05 Aug 2012
Midfielder André Santos gave an interview to journalist Zeltia Regueiro from newspaper La Opinión A Coruña; the Portuguese says that the target for the new season must be the permanence and he also targets the national team of Portugal.

Q: What are your feelings?
A: It's all right, I like the group. There are many Portuguese here, people I already knew, and I’m fine too with the Spanish players.

Q: Is it good to have compatriots on the team in order to enjoy of a quicker adaptation to the group?
A: Yes, it’s easier to adapt, but I was also welcomed by the Spanish players; they treat me very well and that helps in my integration. I was welcomed and I quickly adapted.

Q: The team, after the latest defeats, has shown signs of some improvement...
A: It's what we want. In each game the team is improving; we still need to correct some things, and you have to polish it within the next games.

Q: With the arrival of Abel Aguilar there are now five players for midfield, how do you see this competition?
A: It's going to be more competitive, everyone is going to have to work hard in order to show himself, but that's good. Everyone is targeting the same thing: to be able to play.

Q: What do you think regarding the challenges of the team in this new season?
A: Any recently promoted team must think of the permanence and add the largest number of points in order to achieve that, so later we can be more relaxed and could able to get something else.

Q: And what are your personal challenges?
A: My goal is to play and return to the national team. I was already there and to return would be very good.

Could the Spanish league be a good showcase in order to be picked by Paulo Bento?
A: Yes, everybody follows la liga and playing at Deportivo will put things easier to me.

Q: What about the schedule of the meetings, the first against Osasuna at 19.00?
A: The team must get used to it and must be ready to play at any time.



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