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29 Jun 2006
Coach Joaqu?­n Caparr??s is satisfied with the already realised incoming transfers but feels there is a need for four or five players more. Especially buying a goalkeeper is considered urgent by the coach. In other news, Caparr??s counts on Taborda for next season and Momo is probably loaned out to Castell??n.

�Although we have bought quite some players lately, we need four or five players more, especially for the goalkeeping position. Our top priority has to be to find a goalkeeper, then another defender and a player for the right wing.�

While expressing this wishes, Joaqu?­n Caparr??s also expressed his satisfaction about the transfers made until today. Six players will wear Deportivo’s shirt next season for the first time: Riki, Albert Lopo, Juan Rodr?­guez, Pablo Alvarez, Rodolfo Bodipo and the latest addition Cristian Hidalgo.

�Those players all have one thing in common: they are hungry, they are ambitious, they want to win. Maybe they don’t have the name and reputation (yet) that Deportivo’s fans are used to in the last years and decade. But the club’s economy doesn’t permit for more and you have to stay with the feet on the ground.�

When asked about the position he feels a reinforcement is needed most, Caparr??s repeated various times that contracting a goalkeeper is urgent, because up to now, he could only count on Fabril’s goalkeeper Fabricio. This statement was the clearest indication that Gustavo Mun??a, although still under contract with Deportivo, doesn’t play a role in Caparr??s’ plans for the next season.

Caparr??s left the door open for a new contract for Dani Mallo, but also indicated that his preference as starting goalkeeper is Dudu Aouate, currently under contract at Racing Santander. �I have total confidence in the president’s ability to negotiate, so that Dudu Aouate can play with us next season.�

Less urgent seems to be the buy of a central defender, although the defensive line is a bit thin due to the injuries of Jorge Andrade and Juanma. �There we need a left-footed central defender who can also play as a left wingback�, Caparr??s commented. The same applies to the right wing position, where Caparr??s doesn’t feel the need for a quick buy although he feels that putting all the responsibility on youngster Cristian Hidalgo would be too much.

Apparently, Caparr??s already doesn’t count on Aldo Duscher playing for Deportivo next season. �The president told me about the possibility of selling Aldo Duscher, and me and my team have given our consent.� Duscher has only one year left on his contract, so it’s the last possibility for Deportivo to get some money in return. Interest in Duscher is there, but until now no offer has been made by another club.

Talking about the strikers, Caparr??s commented that â€?we have to give an opportunity to Sebastian Taborda. Unfortunately, he had a series of injuries and a lot of bad luck last season, but we put our confidence in him. And about Diego Trist??n - there are no problems selling him. He already expressed his wish to leave the club and you have to be optimistic so that in the end, all parts are happy. Diego deserves our respect, but he knows that he doesn’t play a role in our plans for next season.â€? With Riki (who can also play on the wing), Bodipo, Arizmendi and Taborda as strikers for next season, this could also very well mean that there is no place for Rub?©n Castro in the squad.

Ruben’s fellow Canarian Momo could be on this way to second division outfit Castell??n. The Valencian club was already interested in loaning out Momo last summer and last winter, but now â€?the loan deal seems to be very closeâ€?, confirmed Momo’s agent Jos?© Secades.

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