matchdays that were crucial, and the most important game is always the next one. I always want to have all the men available, always. No matter we are playing against a team at the bottom or at the top. Neither I am worried, though I understand that this game is special. It isn’t a final, but if we win then we will approach to the final goal. We are seeing a clash between the two best teams; it is what the standings say. A victory will be an important step, but it won’t de definitive.”

“This match is circumstantially happening at Segunda, but it can be perfectly played at Primera. Just like the Hercules-Deportivo or the Hercules-Celta. They are making a great season, with great numbers; they are the best visiting team and the best defense; they haven’t been defeated within the last eight clashes and have won the last six games… it’s a team that like to be a protagonist, so it’s a pretty and  important game. Still, no matter what happens, we will remain as the best team in the league.” He added.

Then Depor’s trainer denied to say that Deportivo is the favourite in this match, “That’s relative, all these kinds of questions are relative. I have learned to avoid these questions, so everyone can think whatever they want.”

A reporter asked if Oltra is ready to pick someone from Deportivo B for the game, taking in mind the casualties and also that Fabril is fighting to qualify for the promotion playoffs, “The priority is the first squad, we must think of the first team, unless the club says otherwise, but it’s like that. I can call anyone that I want.”

He didn’t give important to some protests coming from Vigo arguing that Deportivo will lose the game just to put things more difficult to Celta, “I won’t enter into this issue; the professional behavior of this team is something out of question. The team can play good or badly, but we are going out for the victory. I don’t valorize these comments.”

He was also referring to Djukic, “He was here for a while; everybody loves him and is a great coach and person, it was the same with Paco [Jemez], but this isn’t a fight between Djukic and me. We will try to bring the best from our teams. “

Finally, Oltra was talking of the record at the club of fourteen straight victories at the Riazor, which is close to be tied by Deportivo, “It’s good to be establishing all these marks, but at the end of the season, if we don’t get the promotion, then nobody will remember it. It isn’t our main goal, it’s pretty, but our prime target is the promotion.”

Valladolid’s coach gave his press conference on Thursday; he was firstly talking of his feelings for been returning to the Riazor, “It’s always special, because there I grew up as a player and as a person. For me, and for my whole family, Coruña will always have a special spot in our hearts. It’s a club that has done a lot of things for me and the place where I did my best. I’ve precious memories and a lot of friends over there.”

Then he talked of the rival, “We know of the greatness of Deportivo, but we are going there for the victory. It’s a tough and balanced team in all the lines. But we must be faithful with our ideas and style of playing, which is to go out there for the victory.”

“It’s the idea we have transmitted to the players since the beginning: good game, competiveness and defensive aggressiveness. It was hard, because we had to explain several concepts and automations, but luckily we found a very good and smart squad that knows that a winning mentality doesn’t let you to relax, you always have to defend a playing style.” He added.

Off course he was asked about the famous penalty that cost a liga to Deportivo, and the Serbian answered that, “I never hide from my past. I assume my responsibility. Only the hard working people can succeed or fail.”

Before the press conference, Djukic gave an interview to newspaper La Opinión A Coruña; he said to be happy with the performance of his team, “The true is that I’m content with the team, because we play good football, we are aggressive and are achieving the results. We are arriving after clinching six straight victories, and are trying to still competing, keeping our style and trying to win.”

For the ex-Depor defender the victory for any side will have a big repercussion at the standings, “If we win then we are going to give a punch over the table, and it will mean a moral injection. And if they win then it will be definitive, because they will open an eight-point gap and it will be unreachable.”

Finally, Djukic was denying that the casualties are going to affect the performance of Deportivo, “I am traveling with eighteen players; it’s just what the rules allow me to do. Seriously, Deportivo has a large and deep squad, and if they are up there it isn’t for only having eleven players. Deportivo is a team that it only has a few flaws. Anyway I insist that we must go game by game. We must remember that a lot of liga still ahead.”



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