01 Jun 2012
Striker Xisco is living a dream as his last two goals helped to secure the promotion; the striker gave in interview to journalist Mario Durán from La Voz de Galicia and talked of what he has lived within the last days.

Q: Do you feel the real hero of Depor in this final part of the season?
A: It was me who scored those important goals, but certainly the success is of all the players. It's a collective success that was possible as all the players have added things throughout the year, and the truth is that it was my turn. I am delighted, because, in addition, I wasn’t lucky on this year due to the injuries and the lack of continuity. At the end is the reward for all the work I had to do on the sidelines.

Q: If in football what matters is the last matchdays, in your case people will remember your appearance for the crucial goals.
A: Yes, the true is that people always remember the last games in liga. In this case things couldn’t have gone better for me, so, well, not only for the love of people, but I think I won’t forget this in my whole life.

Q: Did you dream two weeks ago that the season was going to end on this way?
A: You always dream that good things will happen and always dreams of scoring the goal of promotion or decisive goals wherever you go, but clearly it doesn’t pass through your mind that it will really happen. But in the end we tried with all our might, faith can beat anything and we could get it.

Q: And ahead of next season, what are your expectations? Will you continue at Depor?
A: Well, next year we’ll have to wait and see what happens. I have a year left on my contract with Newcastle, which is the side that decides, and you have to wait again, as every year, to see what they will.

Q: Even for the support of the fans it's worthy to wait.
A: Yes, no doubt. After all I experienced on last season, and on this one, the pretty thing would be to continue and enjoy at Primera Division with this wonderful group of fans and with Depor.

Q: Did these goal serve you to remove the thorn from relegation to Segunda?
A: All are already removed. There is no thorn, nothing. The true is that it was a relief as I removed a burden. All of us that were here last year I think we can now do anything, because we can leave calm and with our head held high.



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