20 Jul 2012
Saul Fernandez gave an interview to Sportpaper Depor Sport; the right winger has been linked with a move out of Depor, but he prefers to focus on the new season and demonstrate that he deserves a chance at Oltraís team.

Q: Whatís your goal for the new season?
A: Right now the goal is to be on shape as soon as possible, so I can participate in the whole pre-season, especially I want to see the injuries respecting me. The ideal thing is to have continuity and to be able to play, so I can demonstrate that Iím a good player.

Q: After what you lived on last season; do you feel like having less options now?
A: Perhaps, seeing what I lived last year, yes, but itís also true that many players have left, starting with someone as important as Guardado, and that means good opportunities. Now itís time to work, knowing that, maybe, the coach will start trusting in the ones that played on last year, but Iīve to wait for an opportunity, and when it comes I need to seize it.

Q: This is your last season at Deportivo. Does this means a new challenge to see you playing a series of games and demonstrate your real potentialÖ
A: Yes, itís clear that without continuity the players canít yield. Even last year it was possible to see that the team wasnít fine at the beginning and things started to work as soon as the players earned confidence. I will like to have that, but it doesnít depend on me. So, at least I want to do my best; training at the top and making things difficult to the coach.

Q: Was it hard to feel happy since your arrival to Deportivo?
A: Perhaps I was expecting for something else; I was expecting for more games and opportunities, but football is like this. Sometimes a player gets injured, sometimes heís just unlucky, and I believe that, sincerely, in my case I wasnít able to play in the first year, just when I was able to do it. Then, I got injured. Last year the injuries didnít help me either, and later the team was in the middle of a positive streak and thereís nothing more to say, because when a team is fine then itís difficult to make changes. It isnít that the others are bad, but that the ones playing are making a great job, even playing badly we were winning. Last year the good thing was that the players that werenít acting kept their mouth shut, we worked hard and made things difficult to the team mates. The only thing I will love is that, since this is my last year at Deportivo, people could at least see me playing several games and that they can notice that Iīm a very good player.

Q: Oltra has said that the plan is to watch Pizzi playing on the sides. Arenít you worried of the competence?
A: Well, the more of them that could come, the better. There will be more chances to play, but clearly if the club decides to make signings, then the ones coming must add things and earn the spot, just like everybody else. So, you need to demonstrate things on the pitch. Clearly heís a signing coming to play, but later you need to train, you need to be fine and do the right things. So, the ones that are already one here need to work hard and to goal is to play.

Q: Is necessary to change the philosophy in order to play at Primera?
A: I believe the idea is good. At Segunda Divisiůn, especially at home, we were carrying with the weight of the games. Outside, perhaps for the way of playing at Segunda, we werenít adapting so well, but I believe that this philosophy is better for Primera than for Segunda. The clear thing is that at Primera you find much more quality, and if you have two errors then the rival will score twice. So, I think the philosophy of the coach is good, besides we already know how the team plays and our capacities, but we need to work hard, because this year weíll have to run a lot.



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