10 May 2012
Left-back defender Ayoze Diaz gave an interview to journalist Zeltia Regueiro from newspaper La Opinión A Coruña; the Canarian defender talked of the current situation of Depor at the standings and also of his personal status at the team.

Q: What were your feelings during the game?
A: The time I played I did what the coach sent me to do and I found myself comfortable. Morel was a little tired, he had muscular problems and it was a matter of helping him. Then, if I had some strength to attack, I had to do it.

Q: You returned to play in a match that was physically demanding
A: We had the scoresheet in our favour, we wanted to keep the result, but they had the ball possession, and when the rival has it then you have to run after it. We knew in advance that it was going to be a challenging game where you have to run a lot, and the pity was the final result, because we had it there.

Q: Did you leave with a bad taste in the mouth after the game?
A: Especially for the way it happened, nobody likes to allow a goal in the last minute of the injury time; it’s a bit painful. But at least we added a point, we remain five points over them and have to look at the bright side. You have to look to the positive things of the match, the team's attitude was good and if we continue in this lane we can achieve the target soon.

Q: But you have the thorn that if you would have defeated Valladolid then things would be done
A: They would be eight points behind and things would have been easier, but it wasn’t like that; you have to keep rowing, winning games and staying calm. Six games are remaining, we have to win at Numancia and then achieve the goal as soon as possible

Q: Does the draw with Valladolid mean that you will now be looking more carefully to what Celta does?
A: We don’t have to look at other teams. We have the advantage right now and must keep it.

Q: Six matches are remaining, only two of them at home, concerned that there are four exits taking into account the latest visits?
A: We have four away matches and must also get the points away from the Riazor. If the other teams win their games then it isn’t enough to clinch the points at home and nobody can guarantee that we can win both games, therefore we must do the right things playing away from home.

Q: After an irregular season for you, how do you feel?
A: I want to help and try to bring my grain of sand. I train at the top in order to have competence at the group and then been able to play the games.

Q: Perhaps this can be your moment due to the casualties, and also for the less habitual players at the team
A: The squad is large, we are now having matchdays in midweek and can be important for the players that are not having minutes. We must be prepared. We are ready to go out if it’s necessary.



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