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07 May 2012
Deportivo was unable to hold on a narrow advantage and allowed a late goal that cost two points and the streak of straight wins at the Riazor. Still, it’s a good result that approaches the promotion as it keeps the difference with the chasers.

No surprises at Depor’s first team after the large list of casualties that was hitting Oltra’s squad; German Lux was debuting in liga, Borja Fernández was the improvised central defender, while Saul Fernandez was also a starter. Lux was at the goal, Laure performed at the right-back position, Morel covered the left sector, while Ze Castro was joining Borja at the centre of the defense.

Álex Bergantiños and Juan Dominguez were the two pivotes at midfield; Andrés Guardado was attacking from the left wing, Saul did the same on the right, Juan Carlos Valerón was the playmaker in the scheme, while Lassad Nouioui was the central attacker.

At Valladolid, coach Miroslav Djukic was only presenting one novelty in his starting eleven; it was the presence of Jofre González on the left wing claiming the spot of Alberto Bueno. The other references in attack were Nauzet Aleman, Óscar González and Javi Guerra. There was a great attendance to the Riazor as 32,000 spectators watched the game at the stadium.

As it was expected the game was hard, a battle between the best two sides at Liga Adelante. Depor was looking fresh at the beginning, but later Valladolid started to gain control over the actions and, despite not enjoying of too many scoring opportunities, it scared the Riazor. Luckily Depor scored the goal in its only clear opportunity, a penalty committed over Lassad

Depor started strongly, pushing and stepping into the area of the visitors; after two minutes Lassad stole the ball inside the area and eluded visiting goalie Jaime Jiménez, but he just hit the net by the outside in the attempt. Two minutes later Guardado drilled the ball into the area looking for Lassad, but the defense cleared the danger.

The first minutes were pretty active; Depor surprised the rival as it was moving the ball fast, breaking the line of pressure put by Valladolid and therefore allowing the locals to create scoring opportunities. The visitors were also looking dangerous through their counterattacks. But Depor lost that impulse as, with the pass of the minutes, Los Pucelanos started to gain control over the actions

Valladolid’s first attempt was a shot of Victor Pérez that missed the target after a corner-kick (11’). Five minutes later Jofre threw a direct free-kick that Lux cleared to corner. Then, at minute 19, a long ball coming from defense left Jofre alone before Lux, and the Argentine goalie made a big save.

And just when Depor was looking more lost on the pitch it came the play of the penalty; Ze Castro sent a long pass from defense, it went into the path of Lassad, who entered into the area trying to elude keeper Jaime and the goalie fouled the Tunisian attacker at the right side of the box; referee Alejandro Hernandez whistled the penalty and Guardado scored his tenth goal on the season sending the keeper in the wrong way.

The goal brought calmness to Deportivo, side that was now having a very favourable scenario; the ball was still on the boots of Valladolid, but Depor was feeling comfortable with it as the locals were now relying on counterattacks. 

A key for the result was that Valladolid was attempting to reach the area through long passes, which made easier the life for both Borja and Ze Castro. The couple at the centre of the defense left a positive impression, and when they were surpassed then Lux appeared to make the saves.

The best chance for Valladolid in this half was a great assist of Óscar that left Nauzet alone before Lux, but the Canarian missed the target from the edge of the area (30’). Five minutes later Guardado was close to score again with a long throw from midfield that was close to surprise Jaime

Valladolid pushed hardly at the end of the first half and a new long ball was close to cost a goal; Jofre collected the ball inside area, but his crossed shot was saved by Lux and then cleared by the defensive line. To mention that Lassad wasn’t feeling fine and apparently he was vomiting.

Deportivo suffered a lot and was looking broke in two pieces during big part of the second part; the team was affected by the countless casualties and to make things worse, the players on the pitch were feeling exhausted while Guardado and Lassad had to be replaced. The team held the advantage until the stoppage time, then a late goal broke the winning streak at the Riazor.

The first chance in the half was for Depor; at minute 47 Juan Dominguez assisted Saul, who attempted from the edge of the area, the ball hit a rival and turned into a volley that passed close to the far post of Jaime. It was the only opportunity in the game for the Asturian winger.

With the pass of the minutes the game returned to the same script of the first half: Valladolid was having the ball possession, while Depor was locked at the back waiting for a chance to define the game through a counterattack.

At minute 58, Valladolid had several chances after putting the ball at the six-yard-box, but neither Javi Guerra, nor Nauzet were able to release a shot on target. The danger was cleared by the defensive line. The couple Ze Castro-Borja was looking accurate despite been an improvised solution due to the casualties.

The zone where the casualties were more noticed was the attacking line; Saul never brought depth on the right, while neither Guardado nor Lassad were at 100%, and with Valerón not getting the ball Deportivo turned to be a team broke in two pieces: solid at the back, but harmless up front.

Valladolid insisted and had a great chance at minute 63, but Lux cleared the danger twice. Then, Deportivo had a great opportunity to define the game; Valerón drilled the ball into the path of Álex Bergantiños, who fired from the left corner of the six-yard box, but his attempt was saved by Jaime.

Then Oltra moved the bench and Pablo Álvarez replaced Saul, the Asturian winger was too thick in attack and never cleared the shadow of Bruno Gama. Pablo was more active, though neither brought the needed depth up front.

Xisco was the second modification of Oltra; the Majorcan replaced Lassad.The Tunisian was barely noticed up front, but he sacrificed himself running after the ball. Besides, he caused the play of the penalty. The players were feeling exhausted, Guardado wasn’t feeling fine and asked for the change, apparently he had a problem on his left ankle, so he was replaced by Ayoze Diaz.

So, Depor ended the game locked at the back zone, but the point is that Valladolid was having the ball possession, harassing the area, but without having creating clear goal attempts. Just a couple of free-kicks of Nauzet Aleman, the first was saved by Lux (40’), and the second missed the target (41’). Xisco had a chance to score during the stoppage time, but instead of trying to look for someone at the centre, he tried to score from the right corner of the six-yard-box, but his attempt was saved by Jaime.

It seemed the three points were once again staying at home, but the visitors scored the deserved equalizer at the last minute; it was after a free-kick coming midfield. After a cross from the left Óscar headed the ball first and then Marc Valiente produced a downward header, the ball was going to the left side of Lux, but then Manucho, who had replaced Javi Guerra some minutes before, put his leg to cross Depor’s goalie and score the goal. There was no time for more.

Painful result for Deportivo; it hurts because the Galicians held on the narrow advantage for 70 minutes and just allowed the equalizer at the stoppage time. The true is that Real Valladolid was the best side on the pitch, having the ball possession, though without creating too many scoring opportunities. Depor looked exhausted and noticed the casualties, though Lux and Borja, two of the three emergency solutions for the game, left a positive impression.

In any case the result is good news for Deportivo, because the Galicians keep the five-point gap over Valladolid, and now with only six games remaining in the schedule. The draw also broke the streak of thirteen straight victories at the Riazor. Now Deportivo goes to Soria on Saturday in order to face CD Numancia (18h00 CET). For this game Colotto and Bruno Gama returns from suspension, but Oltra losses Borja Fernandez after picking a fifth yellow card on the liga tournament.

Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Lux – Laure, Borja, Ze Castro, Morel – Álex Bergantiños, Juan Domínguez – Saúl (Pablo Álvarez 65’), Valerón, Guardado (Ayoze 78’) – Lassad (Xisco 72’)
Valladolid: (4-2-3-1) Jaime - Balenziaga, Jesús Rueda, Marc Valiente, Peña - Rubio, Víctor Pérez - Nauzet, Óscar, Jofre (Bueno 67’) - Javi Guerra (Manucho 76’).
Goals: 1-0: (24’) Guardado (penalty), 1-1: (90+3’) Manucho.
Referee: Alejandro José Hernández Hernández. He showed yellow card to Jaime (23’), Morel (45’), Álex (69’), Borja (85’), Xisco (87’) and Nauzet (88’).
Venue: Riazor (32,000)
Other statistics: Ball possession (39% - 61%); Attempts to score (4 – 4); Total shots (9 - 19); Shots on target (4 - 5); Saves by the keepers (4 - 3); Corner-kicks  (5 - 8); Offsides (2 - 4); Fouls committed (13 - 9); Accuracy in the passes (78.34% - 86.38%)




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