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01 Aug 2012
Two were the main announcements made by the president; the first that only two more signings are expected; the other was to admit the possibility of Cavenaghi while he confessed that the signing of Diego Costa is almost impossible.

As always president Augusto César Lendoiro analyzed several issues during the press conference in which the club was presenting its most recent signings, in this case the double presentation of Roderick and Nélson Oliveira. The first thing is that the president stated was that the Banana operation isn’t closed yet, “These signings aren’t closing the Banana operation, though we all want to see José Luis Oltra counting with all the players as soon as possible.”

Later he explained what’s left to do in the summer transfer window, “The squad will be closed with another centre back and a new attacker, unless we have exits. We are keeping silence with the operations, because it’s hard to complete them, just to mention that it would have been harder to hire these two players as many clubs were pretending them.”

Another thing that focused the attention is the identity of the other striker that should join the club; on the past week the president admitted the interest in Diego Costa, now he described the choice as pretty difficult, while he didn’t rule out a move for Argentine Fernando Cavenaghi, “I would say that Diego Costa is impossible, if I am not wrong he will stay at Atletico Madrid. Cavenaghi is a good player; he’s at the market and we must respect him.”

Lendoiro also talked of the recent interest of Deportivo in the Portuguese market, “In the Portuguese league there are great players. We are just giving them the opportunity to play. That we have too many Portuguese players? We don’t look the ID’s. Portugal has a large list of interesting choices. “

“It isn’t easy to get a high profile player, and for the youngest ones is difficult to play on every weekend, and this is a good chance to play in one of the best clubs and leagues in the world. From Portugal people will follow Depor, even some of our players are already part of the pre-list for a friendly meeting.” He added.

Depor’s president was asked if the signing of Oliveira, considered as the future promise of Portugal, is the star signing of the transfer window at the club, and the answer was that, “It’s hard to surpass the quality of Oliveira, but we surely will try to have the most competitive squad that’s possible.”

Finally, Lendoiro explained the current situation with some particular names, starting with Juan Dominguez, “It isn’t true that we have been contacted by Atletico Madrid regarding Juan Dominguez.” About Lassad he said that, “We don’t know anything of Lassad, so it isn’t worthy to talk of him.” And also of Diego Seoane’s renewal, “We haven’t made any progress in the renewal of Seoane.”



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