19 Jun 2012
On Sunday, Valerón turned 37. The playmaker was interviewed by newspapers Canarias 7 & La Opinión and explained his feelings after ending the Segunda tournament; beyond playing at Primera his main wish is to consolidate Depor’s project.

Q: Thirty-seven years old now. Do you look next season like the last one?
A: It's not something obsessing me. As I have always done, I assume the next year with the utmost enthusiasm, without going any further, and thinking that the important thing is to help and consolidate Deportivo at Primera. We´re coming from a very tough year at all levels and the return to the top flight is a huge challenge for everyone.

Q: You’re going to be one of the oldest players at Primera...
A: I honestly didn’t expect to be there being 37-year-old. The demands of a professional career are enormous. Especially, when you have to overcome major injuries, which was my case. But I'm very happy. Thank God I can keep doing what I love.

Q: Valerón and Primera Division. The general opinion is that this couple should never break.
A: The experience I lived with Deportivo at Segunda during this year has been very important to me. I'd rather stay with the good things.

Q: Bernabéu, Camp Nou, San Mamés ... You will play again at the great temples of football. Is this one more motivation for you?
A: It’s always nice and important to play in such prestigious stadiums. Beyond the individual aspect, my satisfaction will be greater to see that Deportivo is returning to the fields in which we´ll compete.

Q: You’ve said that the promotion has been the most important thing in your career, over the titles and the matches with Spain. It seems you have had many positive experiences.
A: When we suffered the relegation, against Valencia, no one moved at the Riazor. It's a picture I'll always remember. The sadness of people in a packed stadium. It filled me with responsibility. I decided to continue in order to match the affection and, in some way, to achieve the promotion was a relief, to pay off the debt we had with our great fans. The way to correspond to this love was to see the team giving everything in every game. And we got it. I look back and I remember many beautiful moments. But the day of the promotion is different to everything else for what it meant. There was much suffering behind.

Q: People not only applauded you in A Coruña. In each field you played people recognized you.
A: It's something I want to thank publicly. I didn’t expect to see people wanting me so much.

Q: Did you count the times the rivals asked for your shirt?
A: (He laughs) More than once they asked me. But it was the same for other colleagues. I wasn’t the only one.

Q: Thirteen years linked with the same club…
A: It’s a lot of years at Deportivo; a lot of seasons and I feel identified with the club, the city and the people. I´ve already decided that I will stay at the club after my retirement, so I would be able to keep helping the club from the outside. For now I’ll keep trying to help and bring things, always searching for the best situations.

Q: Will the team reach the Champions League again?
A: Those were two different stages. I coincided with the best players from Spain and Europe; it was an exciting stage. Later we have this part, which is exciting for me as you are there helping, bringing stuff and the problems are bigger as the club doesn’t have the same resources. You have to work harder, pending of a lot of things and it’s also rewarding.

Q: You are looking fine after your latest knee injury
A: I saw myself in a situation in which I was close to leave football and the fact of been on the pitch again, also inside the changing room sharing things with the team mates, is a privilege for me. I live with hope every moment and try to do my best in order to enjoy the days left as a football player.

Q: What’s the challenge of Depor for the new season?
A: I believe our most important challenge is consolidate the team at Primera. Deportivo must be conscious of where it is, of where the other clubs are, and in order to reach higher goals it’s necessary to live the present and know where we are. We must be a solid team at Primera, and from there more things could arrive. The main thing is to be strong at Primera.



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