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07 Sep 2012
Oltra has recovered Salomão, Ze Castro and Laure; the trio took part of the friendly game against SD Dubra. Only Bruno Gama remains sidelined while Riki was rested. Depor won the game with a brace of André Santos and Valerón, plus a goal of Ayoze.

Coach José Luis Oltra is regaining the major part of his injured players; centre back Ze Castro and left winger Diogo Salomão have been out of action since the pre-season and didn’t even play in any of the friendly games before the debut in liga.  Right-back Laure, meanwhile, has been out since the friendly match against Pacos de Ferreira and has missed the first three matchdays in la liga.

The trio has been training with the team since the past week and had their first minutes in Thursday’s friendly match against SD Dubra (5-0 win for Depor). The player that remains out is Bruno Gama, who sustained a grade I muscular strain on his right thigh during the past match against Getafe. He'll be out at least until next week.

Riki also skipped the game as he was dragging a back problem and the coaching staff decided to rest him. Centre midfielder Abel Aguilar, left winger Pizzi and striker Nélson Oliveira are also out of the team as they will play today with their national teams as part of the FIFA World Cup qualifiers.

Since Oltra hasn’t changed the lineup in the first three matchdays in liga, the club arranged a friendly game against Regional Preferente club, SD Dubra,  in order to give minutes to the less habitual players. The match was a tribute for Juan Manuel Baleato, former major of the city of Val do Dubra (A Coruña), who died one year ago. The pitch of SD Dubra -Estadio Municipal- will be named in his honour.

André Santos during the game

Oltra used an alternative lineup for the game; German Lux was the starting keeper, Laure performed at the right-back position, Tiago Pinto debuted playing at the left, while the two centre backs were Ze Castro and Roderick Miranda.

André Santos and Álex Bergantiños were the two centre midfielders. Saul Fernandez covered the right wing, Ayoze was the improvised left winger, Camuñas acted as the playmaker in the formation and Rodolfo Bodipo was the central attacker.

The game was placid for Deportivo as the rival didn’t give any problem and neither pressed at midfield, reason why Camuñas, Saul and André Santos were able to command the actions. Depor scored three times before half-time. Two of the goals were scored with long-range shots, the first netted by André Santos and the third by Ayoze; the second was a great pass of Camuñas chipping the ball over the defense to allow André Santos to score a brace.

For the second part Oltra ordered two modifications: Jesus Vazquez replaced Saul and Seoane did the same with Laure. The changes kept the 4-2-3-1 figure, but some players  switched their positions. Now Ayoze was defending the left side and Tiago Pinto was the left winger, while Camuñas was on the right with André Santos performing in the playmaker’s role.

Things didn’t change for the second part as Deportivo kept the ball possession and created the best scoring opportunities, but this time Bodipo missed some chances, while the rival’s defense saved the team in a couple of opportunities. In this half the local team had two great chances to score through Carlos, but Lux made the saves.

Then Oltra ordered the third modification and Diogo Salomão had his first minutes on the season claiming the spot of Tiago Pinto, this last one made a nice presentation, always having in mind that this was just a friendly game. Valerón played the last ten minutes replacing André Santos and El Flaco was going to score the last two goals; first through a direct free-kick and later collecting a cross from Seoane at the far post.

Deportivo: Lux – Laure (Seoane 46’), Ze Castro, Roderick, Tiago Pinto (Salomão 67’) - Álex Bergantiños, André Santos (Valerón 80’)  – Saul (Jesús Vázquez 46’), Camuñas, Ayoze – Bodipo
Dubra: Manuel - Pablo, Casas, Roberto, David - Toño, Leite - Anxo, Dani, Kilo - Samuel.
Goals: 0-1: (25’) André Santos, 0-3: (33’) André Santos, 0-3: (38’) Ayoze, 0-4: (85´) Valerón, 0-5: (89’) Valerón



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