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27 Jun 2006
The frustrating failure of promotion of Fabril to Segunda B will cause several changes in the squad. Tito Ramallo spoke with newspaper <i>La Opini??n A Coru?±a</i> and suggested that his team will experience a change without abruptness. A silent revolution that will mean the exit of the 'veterans' and the best players in Deportivo B.

Tercera is just too little for some of the current players in Fabril. The promotion to Segunda B was the main objective of the season, and now the failure to achieve the goal will cause some changes, as Tito Ramallo said it: "Since this week, a new Fabril will be born. The first modification is that the team will train at the same time as the first squad. It's a first step."

Ramallo is also announcing modifications in the names that will comprise his squad: "We would make a step forward with a team in Segunda B, but now our squad can't stay in the same point. Some of the youngsters could continue in Fabril, but we think that the best thing for them is to find a proper destiny in the upper leagues."

Iago is the only player that has a place in the first squad since he fulfilled the number of minutes stipulated in his contract. The main candidates to go on loan spells are Xisco and Iv??n Carril. Both youngsters played regularly with the first squad and the best thing for them will be an experience in Segunda or even in Primera. It has been rumoured that the best possibility will be Vecindario. The Canarian team got promoted to Segunda recently and Depor has a collaboration deal with them.

Other players that could leave the squad are Antonio, Dani Cancela and Ram??n. Their age (between 23 and 24) is forcing a progress in his career. If Caparr??s doesn't count on them for the first squad, the club could try to put them in other teams or could even release them from the group.

In order to complete the squad, Ramallo will promote the better players in the Juveniles category. They will join the players that counts for Fabril's coach and also the two new signings negotiated for the moment; Nacho Matador and Iv??n P?©rerz Maceiras.

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