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09 Jun 2012
There were some pretty good statistics related to Depor’s players during the season, starting with the double-digits mark of Guardado and the record of minutes with Álex. Even the curse with the goal-scorers was broken as 3 men scored at least 10 times.

In a season full of records for Deportivo’s team it was also a season with several records for the players; perhaps the biggest one is the mark established by Álex Bergantiños during the last matchday against Villarreal B. The centre midfielder became into the Depor’s player with more minutes in one single liga campaign (3,589).

Álex was the only field player at Segunda that performed in all the 42 matchdays of the season, being a starter in 41 opportunities; in this way he broke the previous record established by Brazilian Rivaldo, who spent 3,524 minutes on the pitch during the Primera season  1996/97.

The former Fabril man is the sixth player at the club that performs in at least 40 official games during one single season, though only he and Rivaldo did it without needing a playoff round or a tie-breaker. The other four men were keeper Jorge Garcia (43, 1986/87), winger Vicente Celeiro (42, 1986/87), midfielder Juan Carlos Verón (41, 1986/87) and former captain Fran (40, 1990/91).

The other personal mark that should be highlighted is the one of Andrés Guardado, the Mexican winger scored ten goals and provided twelve assists, and he was the first player with double-digits mark since Brazilian Djalminha splashed with ten goals and ten assists during the campaign 1999/2000. Between Primera and Segunda División only other four players achieved double digits-marks on this season: Barcelona’s Lionel Messi, Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo, Celta’s Fabián Orellana and Hércules’ Michel.

Also, the fans were fearing that, without the signing of a “killer”, the team was going to suffer in order to score the goals, but in the end the club broke its all-time record of goals in favour, and it did it with three players scoring ten or more goals: Lassad (14), Riki (12) and Guardado (10). It was the first time in 34 years in which three Depor’s players pass the mark at the same time; the previous occasion was on the season 1977/78; at the time Depor was playing at Segunda and three men score ten or more goals: Alfonso Castro (24), Juan Piris (11) and Antonio Cantudo (10).

The best scorer in liga was Lassad Nouioui, the Tunisian scored 14 goals on the league competition, it was the sixth highest mark at Segunda and the best record at Depor since Roy Makaay scored 29 on the season 2002/03. Adding the matches in Copa Del Rey, the ex-Fabril attacker ended the season with 18 goals added to his tally.

The 12 assists of Guardado meant the third best mark at Liga Adelante, only one below Fabián Orellana and Jonathan Viera. Valerón was the other player that surpassed the barrier of the ten assists, El Flaco provided eleven. Guardado was also the best assistor for the shots on target completed by the team (75).

Guardado and Riki were the two Depor’s players with more shots on target (both 92); it was the sixth best mark in the league. The Mexican winger also led the department of successful crosses (119). Meanwhile, Álex Bergantiños was the player at the team with more successful passes (1,711); it was the 8th highest mark at Segunda División.

About defensive stats, Daniel Aranzubia was the sixth keeper in the league with more saves (135), Diego Colotto was the sixth defender at Segunda with more blocked shots (22), while the Argentine man was the best man at Depor in terms of more clearances (123).

A negative stat for Colotto was that he is one of the six players at Segunda that was sent off twice in the league. Laure and Ayoze were the two most booked players at Deportivo, both men saw eleven yellow cards on the season. That was the fifth highest mark at Depor within the last decade: Duscher (16, 2005/06), Naybet (13, 1997/98), Lopo (13, 2008/09) and Boro (12, 1995/96).



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