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28 Aug 2012
Oltra and the players were satisfied with the point added in this game, mainly for the entity of the rival and for the fact of been playing on the road, though some of the players also think that Deportivo could have won the clash.

Coach Jose Luis Oltra was content with the spirit shown by his team throughout the second half, “This game demonstrates that we can harm any team and compete in this league. We still need to grow up and improve, but the result surely reinforces our confidence and secureness.”

“The game was demanding us to do more than we did in the whole first part and we fulfill it in the second. In the first half there were too many defensive errors and you pay these errors at Primera, especially against a team like Valencia. At half-time I told the players to minimize the errors, so we wouldn’t allow more goals, because in attack we were hammering them. We had the punch to score three goals.” He added.

The Valencian coach was convinced that Depor was stronger in the second part simply because it was losing, “The result is always a factor. If Valencia wouldn’t have been winning 3-1 at half-time, then they would have been the ones going out for the game. With the score in favour they didn’t want to take risks and we were forced to go out for everything, and in the end we were lucky enough to score the goals.”

Finally, Oltra explained why Aranzubia was replaced at half-time; “He was having issues, vomiting and feeling sick. The doctor tried to inject him at half-time, so we would have been able to continue, but he was very sick and the best thing was to not take risks.”

Juan Carlos Valerón was satisfied with the point scratched from Mestalla, “This is a tough stadium for anybody and the true is that we are content for the draw achieved against Valencia. We must follow the same path, because the tournament has just begun.”

Similar were the thoughts of Nélson Oliveira, who entered in the second cause to provoke the penalty, “The reaction of the team was great. We completed a better second half compared to the first part and for that reason the team was able to achieve the draw.”

For Carlos Marchena Deportivo deserved the three points, “It was a pretty crazy match and it was difficult to pause for even a few seconds. In the end I do believe that we deserved to win. I believe that this team isn’t inferior to anyone. If we play with personality then we can beat anyone.”

Bruno Gama, meanwhile, was saying that, “It was a pretty game and with goals, just what everybody likes. It was entertaining. There is a lot of stuff that need to be fixed, because we need to remain focused all the time.”

Abel Aguilar scored a brace and made a nice job at midfield; the Colombian was also thinking that Depor deserved a better result in this game, “We are leaving with the feeling that, if we would have tighten up a little more, then we could have won the match.”

“The true is that the team lived complicate moments, especially in the first part, but we should remain with the good things. The result is positive, because the team reacted pretty well. The important thing now is to ratify the good stuff in the next game; we should also fix the errors.” He added.

Pizzi completed a great match and also felt content with the point, “We weren’t fine at the beginning, but made a great second part and added a point at Mestalla. The point will surely add confidence to this team. I believe the result is fair for all the things done in the second part. In any case the Spanish league is pretty competitive and we know that we have to suffer until the end in the attempt to clinch the goal.”

At Valencia, coach Mauricio Pellegrino couldn’t explain why his team gave up in the second part, “I don’t know why the team changed so much after the third goal, and also in the phase between the second and the third goal. After our goals the team reduced its concentration levels. Beyond the performance the team must learn to stay focused; this in order to avoid the errors.”

“It was a match with a lot of ups and downs. There are issues that are worrying me. We committed errors that weren’t there before. We did the most difficult thing, which was to score the goals and take the lead, but later we allowed goals in set-pieces. We must avoid these errors and the lack of concentration during punctual moments of the games.” He added.

Finally, Soldado was criticizing the state of the pitch, “The grass is a worry. Two of our players were injured, and I don't know if it’s because of that, but it looks very strange, there is lots of sand. I'm angry because the goal was to get three points. We know how important it is to get points at Mestalla, and we have lost two in the very first home game.”



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