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12 Jun 2012
It’s hard to hail the individual performance of the players when the team has missed the collective goal for the season, though some of the youngsters had a positive performance. Still, the major part of the youngsters didn’t match the expectations.

Twenty-four players performed for Fabril during the thirty-eight matchdays of the Segunda B tournament. No one played in all the games, and only seven players performed in at least thirty matches. One of them was Catalan keeper Marc Martinez; actually he was the player with more minutes on the season as he only missed two matches, one for suspension and the other for been picked by the first team.

Truly Martinez was one of the few players at the team that demonstrated to deserve an opportunity at first team; he was the most regular player at Ramallo’s squad and always gave a sense of security, even stopping a penalty that was pulling the team into the promotion zone (matchday 35, 1-0 at Pontevedra CF).

It can’t be said the same of his replacement, Eduardo Sousa ‘Edu´; the Lérez-born keeper played twice on the season, both games at the decisive moment of the season and he failed in the first (matchday 36, 1-2 Vs. CD Lalin); neither can he be blamed as these were his first two games after been two years at the team. Still, he will leave the team ahead of next season.

At defense, two of the three more regular players were the side defenders: Adriá Gallego and Ángel Martinez.  Both Catalan players were new signings and fulfilled the expectations, not only defending, but also joining the attacks, the first player gave five assists, and the second scored three times plus providing six assists. Adriá was one of the players that ended the season at the injury room, this due to a knee injury.

The third defender that played 30 or more matches was Pablo Ínsua, one of the main hopes for the future. The international player with Spain U-19 squad was a fixed player in the schemes, even scoring twice and giving an assist. The other position at the centre of the defense didn’t have a clear owner, Croatian Stefan Deak began the season as a starting choice, but he never convinced and was loaned out to a Israeli club.

Later the job was for Oriol Ricarte, a Catalan player that arrived during the winter window; he neither convinced and was already told that he´ll be released. Captain Diego Vieytes is also leaving after only playing nine games on the season, he was off during the major part of the campaign due to a knee injury.  The defense was completed with the presence of Jose Manuel, a side defender that played nine games, mainly covering the absence of the two side defenders, his biggest achievement was a great goal to rescue the victory over Órdenes SD (1-0, matchday 05).

Perhaps the weakest position at the team were the centre midfielders; Ramallo used six different players for these positions, and none of them convinced, mainly because the team missed an offensive midfielder capable of controlling the traffic of the ball and assisting the strikers. The role should have been for Adrian Martinez, but he didn’t match the expectations and only provide one assists after 31 presentations.

Neither David Garcia did too much in the nine matches in which he participated; Uxio Marcos also had a discrete season, but it wasn’t for been lacking quality, but for been playing in a different position. The Ourense-born player is used to perform at the centre of the defense, but on this season he played as a defensive midfielder.

New signing Pedro Crespo played in 28 matches, nut neither fulfilled the expectations. Ricardo Fernández ´Richi ended last season with a groin injury and returned until the last stretch of this campaign. He spent a year without playing and it was noticed as he missed pace. Álvaro Queijeiro was the only Juvenil A youngster that played with Fabril on the season and should be one of the players promoted to the B team ahead of next season.

So, without punch at midfield all the offensive weight on this sector was on the shoulders of Juan Carlos Real, and the playmaker was one of the best kids on the season being the top-scorer at the team with sixteen goals in favour and providing six assists. His performance earned him a new contract with the club, which means to be the next promoted youngster to the first team.

There were three wingers performing on the season, the failure was Cameroonian Julien Ndomo, who never surpassed his endless injury cases leaving the team during the winter window. More acceptable was the performance of Diego Vela and Victor Diaz. The first scored eight goals and gave three assists in 32 matches, while Leon-born Victor scored four times providing two assists.

In attack, there were five strikers that performed for Deportivo B. David Cubillas was the main one performing in 34 matches; the ex-Villarreal scored nine goals and provided six assists. Still, he didn’t convince the club’s coaching staff and is leaving. Álex Pérez was the second striker with more minutes; basically he was used as a substitute, actually he was the player that came out from the bench in more opportunities (22); he scored twice and gave three assists.

There were high expectations on Iago Beceiro, but the youngster had an irregular performance; the A-Coruña born attacker scored four goals and provided five assists, but his strong character brought him problems with Ramallo. Finally, Álvaro Lemos and Luis Fernández had lesser minutes , the first because he was playing with Juvenil A, the second because he suffered a serious knee injury that left him out of competition.




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