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10 Jun 2012
It’s time to revisit the performance of Deportivo’s players during the season. This third and final chapter presents the analysis of the four strikers that performed for Deportivo during the season 2011/12.

There were high expectations with Depor’s strikers before the start of the season, after all it was the weakest link during the past season, and it can be said that, despite not reaching the individual marks seen at other teams, the strikers of Deportivo made an acceptable joy that ultimately led to the only valid goal: the promotion. The following is the review of the performance of the four strikers that played for Depor on the season.

Lassad Nouioui: -The Killer- (2,018 minutes on the liga season). People might have the impression that Lassad is a lazy and apathetic player, a striker that only appears when he feels the need to, just like a caged beast that only goes out when he wants to devour its prey and satisfy his hunger. And that was Lassad during this season, a player capable of missing an incredible opportunity before an empty net like it happened again Gimnástic Tarragona to later unleash a bomb that meant the winning goal in the Galician derby.

Still, the reading of the season made by the Tunisian attacker should be positive, after all he was the striker with more minutes on the pitch, and off course he was the Pichichi of Deportivo on the whole season, scoring fourteen goals in liga, plus other four in Copa Del Rey. His 18 goals are the highest mark at the club since Makaay conquered the ESM Golden Shoe with Depor.
RCDLC.com rating: 9.0

Riki: -Ungovernable- (1,616) Once again it was an unfortunate season for this now veteran striker, up to four times he had to be replaced during the games due to injury reasons, but the point was that he always stood up and never surrendered against adversity. He returned time after time and always gave the sense of been a player that suits perfectly in the combinative game that Oltra has been trying to impose at Deportivo.

Truly he got lesser minutes than Lassad due to his constant muscular problems, but always gave the feeling of been more dangerous. The Madrilenian lost the race in order to be the Pichichi of the season, but his contribution remains significant, scoring twelve goals in liga and providing two assists, six of those goals were scored within the last thirteen matches in which he took part. A fragile player, but always giving the sense of been important.
RCDLC.com rating: 9.0

Xisco:Decisive- (516) It’s hard to give a high note to a player that barely had minutes in one single season, but this Majorcan forward should be an exception. The fans were wishing that Xisco was going to be the top-scorer that was going to lead Depor back to the elite of Spanish football, but everybody was disappointed as by matchday 21 he had only performed for 92 minutes in liga, all due to a complicate injury that kept him on the sidelines.

And when he was already recovered it turned that he was unfit, reason why Oltra relied in Lassad or Riki. But, somehow, the on-loan player from Newcastle managed to appear in 14 of the 21 matches in the second round, and most importantly he scored three goals that brought nine points, and been more precisely he brought twelve points to Depor as the lonely goal against Villarreal B at the Riazor was an own goal caused by him. How many players can presume of been responsible for adding twelve points in one season? And it should be remembered that his goals weren’t simple achievements, one of them was worth three quarters of the promotion (Nástic) and the other it simply certified the return to Primera (Huesca).
RCDLC.com rating: 8.0

Rodolfo Bodipo:The Showman- (86) This African striker was always mocked, minimized and despised, after all he’s considered as one of the less profitable signings in recent years, but something changed on this year. The player opened a Twitter account and started to gain adepts with his funny and positive messages. His phrase ”alegria en los corazones” (joy in the hearts) became quite popular and suddenly Bodipo turned to be a sympathetic character.

And truly he’s a warm person and a loved player inside the changing room, somebody capable of been the companion of Jesús Vázquez in his stormy road to the hospital after breaking his leg, to also be the master of ceremonies during the promotion celebration party, starting with his indescribable dance at the Riazor. Little more can’t be said of his participation during the league matches; he didn’t even complete 90 minutes in the whole season, so people might still think that he’s a horrible footballer, but you can’t deny the smile on your face when you realized that it was him who scored the winning goal at the last matchday of the season, a goal that meant to break the record of points at Segunda División.
RCDLC.com rating: 6.5



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