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30 Jul 2012
First defeat for Deportivo on the pre-season; Oltra’s team committed too many errors at defense and it ended paying the price. The debut of Ínsua was the only positive news in a grey presentation of the Galician outfit.

The match was played at the José Barrera field in Ribadeiro (Lugo) and was part of the 61st edition of the Emma Cuervo trophy. It was also the 16th opportunity in which Deportivo competes for this trophy; it won it in nine previous opportunities. The last participation was in 2000 losing before Racing de Ferrol.

For the occasion Oltra chose to play with a 4-2-3-1 formation; Lux was at the goal, Laure covered the right-back position, Evaldo played on the left, while the central defenders were Aythami and Diego Seoane, this last one was playing outside of his natural position.

The two pivotes were Jesús Vázquez and André Santos. Saul was the right winger, Victor Diaz was the only player from Fabril at the starting formation; he attacked from the left flank. Juan Carlos was the playmaker and Bodipo the central attacker.

Depor had the first opportunity to score; it was a free-kick action in which Bodipo missed to catch the final cross of Victor, and in the next play Sporting Gijón scored the first goal of the game and the first goal allowed by the Galicians in the pre-season. And it was a big failure of Oltra’s defense. Aythami Artiles lost the ball before the pressure of the rival and later Carmelo assisted Bilic, who bet Lux from close range with a crossed shot.

The goal just proved that Depor was going to be a nervous team throughout the whole game, imprecise with the passes and soft in attack; Oltra’s players were losing the ball before the pressure of the rival, which brought insecurity to an improvised defensive sector. The Galicians weren’t steeping into the area and were just attempting through long-distance shots, mainly with André Santos, but always missing the target.

And then it came the second goal for the Asturians, again a distraction at defense as Deportivo was trying to pull the offside trap, but instead it left Óscar Trejo alone before Lux, and the playmaker didn’t miss as he crossed the Argentine goalie with a strong shot.

But the errors weren’t just occurring at the side of Deportivo, because there were also big mistakes at Sporting, one of them cost the lonely goal for the Galicians. Saul seized the error of Juan Pablo to score for his team. It was a play started by Juan Carlos that turned into a cross of Laure coming from the right. Victor Diaz found the ball at the box, then he turned around and assisted Saul, who released a drilling shot from the left corner of the box that should have been stopped by Juan Carlos, but he couldn’t block the attempt.

The goal awoke Deportivo and Bodipo was close to tie the actions with a header in a corner-kick, but he missed the target (24’). Now Sporting was the side looking nervous; at minute 27, Gregory was close to score an own goal. The Galicians were having the ball possession, while Sporting was relying on the counterattack. André Santos was the most active player at Deportivo, with Evaldo joining the attacks by the left, though the Brazilian also looked out of place at defense. Juan Carlos also demonstrated his skills as the possible substitute of Valerón. There were no more scoring opportunities in the first half, only a possible penalty of André Santos committed over Bilic (36’).

  For the second part Oltra, as he promised, kept the same eleven starters, only Sporting made five changes before the kick-off. The script of the game was the same, with Depor having the ball possession, while the Asturians were relying on the counterattack, though no clear scoring opportunities were created within the first twenty minutes, just a shot of Juan Carlos that was stopped by Sporting’s goalie (54’) or a long-range shot of Aythami that missed the target (64’).

A key moment in the game came at minute 66; Bodipo made a solo-play inside the area falling down into the ground before the pressure of a rival. The referee didn’t whistle anything and booked the African striker, and in the following play the Asturians scored the third goal capitalizing a new distraction at defense allowing Argentine striker Gastón Sangoy to run across the field chipping the ball over Seoane and then beat Lux

Then Depor’s coach changed the entire squad with the exception of Lux; among the modifications the entry of Pablo Ínsua, who was debuting on this pre-season. The modifications improved the grey image of the first 70 minutes, but only for ten minutes. At minute 74 a combination between Valerón and Bruno Gama almost ended in the second goal for the Galicians, but the shot of Pizzi was cleared to corner-kick.

But within the last ten minutes Depor returned to be an imprecise team in attack and lacking solidity at defense. So, the side that was closer to score within the final minutes was Sporting; the Asturians were looking dangerous with their counterattacks and in one of these actions Sangoy scored the fourth goal, his second in the game, just pushing the ball in from close range after a long run of winger Pedro Carmona.

The match has raised the concern among the fans, mainly due to the defensive mismatches, but it must be remembered that Oltra used substitutes for the first 70 minutes, besides placing Seoane as a centre back. But it’s also a warning as the team needs to complete the signings that are needed: two new centre backs and at least one defender. This is also the first defeat for Oltra after thirteen pre-season matches at the club. The next match for Depor is the visit to CD Lugo (Anxo Carro, Wednesday, 20h30 CET).

Comments of Oltra: ”If you want to ring the alarm bell, then you can do it. We are calmed and confident. Surely the team has committed a lot of errors and lacked fluency, but we are aware that this is the pre-season. We need to improve and there’s enough time.”

Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Lux – Laure (Manuel Pablo 70’), Aythami (Ínsua 70’), Seoane (Uxío 70’), Evaldo (Ayoze 70’) - Jesús Vázquez (Juan Dominguez 70’), André Santos (Álex 70’) – Saúl (Bruno Gama 70’), Juan Carlos (Valerón 70’), Víctor Díaz (Pizzi 70’) – Bodipo (Riki 70’)
Sporting; (4-2-3-1) Juan Pablo (Cuéllar 68’) - Pedro Orfila, Gregory (Marcos Landeria 46’), Sergio Fernández (Iván Hernández 68’), Canella (Álex Menéndez 46’) - Nacho Cases (Sergio Alvarez 68’), Alex Barrera (Ricardo 46’) - Carmelo (Mendy 68’), Trejo (Guerrero 68’), De las Cuevas (Carmona 46’) - Bilic (Sangoy 46’).
Goals: 0-1: (3’) Bilic, 0-2: (14’) Trejo, 1-2: (21’) Saúl, 1-3: (68’) Sangoy, 1-4: (88’) Sangoy
Referee: Corral García. He showed yellow card to Bodipo (66’)
Venue: José Barrera field, Ribadeiro (3,000)



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