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14 Jul 2012
Depor’s coach talked to reporters after the first week of trainings; Oltra talked of the new arrivals, the movements in the market and the state of the squad. He also assured that Deportivo will keep playing with the same philosophy.

First press conference of José Luis Oltra for the season 2012/13; he talked for 23 minutes with reporters and shared his opinion of the current state of the squad after the first week of trainings, “The week has passed according to the plans; I’m meeting the new people and especially this is a week for the adaptation. Some of the players have trained, other a little, others nothing, so we all must try to adapt and avoid injuries. After the first week we must try to pass to the real work, which means passing from general concepts to the tactics. It isn’t the most important week of the pre-season, that’s something for sure. “

About the first signing of the season, André Santos, the Valencian trainer said that, “It’s too soon to talk; I just met him, but I can see that he has quality and the ability to find a quick adaptation. But the true is that I see that, in general, everybody is fine. Now we have five weeks before starting the good thing, which is the league competition. The true is that he can play everywhere; he can perform in all the positions at midfield, he can bring balance playing alongside a more offensive midfielder. You can use him at every position of the sector.”

Then he was asked about the ‘banana operation’, he laughed and said that, “I think you didn’t get the purpose of this operation, basically what I can tell you is that the club is working hard in order to complete the squad. More players will arrive, it is obvious, and the important thing is to be right with the signings. What we want is to have two players per positions, to have a competitive squad. I’ve plenty of confidence on the sporting director and the president, so I think we’re working in order to prepare the best possible squad.”

He left the impression of knowing things about future movements in the market, “I don’t gain anything if I give you the details; the important thing is that the president and the sporting director are working. What happens if I tell you who is coming and later it doesn’t happens? Criticism? We will bring what our economy can afford. I understand that you need to ask, but it isn’t good for Depor.”

Neither the coach gave too many clues when he was asked if the club is trying to sign two new strikers, “Perhaps we can sign two, but it doesn’t mean that both have the same characteristics, some people might think that they aren’t real strikers, perhaps one is a pure striker and the other an offensive playmaker. You might think that we’ll sign two as we lost two players for that position, but the goal is to have two players per position and a competitive squad. If two left why we have to sign two?”

Oltra was asked if he was ready to learn Portuguese as there are already five players from that country at the team; he joked about the issue saying that, “We already started the translations, so as long as they are good players I am ready to learn Portuguese.”

Asked about the role of new signing Pizzi, the Catarroja-born man explained that, “Yes, he can perform in the three positions in attack, and we’ll see how the situation ends, but the original idea is to put him at the wing and give him some freedom, he can also act as a second striker and is a dynamic player that will add things.”

Guardado’s exit was another issue analyzed by Depor’s coach, “In a football sense it’s hard to cover the spot of Guardado; he is a very hard working kid and a leader, but I don’t want to make comparisons. I can’t say that this player is arriving in order to replace Colotto, Guardado, Xisco or Pablo [Alvarez], the ones that already left, because despite they can play in the same positions, they might have different characteristics.”

He also talked of Colotto, “He’s an important player with leadership, someone that knows the league, but I believe that the president perfectly explained the situation. I spoke with him several times; he was feeling grief as he was fine on here. He was kind to make a sacrifice, but it’s understandable that he has taken that decision, but it’s also understandable that the club can’t surpass a certain limit. Colotto isn’t here anymore, now we’ll focus in our current central defenders and from now own they will be the best for me.”

About the possible exit of young players like Rochela and Juan Carlos, the ex-Almeria coach stated that, “People must understands that it’s for the good of the club, if there’s a real possibility I think is a good call. The player still belonging to the club and has the chance to return been more mature and with a better status. The best example is Álex due to what happened on last season. I can’t rule out this option.”

Then he was asked about Bodipo’s status and he said that, “I count with all the players that I have; perhaps some of them will have lesser chances compared to the past season, this for my concepts and depending in who could arrive. There are players that will have less chances in the pre-season, but what I want to avoid is what happened last season when people that didn’t have too many chances in the pre-season ended up playing, so I will like to see everybody playing in the friendly games, in this way everyone will know their reality. I feel love for ´Bodi’ and I’m sure that he could do a great job. “

In the same lane, he referred to the case with Saul, “If Saul didn’t play too much on last season, apart from my decisions, it was because he was hit by the injuries, now let’s see if he has more continuity and if he can bring his quality, if he’s belongs to this squad, like the case of Bodipo, it’s because he has the quality to play on here.”

Oltra explained the current status of Salomão and Ze Castro, two players that have been training apart on this week, “Ze Castro is in the final phase of his recovery process and should join the group on Monday. His muscular problem is a little complicated, but he’s fine and has made a serious work. This week he has been working and will join the group on Monday. The case with Salomão is also a slow process case and will probably take a little longer, still he will be fine. You can also notice that el Flaco has been training normally after the injury suffered at the end of the past season; he’s fine and working at the top. Jesús [Vasquez] is also fine, maybe with some doubts after a serious injury, but he’s working hard and progressing.”

Finally, he explained the goal of the new season at Primera, “I believe we must learn this new challenge, just like last year the goal was the promotion, this year the goal is changing, but the responsibility is the same. For me it’s almost the same, in this sense I have the same idea. I think the team feels comfortable with this style of playing; perhaps we won’t have the same superiority than at other league, because you will find games in which you cannot dominate, but the idea to keep doing the same things. Perhaps there are six or five teams against whom we won’t be able to play like that, but the idea is to maintain the philosophy. In the end the goal is to win. I believe that every new season is a new challenge and for me this is the biggest challenge in my career.”



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