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11 May 2012
Disaster for Depor B as the youngsters of Deportivo wasted in eight minutes a one-goal advantage that leaves the team almost without options for the playoffs. The injuries continue to strike the team. The season is almost over for Fabril.

Penultimate matchday at Tercera División, Depor B urgently needed the points and coach Tito Ramallo was having several casualties. There were six men out for injury reasons: central defender Diego Vieytes, right-back Adriá Gallego (both knee), centre midfielders David Garcia (shoulder) and Richi (toe) plus striker Luis Fernandez (knee ligaments) and right winger Diego Vela (muscular). 

Besides, keeper Marc Martinez and defender Uxio Marcos were picked by the first team for the home clash against Real Valladolid, while left-back Ángel was suspended. Pablo Ínsua had an Achilles injury, but was fit enough to be a starter. In the end nine casualties for this final. The team has to be reinforced with players coming from Juvenil B, among them defender Callón and centre midfielder Javi Vispo, duo that was picked for the first time to Fabril.

The lineup was a 4-2-3-1 figure; Edu Sousa was the starting goalkeeper; it was his second appearance on the season, Adrian Martinez was the improvised left-back defender, Jose Manuel performed at the right, while the central defenders were Pablo Ínsua and Oriol Ricarte. Pedro Crespo and David Garcia were the centre midfielders, Álvaro Lemos was the right winger, Victor Diaz attacked from the left flank, Juan Carlos was the playmaker in the scheme and David Cubillas was the central attacker.

The rival was Cultural Areas, a club from the region of Pontevedra that desperately needed the points in order to increase the chances for the salvation. Coach Feliciano Romero ´Felin’ was having the important casualty of striker Diego Silva (six goals on the season), but Carlos Pereira was a starter in the game; he had eight goals in favour and his presence was going to be determinant in this game.

Tragedy at A Lomba field, Fabril killed the main part of its promotion aspirations with a new demonstration of impotence and defensive mismatches, once again punctual errors facing a rival fighting for the permanence cost three vital points. And it’s that, despite the long list of casualties, Deportivo knew how to turn a 0-1 situation into a 2-1 scoresheet, but two big distractions within the final nine minutes cost the game… and perhaps the participation in the promotion playoff. Also to admit that the team was unlucky as it hit the post twice, two missed opportunities that could have changed the entire picture.

Things were moved since the beginning; at minute 3, striker Luis Rincón ´Luismi’ headed the ball on goal after collecting a corner-kick and Edu made the save; three minutes later David Garcia had the first chance for the visitors with a free-kick that missed the target. Then the game reached a pause that lasted ten minutes, period of time in which both sides were fighting to gain the control over the actions.

And then Cultural Areas scored the first goal in a play that demonstrated this season’s defensive mismatches at Fabril; Vicente Sayar released a high cross from the left wing, then Luismi headed the ball at the centre of the area and then it went to the left, just into the path of Hugo Rodriguez, and here it came the first error of Fabril, because the local winger was able to drill a cross between Jose Manuel and David Garcia, the high cross went into the far post, Juan Carlos and Adrian Martinez were there, but somehow Carlos Pereira sneaked between them to score the goal from close range.

Totally there were six defenders standing inside the area, and they never were able to counter the presence of three attackers. Too soft defense, too many goals allowed. Depor B spent the next ten minutes trying to find itself on the pitch, and luckily Ramallo’s boys were able to equalize the actions. It was a perfect corner-kick of David Garcia that Oriol Ricarte found at the penalty spot to head the ball home. It’s the first goal at Fabril for the Catalan defender.

Nothing special occurred in the rest of the first part, but the story was totally different for the second half; Cultural Areas pushed strongly within the first ten minutes and both Carlos Pereira and Luismi had attempts to score that were saved by Manu. Depor B was holding on and played on counterattacks.

The excitement came within the final fifteen minutes; Ramallo replaced Victor Diaz with Iago Beceiro and the visitors had some clear opportunities, staring with Cubillas, who hit the post at minute 57, and later Iago Beceiro, who missed the target with his crossed shot from close range.

And the second goal for Fabril arrived thirteen minutes before the final whistle. It was counterattack lead by Juan Carlos, the playmaker ran with the ball from side to side and assisted Álvaro Lemos at the right of the penalty area, then the striker put the ball back into the path of Juan Carlos, who scored his 16th goal on the season with a drilling shot from close range.

It was a perfect scene for Deportivo B, despite the casualties the team was clinching three vital points before a desperate rival and all of this with only ten minutes in the clock, but the ghosts of the past still chasing Ramallo’s boys as they allowed two goals in eight minutes, and both in counterattack actions. In the first a long pass coming from defense left Carlos Pereira with the ball at the edge of the area, and the striker released an impressive volley that surprised Edu.

Ramallo was desperate and sent Álex Pérez to the pitch replacing David Garcia, and Depor B scored a goal in a free-kick, but Ínsua was offside, then it came the tragedy. Juan Carlos lost the ball in attack and midfielder Roberto Fonseca started a long run from side to side, then he assisted substitute Carlos Alberto, who later drilled the ball into the six-yard-box to see Luismi scoring the goal from close range; a goal that could mean the safety to Cultural Areas and at the same time the condemnation for Deportivo B.  The visitors had a last chance to at least tie the action, but Juan Carlos could only hit the crossbar with his free-kick.

Fate and the defensive errors are clearing the promotion aspirations of Fabril; the team had a lot of casualties that made life difficult to Ramallo, but the true is that the team was winning the game with ten minutes remaining in the clock, but it was unable to hold on a result, just when they were needing the most the three points. Depor B clinched five straight victories and was flying towards the playoffs, but two losses before relegation-troubled teams are leaving them sixth at the standings, three points behind the fourth place with only one game remaining in the schedule.

Now, the only way to end the season in the playoff zone is to witness a triple combination of results. First Deportivo B has to defeat CD Ourense on Sunday at Abegondo (18h00); the rival is the current leader and needs the three points to certify the first place. If that’s not enough, current fourth place Pontevedra CF would have to lose in its visit to 11th place UD Somozas, then fifth place RC Vilalbés would have to draw or lose in its home meeting before SD Negreira. In resume Depor B needs a miracle to avoid a disastrous season.

Comments of Tito Ramallo: ”The team created several scoring opportunities, we hit the post twice, a disallowed goal, a penalty that wasn’t whistled… within the final minutes it was double or nothing and we lost the bet. I can’t reclaim anything to the team. We did anything we could in order to win, but were unlucky. We had enough occasions for the 1-3 and clearly we the team deserved more. Now we have lesser options, but will fight until the end.”

Cultural Areas: (4-2-3-1) Vitas - Sombri, Richi, Vicente, Samuel Alonso (Groba 86’) - Cañi (Carlos Alberto 77’), Fonseca – Hugo, Carlos Pereira, Luismi - David Dominguez (Couso 62’).
Deportivo B: (4-2-3-1) Edu - José Manuel, Oriol Ricarte, Ínsua, Adrián Martinez- Crespo, David García (Álex Pérez 83’) - Lemos, Juan Carlos, Víctor Díaz (Iago Beceiro 69’) - David Cubillas.
Goals: 1-0: (23’) Carlos Pereira, 1-1: (34’) Oriol, 1-2: (77’) Juan Carlos, 2-2: (81’) Carlos Pereira, 3-2: (87’) Luismi
Referee: Leiras Martínez. He showed yellow card to Sombri, Vicente, Fonseca, Hugo, David; Cubillas and Juan Carlos. Carlos Pereira was sent off (89’)
Venue: A Lomba (600)
Stats: Attempts to score (10 – 13); Corner-kicks (4 – 4); Fouls committed (22 – 11)




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