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14 May 2012
Once again Oltra was trying to be cautious as he said that nothing will be done until the promotion is a mathematical fact; meanwhile the players were thanking the fans that traveled to Soria in order to support the team.

Despite the enthusiasm after the big win in Soria, coach José Luis Oltra was saying that nothing is done yet, “Five finals are remaining, the first one is on Wednesday. I won’t see myself at Primera until I don’t see me celebrating in a bus crossing the streets in A Coruña.”

“These three points are very important, playing against a team that has been pretty strong at home, just to remember the fact that they have only lost three games there until this point. Everything was easier after the second goal, and after the expulsion we could have scored more goals, because we were feeling comfortable, just waiting for the end.” He added regarding the game.

Finally, Oltra was thanking the massive presence of fans, “The fans were above us; we knew we can’t fail to them, because they completed a long journey to be there with us and the environment was sensational. We played a serious match, we won and now it’s time to think of the next game against Las Palmas, neither will be easy.”

Lassad Nouioui scored a goal; he said after the meeting that, “We have completed a solid match during the first half, taking advantage of our opportunities, and in the second things went a little more crazy, though we were fine. It was noticed that Numancia wasn’t playing for anything. I scored a goal with the left leg, my left leg isn’t bad at all, it’s useful for some stuff [he laughed].”

Central defender Diego Colotto commented that, “We are a team that doesn’t depend of the ball possession in order to win a game, and it has been like that throughout the year. We don’t need a high percentage of the ball possession in order to create a scoring opportunity. The transitions are quick at this team, and we seize the chances to strike the rivals.”

The Argentine was also commenting the fact that the Depor’s fans at the stadium were singing “Colotto stay” during the game, “I am thankful with the fans. Their love… for me this is huge. I already said that Deportivo and the city of A Coruña are marking my life, despite I can’t leave or not. This is a sporting situation. Two of my sons were born on here and it’s something that I will never forget.”

Right-back defender Laure was also referring to the punch of Deportivo, “It was the decisive factor that defined the game; the true is that we had three arrival and have scored twice. Layer we scored the third. It was a hard game for us, because it was hot and we had problems to feel used to the environment.”

Juan Carlos Valerón commented that, “It was a complicate game for us, but were able to carry away with it. The first goal helped a lot and the second was the key. After the second we knew things were almost done. I didn't watch the play of the penalty, but the referee whistle the penalty and the game ended there. We must now win and win. You can't think of others, just win and win.”

“I believe the best way to thank the fans that were there supporting us was the performance of the team, always pushing up front and bringing joy to them as they realized that the team was doing its best effort. We are eager to end the season in the best possible way, we are willing to achieve the goal and dedicate it to them, because they are the motors of this team.” El Flaco added.

Other players wrote their comments after the game on their Twitter accounts, Saul wrote that, “Victory 0-3 in Soria! Great trip of the fans, all year long supporting us! Thanks to everybody.” Meanwhile, substitute keeper Marc Martinez wrote that, “What a great victory! Speechless for the fans that we have!”

Another player that used Twitter to express his feelings was Xisco; the Majorcan striker was also thanking the fans for their support, “Great victory and now one less step. Thanks to all the people that joined us at Los Pajaritos, they made us feel like been at the Riazor.”

At Numancia, coach Pablo Machin was content despite the big loss, “We went out having a positive attitude, so I can’t reclaim anything to the players, but the first chance for Depor was… the quality of the players is determinant. Perhaps we missed more presence in their area. The penalty was too rigorous though it didn’t affect the result. I can see Depor already at Primera; actually I thought the same before the kick-off. It’s a great team, with a lot of quality.”



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