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23 Jun 2006
Sportpaper <i>Sport</i> wrote yesterday an article relating the presence of Depor's player Jorge Andrade with the national team of Portugal. The defender suffered a serious injury on the past season and saw how his dream of playing in the World Cup get frustrated, but that isn't a reason to separate him from his team mates. He is the player No. 24 in the squad.

Andrade seems to be another player in the concentration of Portugal. His wife and two kids are with him and he lives the normal routine of Scolari's players: He travels with the team, he wears his shirt during the games, he has permission to be in the areas that are reserved to the players, he participates in some of the training sessions and he receives some of the technical lessons of Scolari.

During the World Cup games he is always in the stadium, suffering and supporting his country. The invitation to join the squad was made by the same Scolari who consider him as a important player in the squad. Although that he can't participate in the games, Andrade said to Sport that he is satisfy with his roll in the team: "I'm very happy for been here. I hope that we will enjoy of a strong spirit and that everything will be fine for us. I'm trying to influence in the environment of the squad."

Andrade was a normal starter during the eliminatory , he shared a place in the centre with Carvalho and he is now trying to help from outside of the pitch. For the moment he is optimistic about the performance that Portugal is doing in the World Cup: "We don't reach the second round since 40 years ago. For that reason I believe that the squad deserves a goo reward. Three games, three victories. We cant ask for more." The first big test for Portugal is tomorrow, when they will meet Holland... and Andrade will be there with his team.

Canadeportivo.com informed that Depor's doctors have decided that Juanma must go trough surgery in order to solve the muscular problems that affected him during the past season. The defender failed to participate in the last matches of la liga for this cause. It has been determined that Juanma is suffering a pubalgy (an affection characterized by pains sitting on the level of the low abdominal wall). The defender will pass trough surgery on this week in Barcelona. It hasn't been announced the period of time that he will have to spend in the recovery process.

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