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16 Sep 2012
Depor’s coach confirmed that both Laure and Salomão are out of the clash at Los Cármenes; meanwhile Granada’s trainer hopes his team won’t be affected by the anxiety after only adding one point within the first three matchdays.

Juan Antonio Anquela is an Andalusian coach that was one of the main responsible for the phenomenon of the Alcorconazo that struck Real Madrid in Copa Del Rey and that was close to achieve a promotion to Primera on last season. He is a former right winger that began his career as a footballer at Real Jaén; he only performed for humble teams, but at least Anquela had the privilege to perform at Primera División for Elche CF, though it was only for one season after his team suffered the relegation to Segunda (season 1984/85).

He returned to Real Jaén and retired there in 2001; immediately he began his career as a coach been the assistant of Tolo Plaza. He later took charge of the first team of Real Jaén and within the years 2004 and 2008 he passed through four small clubs without any luck, and then he arrived to Madrilenian club AD Alcorcón, club where he became famous due to the achievements in both liga and Copa.

And it’s that in only one year –season 2009/10- his team was able to eliminate Real Madrid from the Copa Del Rey and later achieved an historic promotion to Segunda División. Suddenly, he was considered as a talented coach that was even nicknamed as Anquelotti, which is a reference to Carlo Ancelotti, the former coach of Chelsea FC and AC Milan and currently working for PSG. Last year his Alcorcón caressed the promotion to Primera, but lost in the final series of the playoffs facing Real Valladolid. For the present season he was hired by Granada CF earning his first experience at the elite of Spanish football.

This is his third official confrontation against José Luis Oltra; the first was the demolishing 4-0 of Granada over Depor, which was the worst defeat of the Galicians on the past Segunda season; in the second match Oltra got his revenge as Deportivo defeated Alcorcón with a 2-1 result achieved at the Riazor.

Depor’s coach gave his press conference on Friday’s noon; he talked to reporters for twenty minutes. He started talking of the break in la liga after the international competition, “What the professionals like is to compete and the sauce of football is to compete; you never know if it’s good or not for the team. It is good as it helps you to stay preparing the team. Granada had less international players and had time to work, but we worked at the top and are eager to resume the competition.”

About Granada, he said that, “It’s a dangerous rival, a team with the profile of Anquela; I would say a rival in need though the words may not be the proper ones. What’s clear is that they deserve more points, but the reality is that they only have one and it converts them into a more dangerous and feared opponent, though I don’t think there are finals at matchday 04. But we must be aware of ourselves; it’s the most important game, the next one and must try to add the three points.”

Then Oltra was asked of the state of the international players, he stated that, “They are pretty fine; actually the Portuguese were training since yesterday [Thursday] and Abel was more tired as the trip was longer. But he’s fine too and has trained with the team. He can be a starter; another thing is that I would decide to leave him out.”

Later he confirmed the two absentees for the meeting, “Salomão and Laure aren’t ready yet. They are working with the team but don’t have the medical okay, not yet. For now they’re the only players ruled out of the game. Bruno [Gama] has worked normally within the last three days and for now we are going to wait for the last training session. If he enters into the list it is because he can’t play as a starter, but we should wait. The rest are fine.”

Once again the Valencian coach denied confirming if he will make changes at the lineup, “I am always ready to make changes; I will decide what’s better for the game and who should enter into the list for this clash, evidently we could have changes, always thinking of what the best thing is for the team. We can come to conclusions after the game.”

A reporter from La Voz de Galicia reminded that in case of repeating the squad it could be the first time in twenty years that Depor uses the same lineup in four straight matches, and he said that, “I don’t think if making history; I don’t make the lineups for the statistics, for the fans or for the media; I do it in order to win the matches using my criterion and according to the playing style of the rival… this is the big thing: to make decisions before and the readings are coming later. I have clear in my mind the team that will play in Granada.”

Another stat is that Oltra has never lost a game against Granada, and he commented that, “I didn’t know it; those are statistics that are there in order to be broken or to increase them. I didn’t know that, evidently any positive stat is linked with collective streaks, so I hope to increase the streak, not for me but for Depor.”

The game will be played at 4PM, which means that the heat could be a decisive factor, but the Catarroja-born coach said that it won’t be an excuse, “I don’t like the excuses; it could be a factor but it’s useless at this point. That they are more used to the heat? Yes, but we should be also more used to the rain and I am not used to it, at least not yet. It’s the same thing for both sides and it isn’t an excuse. Those are external issues, so I try to stay aside of them.”

There was a question regarding the presence of Anquela and his past relation with Alcorcón, for Depor’s trainer both teams have nothing in common, “In the end the coaches bring guidance and our ideas, but you also have the characteristics of the players, the pitch, the stadium… he’s bringing things to the team. They had several changes at the team, the coaching staff is different and they need time to get the ideas of the coach. Their game isn’t bad ad just need to add more points; Anquela is a coach that can bring character and that has intensity, but you can’t compare them to Alcorcón, neither to the match of the first round nor to the one played at the Riazor.”

“We just want to win the game. It isn’t a matter if this team is from your league or not, the league is of twenty clubs; clearly there are rivals that are stronger, but we just think of this game and for us it’s the most important game, so the consequences will be determined later.” He added.

It called the attention that the coach believes that the arrival of a new striker isn’t a priority at this point, “Even if we don’t score in this game the team is having strong statistics, you wrote it, though I want more. I believe we can do more and want to improve. Things aren’t as bad as some people think. We can’t make judgments with only four games; it doesn’t mean that if we play badly in offense then we’ll have a new striker on next week. “

“I believe the issue of the new striker isn’t an emergency, it’s just a thing of numbers in case of having suspensions or injuries. We have three great strikers and have been playing with one; we can end playing with two and always had a backup on the bench. If there’s any casualty then we can have problems. But I am not worried and neither phoning the club every day asking for the reinforcements: Maybe we could end waiting and perhaps we neither would sign anyone in December.” He added regarding the issue

An uncomfortable question for him was the one related to Juan Carlos; he just answered that he’s open to pick up the player for future opportunities, “Nobody has told me that I can’t count with him. If someday I think that Juan Carlos has to play nobody has told me that I can’t do it. For now he will play and train with the B squad. I don’t have anything to add regarding this issue”

The ex-Almeria coach also confirmed that Ze Castro is fit and ready to play games, “Yes, he’s ready. I already said that only Salomão and Laure are out. Everybody else out of the list it will be for a tactical decision. Ze [Castro] is fine and played at Dubra, but we have to wait for his moment.”

Finally, Oltra stated that Tiago Pinto is also fit to play despite been the last man arriving to the club, “He is already integrated into the team. I am content with his work and he's a kid that likes football and that hears all the instructions. I´m satisfied and he has chances of entering into the team, and could even be a starter. Bu we must witness the first step tomorrow and the second could be made on Sunday.”

Granada’s coach talked to reporters on Friday’s morning; he was requesting to his players to avoid anxieties after only adding one point in this start of season, “We must learn to assimilate the lacking of points so we won’t suffer any anxiety. The team is fine, it’s incredible working and it’s willing and hopeful of doing things, though later you need to confirm it on the pitch.”

“Absolutely there’s the need to add the points after only adding one of the nine points disputed so far. I trust in this team and I’m sure we’ll add some points, though we need to start now.  Let’s see if we are lucky enough to deserve and win a game, therefore this match is really important for us. I believe we can add the three points, but the rival coming here isn’t easy.” He added.

He also gave some hints regarding the lineup, “I still have to cover one spot and don’t yet how to fix it [the centre of the defense]. We are going little by little and I see the team prepared. Mainz could have a chance to play with Iñigo [López] at defense and let’s see if Pape [Diakhaté] has the medical okay. Diego [Mainz] is there; he has been working throughout the pre-season.”

The Andalusian coach was also praising Deportivo, “This is the Depor of the whole life. It’s an impressive rival, a team that won almost everything on last year; they already faced important teams and remains undefeated, and always leaving a positive impression.”

He also had a few words for Valerón, “Depor have important players. Valerón is a reference in Spanish football and I’m worried of him, but I am more worried of the whole team and their style of playing; if we aren’t a serious team, and everybody should know it, then we are going to suffer.”

Finally, Anquela was feeling sorry for been playing at 4PM, a tough hour taking in mind the heat in Granada, “We´ll have to adapt as quickly as possible and the best we can. To play in Andalusia at 4PM is an inconsistency, but it's there. In football you don’t know who will benefit. Hopefully it will affect Depor more than us. We will try to put a high pace to the game. "



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