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09 Aug 2012
New disappointing presentation of a Deportivo that remains under construction; Sevilla was better and deserved the victory. Oltra’s team didn’t complete any shot on target in the first part and had a timid reaction in the second.

This game meant the 5th edition of the Antonio Puerta memorial trophy; it’s the first participation of Deportivo in this tournament hosted by Sevilla CF. The Andalusians won three of the previous four editions dedicated to the memory of Antonio Puerta, who died tragically in 2007. The match also meant the presentation of Michel’s squad in front of their fans. Before the kick-off Depor’s team showed a banner with the legend: “Gracias Sevilla, siempre en el corazón [Thanks Seville, always in the heart]”

Oltra presented a 4-2-3-1 formation, with Argentine Lux defending the goal; Diego Seoane appeared at the right-back position, Brazilian Evaldo performed on the left, while the central defenders were Aythami and Roderick. Álex Bergantiños and André Santos were the pivotes, Saul attacked from the right wing, Victor Diaz was attacking from the left flank, Juan Carlos was the pivote and Oliveira was the central attacker.

The game had a slow start, with both teams missing a lot of passes and without creating any scoring opportunity within the first ten minutes. Little by little Sevilla claimed the ball possession and started to surround the area of Lux, though without been able to complete a shot on target.

The first approximation for Sevilla came at minute 10; Jesús Navas threw a cross from the right and Lux arrived first to catch the ball before Negredo. Depor’s side defenders were having big problems trying to stop the rival’s wingers, mainly at the side of Evaldo facing Navas and Brazilian Alexandro Mendonça Dos Santos ‘Cicinho’. The midfielders, meanwhile, weren’t having the ball and therefore the attackers were isolated.

At minute 14, Cicinho attempted from the right corner of the area, but his shot just hit the net by the outside. Sevilla was dominating but somehow they were unable to complete a shot on target within the first twenty-five minutes; the best of the Andalusians was coming from the right wing, but they were unable to surpass Depor’s defense. A good opportunity came at minute 22 as Negredo released a cross from the right, but centre midfielder Campaña couldn’t resolve the play.

Depor’s first approximation came until minute 25, it was pass of Victor to Evaldo that ended with the Brazilian defender firing from the edge of the area, but his drilling shot just passed close to the far post of local goalie Diego López. One minute later Saul released a cross that neither Victor nor Oliveira resolved.

At this point the game turned to be more entertaining. Sevilla responded with a crossed shot of Navas that missed the target (27’). One minute later Evaldo regained the ball on the left side and assisted Victor, but the youngster didn’t shot on target and neither found Oliveira at the six-yard-box.

And then the first goal arrived, and as it could have been expected it came by the right wing of Sevilla. Navas drilled a perfect pass into the path of Cicinho surprising both Evaldo and Victor, then the right-back defender released a cross that Álvaro Negredo collected before the passive attitude of Roderick to end crossing Lux.

The goal woke up Sevilla and the Andalusian team pushed searching for the second goal before a broken Depor, at minute 36, Piotr Trochowski, who replaced Campaña minutes before, was close to score with a shot inside the box, but Lux blocked the attempt with the chest. Two minutes later the German centre midfielder had a new chance to score, this time finding a perfect and deadly cross of Cicincho coming from the right, but he missed the target from the edge of the area. Three minutes before the pause Navas appeared again to release a cross from the right that nobody found at the six-yard box.

And the second goal came at the edge of the first half, left-back Antonio Luna surprised both central defenders as he drilled a perfect pass into the path of Trochowski, who was quick enough to collect the ball, enter into the area and release a volley to beat Lux

There were no changes at Depor for the second part, and after missing to complete any shot on target in the first half this time the Galicians had two clear opportunities within the first three minutes. Firstly Saul assisted Oliveira in a free-kick action and the attempt of the Portuguese striker was cleared by Palop. In the resulting corner-kick Aythami hit the crossbar with a header.

Still, the locals were still looking more solid. At minute 53, Sevilla had its first opportunity on this half, Navas drilled the ball from the right wing and Lux blocked the attempt. Then Oltra made the first three changes as Riki, Bodipo and Pablo Ínsua replaced Victor Diaz, Oliveira and Aythami.

The combination Riki-Bodipo just needed a couple of minutes on the pitch in order to create some danger; at minute 65 the Madrilenian released a cross that the African striker couldn’t find inside the box, one minute later the play was repeated and this time Bodipo released a strong shot that was repealed by Palop.

Sevilla pushed and at minute 70, replacement Babá found the ball at the edge of the area after a new distraction of the defense, he tried to chip the ball over Lux, but he didn’t surprise the Argentine goalie. Two minutes later Manu Del Moral released a strong shot from inside the area after a corner-kick, but he missed the target.

Then, Oltra sent other three modifications; Manuel Pablo, Abel Aguilar and Pizzi replaced Evaldo, André Santos and Juan Carlos. The changes refreshed the game of Deportivo as the Galicians had the ball possession within the last fifteen minutes, but the team lacked punch and aim.  At minute 80 Ínsua missed the target after a corner-kick of Saul in what was the last opportunity for the visitors.

The last chance in the game was for Sevilla, Babá ran across the left wing and his shot was deflected by Lux (86’). Then Oltra made the last two substitutions as Bruno Gama and Uxío Marcos replaced Álex Bergantiños and Saul.

Sevilla CF was understood as the first serious exam before the debut in liga, and the true is that Depor left the impression of not been able to pass the test. Too many errors at defense, no one claiming the leadership at midfield and the attacking line missing aim and fresh ideas. No need to ring the alarm bells, but Oltra only has ten days before the debut in liga. For now he will prepare the last game on the pre-season: the Teresa Herrera tournament against Atletico Madrid (Saturday, Riazor, 21h00 CET)

Sevilla: (4-2-3-1) Diego López (Palop 46’) – Cicinho (Koke 67’), Cala, Spahic (Bernardo 67’), Navarro (Del Moral 46’) - Medel, Campaña (Trochowski. 33’) – Luna, Rakitic (Javi Hervás 60’), Navas – Negredo (Babá 60’)
Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Lux - Seoane, Aythami (Ínsua 63’) Roderick, Evaldo (Manuel Pablo 75’) – Alex Bergantiños (Uxío 87’), André Santos (Abel Aguilar 75’) – Saúl (Bruno Gama 87’), Juan Carlos (Pizzi 75’), Víctor Diaz (Riki 63’)- Nelson Oliveira (Bodipo 63’).
Goals: 1-0: (30’) Negredo, 2-0: (45’) Trochowski.
Referee: Pedro Perez Montero. No cards were shown.
Venue: Sánchez Pizjuán (15,000)



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