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04 Aug 2012
New defeat on the pre-season; Deportivo failed in this new exam as it left the same poor impression of the game against Sporting Gijón. To make things worse Laure got injured. Roderick and Oliveira debuted with the team.

First and only match that Deportivo plays outside of Spain during the current pre-season; the Galician outfit traveled to Portugal in order to face Paços de Ferreira, a club that’s preparing its participation at liga Sagres 2012/13. Oltra presented a 4-2-3-1 lineup that included four of the five signings made so far, including Roderick Miranda and Nélson Oliveira, duo that was presented during the week at the Riazor.

 Aranzubia was defending the goal, Laure covered the right-back position, Aythami joined Roderick at the centre of the defense, while Evaldo played at the left. Abel Aguilar and André Santos were the two pivotes, Saul attacked from the right wing, Victor Diaz did it from the left, Juan Carlos was the playmaker and Oliveira the central attacker.

The first fifteen minutes were complicated for the locals; Depor was putting a lot of pressure at midfield and Los Auriverdes weren’t creating danger against Aranzubia. But neither Depor was creating any harm before local goalie Cássio Albuquerque . The first goal attempt came at minute 10; Luiz Carlos attempted a shot from the edge of the area and the ball passed close to the far post of Aranzubia (10’).

Within the following ten minutes the Portuguese team gained the ball possession, but still was having problems to approach into Depor’s area; actually there were only two goal attempts, both on free-kicks, the first wasted by Paços de Ferreira (18’) and the second by Saul as he sent the ball over the crossbar (20’).

Despite not been suffering too much at the back zone, the centre backs at Depor didn’t look good; Aythami Artiles committed one mistake that could have cost a goal, but Aranzubia cleared the danger before Cícero (14’). Neither Roderick was looking sharp in his debut with Depor; he had his own problems facing Cícero.

Depor’s first approximation came until minute 28, Juan Carlos released a cross searching for Nélson Oliveira, but Cássio blocked the attempt. And just two minutes later the locals scored the first goal in the game. Ricardo Antunes drilled a perfect past into the path of Cícero Sanches, then the Portuguese surpassed Roderick and then bet Aranzubia with a drilling shot.

The goal meant a boost for Paços de Ferreira and the Portuguese outfit had two opportunities to extend the lead; at minute 33, Peruvian Paolo Hurtado attempted from the edge of the area, but his drilling shot was stopped by Aranzubia. Five minutes later Juan Carlos lost the ball before the pressure of >Antunes, who ran 30 meters to end releasing a shot that hit the crossbar.  In that play Laure suffered a shoulder injury – dislocation- He was the captain of the team for the game and was replaced by Manuel Pablo.

Deportivo was a broken team within the last fifteen minutes and Salvadorian Arturo Álvarez was close to score the second goal with a crossing shot searching for the far post of Aranzubia, but Depor’s goalie made a great save. In the last play of the half Nélson Oliveira fell inside the area before the pressure of André Leão, but the referee didn’t whistle anything.

Oltra didn’t change the formation for the second part; neither Paços de Ferreira made changes, though the locals changed their shirt [yellow in the first half, white in the second]. And the game continued the same path with Os Castores having the control over the actions; and soon they extended the lead as Vítor Da Silva scored through a perfect direct free-kick.

Again Depor was leaving a poor impression, committing a lot of errors and inaccuracies at defense, while the offense lacked depth and coordination. The first opportunity in the half for Depor came at minute 55, a combination between Juan Carlos and Oliveira ended with the Portuguese striker releasing a strong shot that hit the crossbar.

Three minutes later the locals made five changes and reduced the pace; at minute 61, Saul attempted through a direct free-kick, but Antonio Filipe, who had just entered into the pitch, cleared the danger to corner-kick. It seemed that Depor was growing in the game, but it was Paços de Ferreira the side that was more dangerous. At minute 66, Vítor Da Silva was close to score again, but this time Juan Carlos cleared the danger from the goal line.

Then Oltra made four changes; Álex Bergantiños, Pizzi, Riki and Pablo Ínsua entered into the pitch replacing Abel Aguilar, Nélson Oliveira, Roderick Miranda and Victor Diaz. One minute later the visitors were close to score as Pizzi hit the crossbar with a shot from the edge of the area, later Riki scored, but he was offside.

Valerón and Bruno Gama entered for the last ten minutes as they replaced André Santos and Saúl; the duo appeared to generate the next scoring chance of Depor. It was a shot from the edge of the area made by the Portuguese winger that was blocked by Antonio Felipe (85’). Four minutes later Pizzi made a solo-play that ended with a new shot of target, and once again the local goalie made the save. In the last action Valerón assisted Riki inside the area, but the Madrilenian couldn’t resolve the play. The game ended with fireworks at the stadium celebrating the presentation of Paços de Ferreira.

One more time Deportivo was a soft team at defense lacking punch in attack. The Blanquiazul team had a strong start, but later fell down, especially after the first goal of the locals. There was no reaction and Depor only had scoring opportunities until both teams started making changes. Still, the team had a few scoring chances even hitting the post twice. Among the new signings only Pizzi left a positive impression; Roderick was too imprecise in his first game, while Oliveira showed some things, including a shot that hit the wood.

Another bad news was the injury of Laure, who suffered a shoulder luxation. He’s the eighth casualty on the pre-season; more scans will be made in the coming hours, but he will probably be out for a couple of weeks. This was the second defeat on the pre-season after six matches; the next meeting for Depor takes place on Sunday as Oltra and his players visit CD Ourense at the O Couto stadium (19h30 CET).

Paços de Ferreira: (4-2-3-1) Cássio (Antonio Felipe 58’) - Javier Cohene (Jaime Poulson 58’), Vítor Da Silva (Caetano 67’), André Leão (Tiago Valente 58’), Arturo Álvarez (Manuel José 58’) - Luiz Carlos (Felipe Anunciaçao (58’), Paolo Hurtado (Josue 67’) – Ricardo (Silva 90’), Antunes, Tony (Abduliah 90’) –Cícero (Jaime Poulson 58’)
Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Aranzubia – Laure (Manuel Pablo 44’), Aythami, Roderick (Ínsua 70’), Evaldo - Abel Aguilar (Álex Bergantiños 70’), André Santos (Valerón 81’) – Saúl (Bruno Gama 81’), Juan Carlos, Víctor Díaz (Pizzi 70’) - Nélson Oliveira (Riki 70’).
Goals: 1-0: (30’) Cícero, 2-0: (48’) Vítor Da Silva.
Referee: Jorge Gomez. He showed yellow card to Ricardo (77’)
Venue: Estádio da Mata Real (2,000



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