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14 Sep 2012
First defeat on the season for Deportivo B; Devesa’s team should have won the game, but it never knew how to beat a well planted Bergantiños that even scored an Olympic goal. Slow start for Fabril on the Tercera season.

Devesa was presenting several novelties; starting with the return of Juan Carlos Real after his failed exit from the club. Centre midfielder Richi, right-back Adriá Gallego, striker Luis Fernández were the three casualties for injury reasons. They were joined by centre midfielder Teles and centre back Ínsua, both were last-minute casualties.

Marc Martinez was the starting goalie; Iván Garrido returned in order to perform at the right-back position, Ángel Martinez stayed on the left, while Marcos Caridad joined Uxío Marcos at the centre of the defense. Oumar Sidibé joined Adrian Martinez at midfield. Diego Vela attacked from the right wing, Manuel Romay moved his position to the left, Juan Carlos was the playmaker, while the central attacker was Álex Pérez.

At Bergantiños CF, there were several familiar faces at the team that visited Abegondo, starting with Javier Lavandeira, coach that worked before with Depor’s youth teams. Ex-Depor midfielder Geri Malaj was a starter in the game; he left the club after recovering from a serious knee injury. Meanwhile, centre back Sergio Cardelle and right-back Tomás Pérez were also starters, both players were promoted from Juvenil A, but there was no room for them at Fabril and both were loaned out.

There was a high expectation to see Juan Carlos and Romay playing at the same time; Depor B have two excellent players to move the ball over the grass, but their precision with the passes rested depth on the wings, and that was what Fabril lacked throughout the first half, because Devesa´s team dominated the actions, but was unable to complete a shot on target, mainly as it lacked depth on the sides.

The visitors were feeling pretty comfortable assuming its role of a defending team relying on the counterattacks, though they neither completed a shot on target in the first half. Therefore the first forty-five minutes were boring and the game lacked excitement.

Fabril only reached the opposite area to end losing the ball or to make a wrong last pass; at minute 28’, Ángel Martinez released a drilling cross from the left that didn’t find a receiver; the same happened four minutes later though this time Juan Carlos was the one releasing the cross. The last opportunity in the half was a shot of Juan Carlos that missed the target (42’).

For the second part things didn’t change too much; Depor B was still having the ball possession and Bergantiños was holding at the back relying on the counterattacks. What changed was that both sides had more aim as they were able to complete five shots on target.

Romay was the first one that met the goalkeeper after connecting a cross of Ángel, but the ball went into the arms of visiting goalie Julian. Bergantiños responded with a shot of Tony that was cleared by Marc Martinez.

Suddenly the game became more entertaining and then the key minutes arrived; Álvaro Lemos replaced Adrian and Devesa turned the draw into a 4-4-2, with Romay playing behind Juan Carlos. Immediately Lemos had a clear chance to score when he was alone before the goal, but he missed the target (62’).

And two minutes later the visitors were going to score the lonely goal in the game; after a series of chances for the visitors that were saved by Marc Martinez, Bergantiños earned a corner-kick and Geri Malaj was going to score an Olympic goal. Depor’s goalie also had to do with the goal as he should have cleared the ball at the far post. Malaj was the best player of the visiting team, accurate with his passes and leading its counterattacks.

The last twenty-five minutes were pretty complicated for Fabril; the team was lost and it never created any danger before the visiting goal; actually Bergantiños was closer to score the second goal through its counterattack actions. Devesa order the entry of Cano and Victor Diaz for Iván Garrido and Diego Vela, but it was too late and the team never had the needed freshness and depth to react.

Unwisely game of Deportivo B; Devesa’s team never knew how to attack a more practical Bergantiños, rival that was locked at the back relying on the counterattacks. Fabril never completed a shot on target in the first part, and just when it had its clearest opportunity in the second half, the visiting team scored the goal and later there were no ideas to react. This is the first defeat with Devesa as the coach of Depor B. Slow start for Fabril with only 4 points after 3 games. The next clash is the visit to Ordes CF (Vista Alegre field, Sunday, 18h00 CET).

Comments of Devesa: ”There are things that need to be improved, like the capacity to read the actions at the last meters and create scoring opportunities. Still, the team is following the right path though the result wasn’t good. It’s a matter of young people, we have some experienced players, but they remain young and you always find that anxiety that lead you to commit mistakes. We must try to control the uncertainty.”

Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Marc Martínez -  Iván Garrido (Cano 79’), Uxío, Caridad, Ángel – Adrián Martínez (Lemos 60’), Sidibé – Vela (Víctor Díaz 83’), Juan Carlos, Romay – Álex Pérez
Bergantiños: (4-3-3) Julián - Diego Peña, Cardelle, Sergio, Aarón - Álex Figueiras (Joel Pereiro 80), Tomás (Sergí 57’), Geri Malaj - Iván Amor, Toni, Alexandre (Fernando Varela 71’).
Goal: 0-1: (64’) Geri Malaj
Referee: Rodríguez Campos. He showed yellow card to Adrián Martínez, Iván Garrido; Cardelle, Álex Figueiras, Toni and Fernando Varela.
Venue: Abegondo (1,000)
Stats: Attempts to score (10 – 6); Corner-kicks (10 – 6); Fouls committed (10 – 16)




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