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29 Jun 2012
Deportivo is planning to loan three of four young players to a Segunda club. In this sense Rochela, Ínsua, Seoane or Juan Carlos could end up playing at Liga Adelante for SD Ponferradina or CD Lugo.

The club is expecting to loan three or even four players to Segunda clubs ahead of the season 2012/13. The intention of Deportivo is to continue with the forming process of some of the youngsters at the first team, players that were stuck on the past season as they barely played with Oltra during the Segunda campaign.

Depor wants to take advantage of the fact that both CD Lugo and SD Ponferradina are going to play at Segunda on next season, both clubs have limited budgets and the good relation with them will allow the operations; the goals are pretty clear: to open a window for the players in order to enjoy of minutes and at the same time help these clubs in their fight to achieve the permanence at Segunda.

Diego Seoane is the first name on the list; with Laure and Manuel Pablo at the first team the Ourense-born defender will hardly have a chance with Oltra, so he should be the first to go out loaned. Seoane ends his contract in 2013, and his agent, Teo Lázaro, will have a meeting with the club on next week; they will not only talk of the exit, but also of the possibility of extending the contract of the player for two more seasons.

Another defender that could go out loaned is David Rochela; the centre-back has barely played with the first team within the last three seasons and the possibility of playing at other club is now considered as a priority. The contract of As Pontes-born player was extended on the past year and is now lasting until 2015.

The third defender that could go out loaned is centre-back Pablo Ínsua; the club doesn’t want to repeat the case with Rochela and therefore one of the plans is to allow the exit of the 18-year-old defender in order to gain experience outside the club, though Lendoiro told to reporters on the past week that another of the plans is to keep him at Deportivo B trying to give him some opportunities with the first team throughout the season.

Another talent that has been shining with Fabril is Juan Carlos Real; the playmaker was the top-scorer with Depor B on the past Tercera season, but just played a few minutes at Segunda during the last matchday facing Villarreal B, now he could go out loaned in order to gain experience, though before he needs to sign an extension of contract –the current one ends on June 30, though Depor has the option of extending it-

The case still to be resolved is Raul Garcia; he played loaned at UD Melilla during the past season having a decent performance, but his contract is ending on June 30 and so far the club hasn’t contacted him in order to sign an extension. The left-back is hoping to stay and so far it isn’t discarded to see him signing a new deal, though Oltra isn’t counting with him ahead of next season, so he could end up going out loaned for a second year.



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