17 Jun 2012
Centre midfielder Juan Dominguez gave an interview to newspaper El Ideal Gallego; the Galician player explained his feelings after playing at Segunda División and after achieving the promotion been a starter for Deportivo.

Q: How did you live the fascinating celebration of the promotion?
A:  We enjoyed a moment that we know it will be difficult to repeat in life, we are privileged to have experienced this and have to live it at the top.

Q: Even more taking in mind your age and promising future...
A: Yes, the true is that many times I dreamed this, but never thought I was going to live it at my club, Deportivo. In addition we conquered something as beautiful as the record of points at Segunda Division and it meant to make history;  it´s impossible to ask for more.

Q: Which one was your favourite moment of the celebrations?
A: Well, everything seemed incredible, awesome; the crowd was there at difficult times, when we most needed them. It gave us great satisfaction to see them enjoying during all the festivities; they deserve ten points and I cannot stay with a particular moment but everything in general.

Q: Were you impressed with the column of flares that illuminated both sides of the climb to the Tower of Hercules, something made by the Riazor Blues?
A: Yes, it was a surprise and as we saw the tower surrounded on both sides with lighting it gave us a totally different and memorable vision, amid all night parties.

Q: Deportivismo distinguished once again by the existence of celebrations without major incidents...
A: Yes, it's an example for everyone, it’s an example for everyone that a party as big as this one could exist without incidents, our fans are wonderful, always supporting us at all times and never cause any incident, They´re respectful and I think it’s impossible to have better fans.

Q: With the promotion, have you removed the thorn that stuck since the relegation with Lotina on the bench?
A: Yes, of course, not only for the relegation, but also because Segunda División is a very tough league, both physically and psychologically. It seemed like an endless tournament, there was much psychological tension. As the referee had whistled there was a strain of relief and joy that I never felt in my life.

Q: At the individual level, you struggled to get into the plans of the coach, but after the derby at the Riazor nobody was able to get you out of the spot…
A: Yes, I am pretty happy for my part, for the team because of what we have achieved and later, individually, I cannot ask for more on the season; I started on the wrong foot in the pre-season with an injury, but in the thirteenth game I started to play against Celta and the coach trusted in me and I stayed at the starting team. That is what every player wants.

Q: Was the passage at Segunda División a good experience for a tactical man like you, I mean to improve defensively?
A: I think it was an experience that will help me to improve in many aspects, mainly regarding the continuity, which makes you improve a lot, especially on confidence. I've matured.



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