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27 Jul 2012
During the presentation of Abel Aguilar, Lendoiro explained to reporters the situation at the transfer market. He said that the target of the club is to sign two centre backs and two strikers; he also admitted the interest in Diego Costa.

President Augusto César Lendoiro explained the situation at the market during the press conference in which the club presented Abel Aguilar, the latest signing of the club. He explained that Deportivo is looking for four new incorporations: two centre backs plus two strikers, though he doesn’t rule out the possibility of reinforcing other positions in case of an exit from the squad, something that it isn’t expected to occur.

First to all he told to reporters that the banana operation still opened, “The raceme will be completed in the coming days; it isn’t easy to close these operations. Just look the case of Abel Aguilar; we spent four days with the case almost closed and it was fulfilled until yesterday. The banana operation isn’t closed yet, because only a few are ripe. We will inform of the novelties.”

In the case with Abel Aguilar he confessed that Hércules was interested in the possibility of getting playmaker Juan Carlos on loan, though it wasn’t concreted, “There are no other players involved in the operation. At the beginning Hércules was interested in Juan Carlos, but later they weren’t looking for him.”

About the pending signings he stated that, “For now we are only working in order to hire two central defenders and the strikers, though it doesn’t mean that we won’t try to get something else in case of having exits. We want to close two centre backs, one of them should be arriving as soon as possible, this due to the injury of Ze Castro, though it isn’t a serious injury. Ernesto Belo has several alternatives and it should be closed in the next days.”

Asked about the future of Fabril’s central defender Pablo Ínsua, the president just said that, “There isn’t a final decision on him. Personally, I would love to see him staying.” Then Depor’s boss was asked about the arrival of the so wished striker, and he answered that, “The striker will be a different operation; it won’t be part of the banana operation. Not only Deportivo is looking for it. We will try to get it at any possible way, but it isn’t easy. Ernesto Bello is searching for a goal scorer through air, water or soil.”

For the first time the president admitted the interest in Diego Costa, the striker of Atletico Madrid that played loaned at Rayo Vallecano during the past season, “Nobody is giving you anything for free. There are strikers at Atletico that might be interesting, but it’s difficult to reach their market price. I calculate that the price of those strikers at Atletico, that could be Depor’s targets, is around fourteen, fifteen or eighteen million Euros. One thing is to have a good relationship with Atletico, another is to see them giving for free one of their players. We are in the fight, but must also look for other options.”

Asked if one of these options for the attacking zone is striker Álex Geijo from Granada CF, he stated that, “No, no… I don’t think that Álex Geijo is part of our future plans. He could be a good striker, but isn’t what we are looking for. His wages are high and Granada is thinking in an exit to England.”

In recent days Deportivo was linking with a possible move for right winger David López from Athletic Bilbao, but the president said that it isn’t a priority, “If we have a casualty at the squad, then we will search for an alternative, but for now it isn’t a priority. Normally the players don’t want to leave the club.”

Finally, Lendoiro stated the future plans with the budget, “Since some years ago we have been reducing the budget in 10%; the plans is to lift it once against starting in the year 2015. The drop in the budget will end on next year; since that point it will start going up again.”



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