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20 May 2012
Both coaches are convinced that they are going to win the game; Oltra believes that the promotion won’t be achieved on the weekend as Celta and Valladolid will also win their games, while Moreno unveiled his personal war against the club’s officials.

Vicente Moreno Peris is a former football player that spent almost his entire career at Xérez CD and that’s just making his first steps as a head coach. The Valencian man started his career as a professional player in 1995 performing for Valencia B; he performed as a centre midfielder and never reached the first squad of Los Ches; then he spent a couple of seasons at some minor clubs until arriving to Xérez CD, club that at the time was playing at Segunda B.

At the Andalusian club, Moreno started a prolific career that lasted eleven seasons, with 390 league appearances and 20 goals scored; actually he is the only player from Xérez that has scored a goal in three different leagues (Segunda B, Segunda A and Primera División). He retired last season and before he had the chance to play 20 games at the elite of Spanish football (campaign 2009/10).

For the present season he was named the second coach behind Juan Merino, but this last one was fired early in December after the home defeat before SD Huesca (1-3); Moreno debuted in the visit to Villarreal B (1-3) and since then he had an acceptable record of eight victories in twenty matches, reason why the Andalusian team is virtually saved.

It was commented that Moreno was just an emergency solution until the club could find a coach with more experience, but the mentioned results convinced the club’s officials and he is staying until June, though his future is dark as Moreno already had some conflicts with the club’s officials. This is his second confrontation against José Luis Oltra after the 1-2 loss of the first round.

Depor’s coach addressed the media on Friday, this time the press conference took place at the press room of the Riazor. He talked for twenty minutes and started explaining the meaning of this game, “It represents three more points in the most important phase of the tournament. Obviously, we have an advantage over the other teams, but we must face it as always: this is the game, the most important one. We must try to achieve the victory using out style, playing well and knowing that we are visiting a team that will try to offer a victory to the public. They are saved and can’t reach the playoffs, but should be pretty motivated as they want to defeat the leader, this in order to gain some prestige.”

The Valencian coach doesn’t think that this game has nothing to do with the previous meetings before Las Palmas and Numancia, clubs that were also playing for nothing, “It has nothing to do, this for their current form; we can make comparisons, but Xérez is arriving under other circumstances, it’s a different and compact team that plays at home. It’s competitive and has a great coach. They have velocity and are solid in set-pieces, just like the major part of teams at Segunda. It’s a complicate game.”

Once again Oltra was repeating the message that Deportivo must be only focused on its game and not in the matches of the direct rivals, “If Celta wins the day before, what do we have to do? To win. And if Celta loses, then, what do we have to do? Also to win. So, we only play in Xérez. We only depend on ourselves. There’s a possibility in clinching the promotion, but it passes through winning our match.”

A journalist was concern as the team will return from Jérez on Monday and on the day after the players have to make a new trip, this time to Catalonia in order to face Nástic, but for Oltra it is what it is, “We knew the calendar since the beginning. I said it in the past, when we knew the change of the date, I didn’t like it at the time, but it’s useless now to complain. If we win both games surely there won’t be any excuse.”

The Catarroja-born trainer said that he is convinced that the promotion won’t be achieved on Sunday as the direct rivals will probably win their games, “I have never won in Chapin, actually my teams never added points there, but I think is a matter of the team as I don’t play. This team already won in though stadiums, as example in Vigo, place where I neither won before. If you ask me I have the feeling that we can win the game, but we won’t achieve the promotion on Sunday, because both Celta and Valladolid will win their games.”

Later he confirmed the casualties for the clash, “The confirmed casualties are Salomão and Jesús Vázquez… We will see with Morel, but I think he will be available as he completed part of yesterday’s session, the same goes for Aranzubia, both are improving and could be available. We’ll make decisions, but at this point there are only two confirmed casualties.” [In the end Morel stayed out of the list of picked players, while Aranzubia was returning]

Then Oltra talked of Guardado, on Wednesday it was rumoured that the Mexican winger was in Valencia searching for a home –it was free day for the players- and the coach confirmed it, “I gave permission to him, there’s nothing more to say. He commented to me a situation and I gave my permission, it was a personal issue, so I won’t talk of it.”

Gonzalo Soto from Radio Galega insinuated that Lendoiro is in Portugal searching for players ahead of next season, Oltra confirmed the trip though he said it was for other reasons, “As long as I know the president and the sporting director traveled to Portugal as a friend [Jorge Mendez] invited them for a personal act, and from there they will travel to Jérez. I will tell you the true, we don’t even have talked of the renewals. We are just focused in finishing the job.”

Finally, Oltra confirmed that he is only traveling with 18 players to Jérez, “I have commented before that we were thinking of traveling with the whole squad, but since it depends on other results, we are only traveling with 18 men, if later we achieve the goal, then we will see how we celebrate. Tomorrow I will release the list of 18 players, they, and the coaching staff, are the ones that will travel for the match.”

Xérez’s coach gave his press conference on Friday; he started assuring that the permanence hasn’t been achieved yet, “The permanence will be done as soon as we, mathematically, leave the fourth place from behind at a certain distance. That’s our goal. We remain seven points above Girona.  We’re pending in ending the season above the last four places.”

“The team that’s playing for more things in this league is us; we play for a lot of things every week. To look at other things is to commit a big mistake. We still need to win more games. Our motivation is to win every match. We are willing to certify the permanence.” He added. [The permanence of Xérez was confirmed on Saturday after the defeat of CD Alcoyano at RC Celta]

Asked about his future, the coach admitted that he’s having conflicts with the club’s officials, and even said that he feels persecuted, “I have been pissed off for a while. The first thing is to achieve the permanence, then there are other issues. I'm seeing a campaign of total discredit against me, and it will occur in the coming weeks. But I'm ready for it and I will accept it. It hurts to suffer this discredit after all the things you have achieved with hard work, but that's not going to no screw anybody. I am happy, because I´ve the love of people.”

“One of the reasons why I accepted the job was to help Viqueira [the sporting director of the club]; I saw that he was suffering and is a person. I believe that I can help and have tried to help. In several opportunities he has been abused. He has done a great job and I have seen him suffering.” He added regarding the issue.

Finally, Moreno talked of Deportivo, “I expect to meet the same Deportivo of the whole year. It’s a great team with great players; it’s the best team in the competition and the numbers say so. Still, I’m hopeful and believe that we are going to win this clash.”



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