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22 Aug 2012
The papers celebrated the victory of Deportivo in its return to Primera División; the media hailed the spirit of Riki and the class of Nélson Oliveira, though there were some mismatches that were listed by the journalism.

La Voz de Galicia: The tenacity of a veteran and the quality of a promise earned three points for Deportivo against Osasuna. Riki went into halftime brooding the failure in stoppage time of the first half and also dragging a knock on the ankle of his left leg. But the Aranjuez-born man had the courage to stand up and found the path to the victory just fifteen minutes later. And Nélson Oliveira finished the job, with an explosive mixture of speed and class, running thirty meters with the ball and gently chipping the ball past the keeper. Depor almost won placidly in the second half, after a first exchange of blows that exhibited with perfection the virtues and defects of Jose Luis Oltra’s team, but this situation didn’t stop the celebration in its anticipated return to the top flight of Spanish football. Miguel Piñeiro.

La Opinión A Coruña: The best part, the ending of the plays. The best of Deportivo in yesterday's meeting was its great punch and finalization of the plays. On the downside, the team had little continuity in the offensive and defensive game due to the large number of inaccuracies with the ball, which was forcing the team to intercalate combinative and direct football. In the first half the team missed to play on the wings, because the only two arrivals that almost ended in a goal were coming by the centre: one in the penalty to Riki and another in the shot that hit the woodwork. On the other hand, the team defended poorly the set-pieces. Deportivo had many doubts and it didn’t feel comfortable when they missed the ball possession. After the first goal it suffered because the team defended with precipitation and hence there were many troubles. Finally, to point out that I liked the modification of Camuñas in the second half though it was daring. Luis Rodriguez Vaz

La Voz de Galicia: Two genius plays and the speed on the wings to add three points that can be gold. As if only one week had passed from the match against Huesca that meant the promotion of Deportivo at the Riazor, Oltra’s men played again as a winning team in a game that, according to schedule, it was important to win. The Riazor vibrated again with a victory that was possible thanks to two genius actions: one of Riki and one of Nelson Oliveira, showing also that the team can suffer, that the goal is well covered and that there is room for improvement in a team that, despite the mistakes, it will be competitive. Alexandre Centeno

El País: No matter the  level of the league, some things never change. There is Riki, who doesn’t change his production, which comes and goes, it strikes, fights, it fails opportunities, romps on the ground misunderstood by the referees, who already know him; but he insists, insists, insists and scores. All before leaving the field, limping, between the “ay” and the applause from a crowd that already lost count of his injuries, but also of what he has contributed to Deportivo between these intermittent situations. Riki, key in the triumph of Depor in the return between the big ones, is the thermometer of a team that fights the economic problems to return to be a classic at Primera.

Deportivo won, because it knew how to go out of trouble. In the first few minutes it was perceived that the idea was to get the ball played from behind, over the grass, with aids, but as soon as Osasuna adjusted the pressure the doubts forced Oltra’s footballers to seek for less intricate ways. The consequence was immediate: the routes to Juan Dominguez and Valerón were cut, even toward the flanks because neither Manuel Pablo nor Evaldo found options to connect with the wingers and assemble two-on-one situations. Then Depor spent a hard time. The team started as it was expected: a newly promoted team playing at a nearly full stadium, vibrant, bustling, with a shot to the crossbar from Pizzi and diligent in the recovery, anchored to the hierarchy of Abel Aguilar. Juan L. Cudeiro

Marca: Depor is back through the front door. Great debut of Oltra’s men; they get the first three points of the season in a game in which they have been able to handle different styles of play to beat Osasuna. Moments of initiative, of retreat and counterattacks that have ended with two goals, both in the second half. Moreover, Mendilíbar’s men, after holding on the local barrage in the opening minutes, managed to be strong and believed in the victory for almost the entire match. Los Rojillos always showed a good attitude when they pressed Depor in the attacking half. Only two individual plays from Nélson and Riki were able to beat Andres Fernandez. Alber G.G.

AS: Osasuna fell down before the faith of Riki and the class of Oliveira. Deportivo suffered the relegation thirteen months ago and Lendoiro started the membership recruitment campaign 'Faith in Depor' to reach 25,000 socios. The fans believed and that spirit seems to have rubbed off to the team, or at least to Riki. The Madrilenian suffered a clear penalty as Loe almost injured him at minute 42, but Borbalán looked away. About the break the Andalusian referee did see another penalty of Flaño over Bruno Gama. The striker tried to collect the unpaid debt, but found the woodwork and the lament at the stands.

But Riki didn’t give up and soon after beginning the second half it opened the scoresheet with his left leg before the passive attitude of Damiá and the soft hands of Andres Fernandez. It was the reward for his perseverance, his faith, and for searching for the goal. The reward was well deserved and practically defined the game, because Osasuna blurred after the 1-0 and almost disappeared from the Riazor. The first half was equal, with a shot of Pizzi to the crossbar and an ambitious Osasuna that gave troubles to Aranzubia. The formula was to press up front up and advance the position of the defense, something exceedingly uncomfortable in a Depor that was reduced to long balls searching for no one.

But Osasuna’s force lasted until Riki’s goal. From there Depor lost ground and Mendilibar’s plan began to dissolve like sugar. Los Rojillos dominated and the Galicians had opportunities in counterattacks, until Nélson Oliveira sentenced with an infinite class goal. As much as the faith of Riki, such as Depor's 25,000 socios, such as those who see Oltra’s men sleeping at the Champions League places in a big way return to Primera. Luis de la Cruz

Diario de Noticias (Navarra): Osasuna is reduced to sensations. Osasuna offered a handful of good feelings, it stretched like an ambitious team, unapologetic but, in the absence of shots on target and with some punctual errors at defense, it found the failures which forced to pay the first loss of the season. The first afternoon with no points in the season opener, it left mixed feelings, because neither the extent of the defeat corresponds to the merits and demerits exposed by both teams nor the game rewarded equally the performance of both outfits.  Osasuna behaved like an ambitious team, with an approach tailored to the intentions of the coach, but it wasn’t enough due to some defensive lapses and other errors in the elaboration of the game. Deportivo, in a meeting with a lot of fuss about the areas and little aim, was going to claim the victory.

The season opener in liga should be assumed as such and Osasuna needs to correct things both at defense and in its more programmed part of the game, a zone where perhaps it isn’t enough just with the recovery of the ball, because the creation of football is required, it needs more restraint.

Like a pack of wolves in the last third of the field and less fierce from the centre of the defense, that was the picture of Los Rojillos in the day of the debut. A lot of action at the edge of the area, but without completing a shot on target. Osasuna’s improvements are clear, but also the fatality that was deployed at the Riazor to end with a bitter result, which also leads to confusion. Javier Saldise



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