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18 Sep 2012
The papers didn’t like the performance of Deportivo, but were also convinced that the team could have won the game, especially taking in mind the ghost goal of Oliveira. The media also emphasized the fact that Depor remain undefeated.

La Opinión A Coruña: Paradox. First half without scoring opportunities and Deportivo scored a goal. Second half with enough chances to kill the game and Depor ended scoreless. Paradox. In the first part the rival won the back of the players at midfield, and there were no chances except the gift of Toño and Mainz. Especially Riki was caught in offside by Granada’s defense. We had little ball possession and faced defensive problems, especially on the left flank. From the second half the most positive fact was that the team went out for the game, creating chances that weren’t materialized. Then they scored the equalizer and the team suffered a bit until it returned to control the game within the final minutes. A pity the goal of Nélson Oliveira that didn’t count and it seems that it entered. With the 0-2 the game would have been finished. Luis Rodríguez Vaz

La Voz de Galicia: Oliveira was the revulsive. When good game and dangerous plays did not emanate fluently, footballers pull other resources to try to take the match. Nélson Oliveira demonstrated effectiveness and strength from the moment he stepped on the pitch replacing an injured Riki, and for the Andalusian side Floro Flores showed that insistence and perseverance also deserve a prize.

Granada and Deportivo drew in a game without pace and that neither was showy, it could have fell on either side, but both teams showed that they wanted to take three points from Los Cármenes by any possible way. The match ended in a draw, a result that didn’t leave anyone content. The Galicians were seeing themselves with three more points at the standings, and for Granada the later equalizer only serves to add one more point, but still living at the pit. Tamara Rivas

La Opinión A Coruña:  Punishment to clemency. The amazing and exciting football exercises offered by Deportivo within the first three matchdays were almost completely vanished yesterday, as the effect of heat that was expected in Granada. In the previous three games there was full of excitement and there was no sign of this on the lawn of the Nuevo Los Cármenes, perhaps because Los Blanquiazules need the collaboration of the rival to unleash the show, usually outrageous, wildly entertaining but also risky. Yesterday we didn’t find this in Granada and picked a draw that left Oltra’s team unsatisfied, though it claimed the lead virtually without looking for it, to later see how the locals were equalizing when the team was stronger and seeking to expand the score. The result allows Depor, however, to remain undefeated.

The so feared emergencies at the Andalusian side on the eve of its irregular start of season became into a lot of caution as the game started, with Deportivo refusing to exploit the local shyness. Instead it settled with it and didn’t take too many risks. It was as if, suddenly, the team lost the audacity, the temerity of previous opportunities, virtues that have characterized some of the matches played so far. It was also coinciding with the day in which Valerón was pulled out of the starting eleven in order to allow the entry of Camuñas.

The position of the Canarian playmaker seemed less likely to be the one that was going to break Oltra’s lineup, which was the same since starting the season, but he stayed on the bench and the coach allowed the entry of the skillful playmaker, as if he foresaw the little initiative that Granada was going to show during the first part of the meeting. Marcos Otero

Marca: Offside. Floro Flores was caught offside seven times. Deportivo's defense soured his afternoon, although the Italian managed to end scoring the equalizer. The situation demonstrates the low voltage handled by Granada in their attacks, this poor 'feeling' that reached the stands after a disastrous start of the season-only two of twelve possible points -. Depor, newly promoted, surpassed them at some moments due to its courage and quality, but the equation of the game offered a sense of disapproval in a football sense and an inadequate distribution of points as a gift. Ángel Liceras.

AS: Floro Flores reduces Depor and gives air to a gray Granada. Floro Flores took a deep breath after scoring his first goal for Granada, because he had taken a great weight off. The Italian striker ended with Deportivo’s hope, side that already saw the three points in its bag, and gave life to a Granada, a team that only a few know how they were able to  survive. It continues to live in relegation; it seems that is not there, that things will be tough, but never despair. And sometimes, only the latter, allows it to remain alive.. and breathing, as Floro Flores did.

Because the game seemed headed for a visiting victory and another setback for Los Rojiblancos. Deserved or not is another story. Especially when Nelson Oliveira, after the break and with the 0-1 on the scoresheet, sent a shot into the crossbar and the ball bounced beyond the goal line. Neither touched the line, or it was a ghost goal, or anything like that: it was a legal goal. Gil Manzano didn’t see it, neither his assistant, and Depor was resigned to waiting and try to sign the sentence, but Oliveira and Pizzi forgave and their team ended up paying. Gabriel Galán

El Pais: Ten minutes of push from Granada saved a point before a Deportivo that forgave too much and that was too cautious when it had everything in favor to add a win and confirm its excellent league start. The Galician side scored twice, but only one goal was counted in the scoresheet, as the shot of Nélson Oliveira at minute 47 bounced into the goal line after hitting the crossbar. A goal that didn’t count in a complicate action for the referee and his assistant and that wasn’t even protested by the players of Deportivo.

Granada breathed because, with all lost, it pulled its pride to lock Oltra’s men at their area. The modifications ordered by the coach of the Galician team led to a fatal step back when the game should have been resolved before in favour of Deportivo. Floro Flores scored for the first time in the league and Jaime Romero could even have offered the victory to Granada in a crazy end. Deportivo, the better side for the major part of the game, presented better arguments before a rival under construction, a team where players are constantly debuting, it’s the case of Brahimi, and a side that lacks a point of order. In pursuit of its personality Granada is bleeding, because they have only added two points to their tally. Rafael Pineda.

El Ideal (Granada): Granada CF remain winless. Granada abounded in its downward spiral and also failed to win at home against a Deportivo that only needed to be competitive to overthrow Anquela’s team, taking advantage of a defensive mistake between Mainz and Toño. Los Rojiblancos still missing aim and only at the final moments Floro Flores got the equalizer. The team is still gripped by its lack of lubrication, splashing the encounter with its defensive mismatches that open the door to danger. In attack the team again evidenced the absence of conjunction, sector where Orellana seeks control but he can’t find the best partners, though the premonitory emergence of Brahimi fluid the possibilities.

Granada remain living inside the relegation zone, it remains winless and visit the Camp Nou on Saturday. Bleak picture for them, with its most expensive signing out of tune, committing several errors though leaving some details for the hope: Brahimi looks great for the centre of midfield. Rafael Lamelas.



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