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16 Jun 2012
Juicy press conference of Deportivo’s president; he talked with reporters seizing the presentation of André Santos. He explained the conditions of both signings, plus the status of the renewals and other aspects related to the club.

The press conference of president Augusto César Lendoiro lasted thirty minutes; he addressed the media after both Salomão and André Castro talked to reporters. First to all he welcomed both men, “We wanted Salomão to be here in this event, this no matter we already knew him. They are promising players at Portugal’s football. We are satisfied as Salomão was here last year and he was important in the league, this despite his latest injury, now we are welcoming André Santos and we are convinced that both men will be important in our returning campaign at Primera División. We hope that they could stay for a long time at Deportivo.”

After the welcoming message, Lendoiro responded the inquiries of reporters; the first question was related to the conditions of both loans, “Both are loan spells for one season. In the case of André Santos there’s a buyout option already established. In the case of Salomão, like it happened last year, it doesn’t include this option. In both cases it’s difficult to face their continuity. In the case of André Santos the option is, if I remember correctly, eight million Euros.” He explained.

Then Depor’s boss was asked of Colotto’s case and the answer was, “You all know that we are working in all the cases, and none of them is already closed. Neither for good nor bad, and we will release the information as soon as we have anything. We’ve a limit and must respect it, because the FIFA’s fair play rule is on and we must match the limits. The budget will keep declining and we must adapt to the circumstances, for that reason we cannot make some moves and can’t reach the demands of some players. So we are working in all the cases trying to determine who should stay and who should leave. “

“The option with Colotto will remain open until he signs for us or another club, so it isn’t closed, but neither will wait until the last second. We know that we need to solve the case as soon as possible; but neither can lose our mind. I constantly talk with his agent, mainly on the phone, almost daily, and we are trying to solve the issue, and it isn’t easy, because each party has a solid position. We can’t pass some limits as the budget is blocking us. The fact is that the player already has a definitive offer over the desk and we can’t move from that position. We are interested in his continuity, but can’t wait any longer. There will be a point in which we will be forced to search for other alternatives, after all this is a position in which there are a lot of injuries and suspensions during the season, so you need at least four players for that spot.”

Then the president was asked if Dealbert was a plan B for that position, and the answer was, “Plan B, plan C… you can use all the letters in the alphabet to name it, the point is that he was only one choice. The sporting secretary has been working on it throughout the season and there are several alternatives, for this and for other positions. Now it’s a matter of matching the sporting interest with the financial reality.”

Lendoiro was asked if the number of players at the first team was going to be reduced to twenty players, and he responded that, “Surely it won’t be so short, but the petition of the coach is to not pass the number of 22 or 23 players, but we´ll see. The number of players will be around that number. It’s a matter of adding and resting.”

Asked if the arrival of André Santos means that Borja Fernandez won’t continue [the loan spell with Getafe ends on June 30] he said that, “It has nothing to do with that. The arrival of André Santos doesn’t mean that Borja is already discarded. Anyway we aren’t talking with Getafe regarding this issue.” Depor’s boss also left an open door to the arrival of another left winger, “Yes, we could have more signings for this position.” He said.

Lendoiro was also asked if the club was thinking in allowing the exit of some of the players under contract, but he just answered that, “I think that on this week this issue will be solved. Any decision will depend on Oltra and then the club will study the case.”

Depor’s boss was asked of the club’s plans regarding Fabril’s defender Pablo Ínsua, and he said that, “The correct question for Ínsua isn’t if he will be at the first team, but if he will go out or not. He could end alternating between the first and the second team, but we don’t know yet. The same goes with Rochela, Seoane and Juan Carlos.”

There was a question if Deportivo is going to sign more players coming from Portugal, and the answer was that, “I believe we are going to see more players coming from there. Anyhow it’s difficult to determine the exact place from where they could come. I don’t know. The case is to bring good players. We are just trying to improve the squad from the past year.”

Lendoiro also confirmed that José Luis Devesa [currently coach of Cadete A] is the new coach of Deportivo B, “Precisely that was one of the issues that I wanted to tell you, Devesa is taking care of Fabril’s squad. We are just waiting to end this season to announce it.”

Lendoiro confirmed that his recent trip to Madrid was made in order to renegotiate the debt of the club, “Yes, we have renegotiated the debt, not related to the global amount, but to the deadlines. And not only with one bank, but with the three of them [Caixa Galicia, Caixa Nova & Banco Novo]”

About the arrival of Atletico Madrid for the Teresa Herrera, the president said that it doesn’t mean that Deportivo has a fluent relation with the Madrilenians after the conflict due the departure of Adrian, “They are coming in order to fulfill a clause in the contract signed for Filipe Luis. Any other subject will have to be resolved talking like civilized people. Any issue must be resolved at the proper time.”

Finally, Lendoiro talked of the new kit after the controversy with the new design, “I already saw the new shirts; I don’t know which was the design that people have saw at the social networks. I just can tell you that I like it, it’s the traditional Blanquiazul design. I don’t know if people will like it, you can’t tell. I just think that the new design is fine, at least what I saw. The shirt was going to be presented today, but we only had a sample. “



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