13 Jun 2012
Left-back Raul Garcia played loaned at Melilla during the season that has just ended; he gave an interview to La Voz de Galicia and talked of his experience there and also about his aspirations. He’s ending contract and hopes to continue at Depor

Q: What’s the balance from your experience? '
A: Very good. I have been one of the players with more minutes and I provided eight assists. In February I wasn’t a starter for a full month, I even played the second halves as a winger, but the end of the season was pretty good, and if the league would have lasted one more month, then I’m convinced that we would have managed to get into the promotion playoffs.

Q: Have you made progress on defense, which was your weakest point?
A: Yes, when I got there I was told that I was very good on offense, but defensively had to provide more aggressiveness. And in recent matchdays they congratulate me for my job both, offensively and defensively. I was even pretty content after one of the games, the true is that it was a long time since I was so content after a game, and it did happen to me there.

Q: Did anyone at Depor phoned you?
A: Macario [Bravo], the psychologist of the club, called me in order to see how things were going, and at Christmas I spoke with Ernesto [Bello, the sporting secretary].

Q: And with your former team mates?
A: I've talked to some of them, but what most excited me was that on my birthday my girlfriend got me a DVD with lots of messages of people congratulating me, including Valerón, Rochela, Juan Dominguez... I was thrilled. Being so far, and although we were a united group, you always miss family, former team mates... and to watch a video with Rochela saying “We remember you, congratulations”... The true is that it was very nice.

Q: Have you heard anything from Deportivo since that day?
A: I arrived three weeks ago and as I finished the league on May 8, I wanted to train, but Depor was still trying to achieve the promotion, so it was difficult and, as I’m finishing contract, then it was more difficult to train with the first team

Q: Do you want to sign the extension of contract?
A: Yes, I want to continue. My first choice, and so far the only one, is to stay here, but it depends on them and I am waiting.

Q: Do you think you deserve a chance?
A: Yes, I’m 23, I have been eleven years at the club and I'm not longer the kid from the youth teams, or the recently promoted player from Juvenil. I want to prove I'm worth. I gained maturity, I have the experience of playing at Segunda B in a team that aspired to the promotion, and I think I improved a lot. I can contribute things and learn more.



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