18 Jun 2012
Borja Fernandez talked to newspapers El Ideal Gallego and La Voz de Galicia; the midfielder explained his feelings after the end of the season and reaffirmed the idea that he will love to continue at Deportivo ahead of the Primera campaign.

Q: How do you rate your season at Deportivo?
 A: I started with some issues due to the groin injury, but thanks to the confidence and support from people I was able to continue. I havenít enjoyed the minutes that I wanted, but it was a very nice and exciting campaign.

Q: Would you like to continue wearing the Blanquiazul shirt?
A: If the club wants, I would like to continue in A CoruŮa for another year. It's my first choice, but I know it's not easy. First, because itís normal to see Depor searching for the best and they should be exploring the market, and, secondly, because in case they want a new loan, Deportivo have to agree with Getafe.

Q: Has anyone of Depor talked to you regarding this matter?
A: No, for now thereís nothing, neither Getafe nor Deportivo. They said they would talk when the season was going to end, but for now I have no news. Hopefully they could reach an agreement as soon as possible, so my head can be quiet.

. Q: What personal performance was your preferred one on this season?
 A: Against Valladolid I made a very good game, especially because I am not a centre back, but I'd chosen the match against Levante at the Riazor, because it was my first game as a starter and also because I think I made a very good game.

Q: What have been the keys to success?
A: The quality of the team. The coach knew it and wanted to implement a style that I knew we could exploit. The team defended very well, it had the needed punch and we all knew how to trust in our team mates.

Q: Were you surprised by the response of the fans throughout the season?
A: The true is that I didnít expect it. When I arrived, I was amazed by the number of socios. I didnít remotely imagine that they would be always supporting and filling the Riazor. You can notice that these fans live for the club.

Q: Depor have signed Andre Santos for midfield and he joins Juan Dominguez, Alex BergantiŮos and Jesus Vazquez. Do you see yourself with options?
A: At the moment I know nothing, that's one thing the club and the coach have to evaluate. I know nothing, when I arrived they told me that the club was hoping that it was going to be for more time, but I haven't had news in recent days. Depor should know if they want me, and if not, then we will not make a drama.

Q: You still have two years of contract with Getafe. Perhaps the problem is there?
A: I donít know. I know the perception of Getafe, but not what Depor want. If they want me I donít know if they will try a new loan or a final transfer... As I'm a bit uninformed, I do not know.

Q: People in A CoruŮa loved you.
A: It's mutual. And not just for the promotion, but throughout the year I spent there. I notice that people love me, both the team mates and the fans, and I want to return some of that love. Not only for the fact that we were promoted.

Q: A year ago you made the effort to go down ad play at Segunda. Do you feel youíve earned the right to enjoy at Primera?
A: I could have played at a team from Primera fighting for a place, but Depor wanted me and I decided to go there. Initially I expected to be a starter, but the injury set me back and when I was at the top the team mates were already playing at a very high level. It was difficult to enter, but I didnít open my mouth, because the worst that can be on a team are the egos. That would be disrespectful to colleagues.



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