15 Sep 2012
Andrť Santos gave an interview to Sportpaper AS and analyzed his first months in A CoruŮa; the Portuguese midfielder is impressed with the environment at the Riazor and hopes to gain a spot at the starting team of Oltra.

Q: What are your first impressions from the Spanish league?
A: I knew it before and been here I can see thatís very competitive. There are always good teams fighting until the end of the matches. We played against strong teams that have good players; they are always searching for the ball trying to go out on the counterattack.

Q: And the Riazor?
A: I was impressed. I always heard things about the great history of Depor, but itís impressive to see that the stadium is always full. The fans support from the first minute, there is a great atmosphere and that's good.

Q: How were the first months away from home?
A: It's different. Over there I was with my family and friends, and here I have to adapt living away from them. But I'm fine, the city is quiet and itís good to taste an experience in another country and in another league.

Q: What were your feelings in your debut?
A: It was only a few minutes, but it's good to enter. I hope to do it more often and get to play as a starter. I work for it.

Q: The team has started well...
A: Yes, it was a good start. Itís always important to add points.

Q: It makes more difficult to get it into the lineups...
A: The team is good and is adding points, but I have the hope of playing and help the club.

Q: Did you expect to have much competition in the position?
A: I think it's normal for a Primera team to have good players. What I have to do is to work and show my skills.

Q: Can you bring something different to the team?
A: I donít know if different. My style of playing is to run from one side to the other. I like to attack and have options to shot on target. I can play the full 90 minutes, in a short period of time is difficult to show your skills.

Q: Have you marked in the calendar the matches against Real Madrid and Barca?
A: We know they are difficult, but those are pretty matches against great teams and always call the attention. Also against Celta. When I arrived at A CoruŮa, the first thing they told me on the street was that it is important to win that game.

Q: What about the national team?
A: I played two games and was in several training sessions; of course I want to go back. Itís easier to go if I play at Depor. I want to start playing to be closer; itís an honor to represent your country.



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