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22 May 2012
Oltra and the players were aware that Deportivo lost a great opportunity to secure the promotion, but at the same time they were calm as they are convinced that the Galician team still living a confortable situation at the standings.

Despite the outcome coach José Luis Oltra was saying that he was content with the performance of his players, “I’m leaving satisfied regarding the performance of the team. We are calmed, because we are conscious that we depend on ourselves. Any team in the league would change their position for us.”

“We allowed an early goal, later we were able to overcome the situation. I think the key was to allow so early the equalizer. If we could have held the result a little longer then we could have made a substitution… I believe we could have won the game. The match was pretty equal and it won the side that was more accurate up front.” He added.

The Valencian coach was also praising the game of the rival, “The only way to achieve the promotion is winning, but the rival is also playing, and nobody gives you anything for free. They scored three goals and played quite well. Xérez is a solid, compact and strong team, and is vertical with José Mari and Tato on the pitch. The rivals are motivated when they face us. There are teams that don’t play in the same way when they face us compared to what they do against other teams.”

Finally, Oltra repeated that he is calmed and only thinking in planning the next match, “We still having an advantage, and we still depending on ourselves. We are conscious that we depend on ourselves. We don’t feel the anxiety that you can’t perceive in the environment; we are calmed; we are going game by game. Now it’s time to think of Wednesday’s match at Tarragona.”

Dani Aranzubia returned to the starting formation and said that, “The feelings are bad, but well... we have a new chance on Wednesday. We can't be thinking of the rivals and we still need to win two more games. It's a pity we didn't achieve the draw, the draw would have been the lesser evil, but well... They had a lot of scoring opportunities and we weren't fine. I said that this was a complicate game before and we lost.”

“It was more complicated of what some of us expected and it was like that. We lost and this is a lesion for Wednesday, which is a very important game. A victory was putting things easier. Now we have to win on Wednesday. Today it wasn’t possible, because they were well prepared and with a winning mentality. Now it’s time to turn the page.” The keeper added.

Andrés Guardado was sharing his view, “It was a pity, the victory was approaching the goal, which is the promotion, but well… we’re facing the same situation of the beginning as now we need six of the last nine points in dispute and we must be optimistic. We can’t get mad as we only lost one match. The other teams would love to be in our situation and we must go out in order to win the two games that will bring the promotion. We know that by winning we are at Primera.”

Riki entered in the second part and couldn’t score in the last chance of the game as the Madrilenian hit the crossbar. He commented that, “A defeat is always a wasted opportunity. It wasn't possible to keep the gap of seven points and now we must keep fighting. The team attacked and at the end and were close to tie the actions, though they could have scored more goals. Now we must try to start the week in the best possible way and must try to win on Wednesday. We must win in Tarragona.”

Midfielder Juan Dominguez was saying that the team must remain calm despite the final score, “Things didn't happen as we expected, but we still the leaders and are now facing a key game on Wednesday. We must win two more games and nothing more. We wasted this opportunity and must remain calm.”

“We had some scoring opportunities within the final minutes, including one for me, but the ball didn’t want to enter. They created a lot of danger and we never felt comfortable.” He responded asked about the great chance that he missed at the last minute of the meeting.

Captain Juan Carlos Valerón was also feeling sorry as Depor lost a great chance to secure the promotion, “A pity, it was a great chance for us; now we must prepare ourselves for the coming games. We are conscious that we have to win two more matches and it still in our hands. “

“It's hard when you met a rival like this. They played a good game; we were affected after the 2-2 and the game turned into a match with ups and downs. We had enough chances to tie the game. The true is that it's easier when you are playing for nothing, like it happened to them. Wednesday's game is a final for us.” El Flaco added.

Left-back Ayoze Diaz talked on Monday to Radio Coruña and he pronounced the same speech of his partners, “To be talking of the promotion isn’t something that distract us; it’s just that we didn’t have a good game. We need to win two more matches. We are the first ones feeling screwed for the game, but on Wednesday we had a new opportunity to still there and keep the distance with the chasers.”

At Xérez, coach Vicente Moreno was praising the performance of his men, “It was a tough game, a meeting where we had to do a lot of good things in order to win. We knew that we were going to have some scoring opportunities. The work of the players has been fantastic before a team like Depor, a rival from a better league. We had more fluidity though there were other games in which we played in the same way and we missed a reward.”

Finally, he talked about the debut of keeper Toni Lechuga, “He didn’t have the option to debut in liga and has done a good job. He has been fantastic. I am satisfied for allowing his debut. I’m proud of him. Today it was his big opportunity and he was fine. Surely he has seized the chance.”

The hero of the game, Tati Maldonado, said that, “Deportivo La Coruña has demonstrated that’s the leader for some reason and is a team that could make great things at Primera División, so it’s a great joy for us achieving this victory. We had to do the right things and we achieved this great win. It will be prettier for Deportivo to celebrate the promotion at its own field and we just made our job. These two goals are great for me. Against Celta we would go out for everything, because we’re professionals.”



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