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17 Jun 2012
President Lendoiro confirmed it during the presentation of André Santos and Salomão: the new coach of Deportivo B is Jose Luis Devesa, another experienced coach at the club; he already trained the major part of the players at the B squad.

José Luis Devesa is the new coach of Deportivo B; the news were firstly communicated by Lendoiro during his latest press conference and later it was confirmed by canaldeportivo.com. The club was searching for a new coach after the departure of Tito Ramallo and it was rumoured that they were looking for candidates outside the club.

But in the end the chosen one has been an experienced coach inside the structure of Deportivo; because if Ramallo is leaving the job after eleven years then the club is replacing him with another man that has also spent eleven years at Deportivo.

Devesa arrived to the club in 2001 after doing a great job with Imperator at Tercera División; he coached Cadete B, Juvenil B, Cadete A and Juvenil A, with this last team he conquered the title at División de Honor for the season 2009/10 and participated in the Juvenile Champions League. Two seasons ago he returned to Cadete A, team that he made champion on the season that has just ended defeating Celta Cadete A in the last matchday of the league.

One of the main reasons why Devesa was chosen is that he already know the major part of the players of Deportivo B; he spent five years at Juvenil A, so he not only participated in the formation process of the current youngsters at Fabril, but also of Rochela, Seoane and Juan Dominguez, current players performing at the first team.

Fabril had a disappointing season; the B squad of Deportivo only ended sixth at the Galician group of Tercera División and missed the promotion playoff rounds. Ramallo had already decided to leave the team and now Devesa arrives with the goal of putting the team on the road to Segunda B. For now he and the staff of the club are working in the composition of the squad ahead of the season 2012/13.



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