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03 Jun 2012
Final game on the season; Depor says good-bye to Segunda trying to establish a new record of points on this division. Oltra is making several changes due to the casualties. The rival also plays for nothing, but trying to bring a final joy to the fans.

Both Deportivo and Villarreal B are playing for nothing in this game; the Galicians are already promoted and are already the champions on the league, while the baby submarine could climb one position at the standings, but it’s useless as they are already relegated after the decline of the first team at Primera. Therefore, the only thing at stake is the fact that Depor could break an historical mark at Segunda División: the number of points added in one single season.

Currently the Galician outfit has added 88 points after 41 matchdays, just the same mark added by Real Valladolid during the season 2006/07, so Oltra’s team just need one more point in order to be the club with more points after 80 years of history on this league. The Galicians could also become into the second team in the history of the league in terms of effectiveness, a victory in this clash will mean that they have added the 72.22% of the points in dispute, a mark only below the one of Lleida on the season 1992/93 (75%).

About the stats of Villarreal B to point out that they are just the 13th best local team in the league, with only eight victories added after twenty presentations at home. Also to emphasize that they are the fourth worst defensive line in the league with 63 goals allowed, just above CD Alcoyano (77), CD Guadalajara (74) and Real Murcia (65).

Depor, meanwhile, is the fourth best visiting team in the league, with 32 points added after 20 visits; Oltra’s team has showed its darkest side each time they play on the road, and it’s that eight of the nine defeats suffered on the season came when the team playing away from the Riazor. Actually, Los Blanquiazules have lost three of their last six away meetings.

The nightmare is over; Depor is already back at Primera División and celebrates it, ironically, playing in a stadium that will be of Segunda on next season, and facing a club that’s exactly living what the Galicians suffered a year ago. The only interest of Oltra and his players is to end the season as soon as possible and, if it’s possible, to add the point they need in order to establish a new record.

Oltra only had eighteen players available for the meeting, firstly because there are five players at the injury room: Salomão, Jesús Vázquez, Valerón, Ze Castro and Morel, this last man is out due to a muscular problem (adductor). Besides, left winger Andrés Guardado and striker Lassad Nouioui are concentrated with their national teams, and finally centre midfielder Borja Fernandez asked permission to skip the game.

In resume eight casualties that making room for the presence of Fabril’s Juan Carlos Real; the playmaker has just signed a three-year extension and will celebrate it been a starter in the game. It’s the first player of Depor B that debuts in liga during this season, though he already played in Copa Del Rey.

Therefore Oltra is forced to make changes, and will make more modifications in order to give opportunities to other players; this is the case of German Lux, who will play his fourth game on the liga season been the starting goalie. Manuel Pablo will keep performing at the right-back position, Diego Colotto will continue to be a fixed piece at the centre of the defense, this time he will be joined by David Rochela, this will be his third game on the liga campaign. Finally, Ayoze Diaz defends the left sector.

There won’t be changes at midfield, basically because there are only two players available for the pivote functions: Álex Bergantiños and Juan Dominguez. To emphasize that Álex will become into the only player at Segunda that disputes the 42 games on the season, and he’s also close to break a mark at the club: more minutes in a single liga tournament. The current record is for Rivaldo, who spent 3,524 minutes on the pitch during the Primera season 96/97, now Álex just need 26 minutes to break the mark.

Another normal starter that will continue playing is Bruno Gama, who definitely is the most in-form player of the team during the second round scoring seven goals and giving seven assists. Saul Fernandez enters in order to cover the spot of Guardado, though the mystery is who will play on the left wing and who on the right.

Juan Carlos will be the 20th B player that debuts in liga since Abegondo was founded in 2003; he should be the playmaker in the formation. Finally the doubt is who will be the central attacker; Riki targets to end as the Pichichi of the Blanquiazul outfit, but Xisco has scored two vital goals in the last two matchdays; both are pushing for a spot before a Bodipo that should have minutes in the second half.

Ayoze talked before traveling to Vila-real; he is aware that Depor is about to make history with a positive result, ”The season has been great and now we are targeting a record, it would be pretty. It’s an extra motivation ahead of the match. I’ve been hearing of Valladolid’s record throughout the season.”

List of picked players: Aranzubia, Lux (goalkeepers); Laure, Manuel Pablo, Colotto, Aythami, Rochela, Ayoze, Seoane (defenders) Álex Bergantiños, Juan Dominguez, Juan Carlos, Bruno Gama, Saul, Pablo Álvarez (midfielders); Riki, Xisco and Bodipo (strikers).

Disaster at the small city of Vila-real, the unexpected relegation of the yellow submarine was a shocker for a team that begun the season playing the UEFA Champions League that ends landing at Liga Adelante, it’s the same outcome suffered last year by a Deportivo that never imagined itself falling into the pit of Segunda División. A plague of injuries and the bad decisions at the moment of picking the substitute coaches are among the explanations for the debacle.

The hit is bigger for Villarreal as the drama is also pulling the B squad into Segunda B. It´s the cruel outcome for a team that was living its third year at Segunda A and that was already saved after facing relegation problems at the beginning of the league tournament. And it’s that the departure of Francisco Molina in order to work at the first team pulled Julio Velazquez from the C team, and it was a good move for Villarreal B as under the command of the Salamanca-born man the team passed from been three points above relegation to peacefully live at mid-table.

Now that fate has conspired to send the team back to Segunda B, the club has decided to use this last stretch of the season as a “casting” in order to find players that can be useful in order to help the first team in its quest back to Primera. And it seemed that the new scent was motivating the players as they clinched three straight victories, but later the team lost two straight games, including a disastrous 2-6 visiting already relegated FC Cartagena, which by the way is the worst defeat of the team on this league season.

The “casting” also includes coach Velazquez, who has been included in the list of choices for the first team ahead of next season, so he is aware that the eyes of the club’s officials are over him, and a victory over Deportivo will give him prestige.

For the game against the Galicians, Velazquez will keep using a 4-2-3-1 scheme; Galician Diego Mariño returns to the goal after been concentrated with the U-21 team of Spain, Pere Martínez should be covering the right-back position, the left sector is for Jaume Costa, while the central positions at defense are for Kiko Olivas and French Florian Lejeune.

Edu Ramos and Daniel Toribio are the two pivotes in the formation; Moi Gómez attacks from the right wing, while Manu Trigueros does it from the left; the pair of wingers promoted from the Juvenile A team on this season left a positive impression at the Riazor; Moi has scored four goals in 22 presentations, while Manu has scored the same number of goals in 24 matches.

30-year-old veteran Gerard Bordás is a last-minute casualty due to injury reasons; he scored a brace in the past game against Cartagena, so the playmaker role will be for Catalan Lucas Porcar, then José Luis Moreno ´Joselu´ is the central attacker, this last player is the Pichichi at the team with eleven goal added to his tally.  Joselu is the B player with more participation on this season with the first team; he played eleven games at Primera without scoring any goal.

Majorcan defender Joan Truyols explained before the game the importance of this meeting, ”We want to defeat a team that’s already of Primera División, because we want to demonstrate that we can defeat anyone. It has been a tough year due to the relegation of the first team, but we aren’t thinking of that, but of making a great game at El Madrigal. It’s the perfect place to give everything. We want to bring joy to the fans and say good-bye in a positive way.”

Finally, left-back Jaume Costa said that, ”It has been a pretty season for the B team, though in the end things turned to be bad, the true is that the team ended at mid-table, perhaps we could have ended upper with more time. Now we play at El Madrigal and it means great news, we are hopeful and plan to make a great game. Hopefully the fans will come. It’s a pretty game against Deportivo, they are the champions of Segunda División, and the clear thing is that we are going out for the game. The last game was bad, but before a rival like this you are feeling pretty motivated.”

Picked players: (18) Diego Mariño, Jorge Palatsí (goalkeepers); Jaume Costa, Toño, Lejeune, Kiko, Pablo Íñiguez, Truyols, Pere (defenders); Toribio, Edu Ramos, Manu Trigueros, Moi Gómez, Pablo Gonzalez, Juan Cámara (midfielders); Joselu, Lucas Porcar and Juanto (strikers)

Villarreal B: (4-2-3-1) Mariño - Pere, Lejeune, Kiko, Jaume Costa - Edu Ramos, Toribio - Moi Gómez, Lucas Porcar, Manu Trigueros - Joselu.
Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Lux – Manuel Pablo, Colotto, Rochela, Ayoze – Álex Bergantiños, Juan Domínguez – Bruno Gama, Juan Carlos, Saúl – Xisco or Riki. Referee: David Miranda Torres (16 games on the season, 7 wins for the visiting team)
Kick-off: 19h30 CET (El Madrigal)
Head-to-head Vs. B teams: 35 wins for Depor, 15 draws, 29 wins for the B teams (Segunda, Segunda B & Tercera)



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