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18 Sep 2012
Controversy with Oltra’s declarations as the coach didn’t like a question of a reporter regarding the performance of Evaldo. Apart from this the players were satisfied with the point as Deportivo added playing away from the Riazor.

Coach José Luis Oltra was content with the performance of his team despite it allowed a late equalizer, “The game was conditioned by the weather and the state of the pitch; both teams have their moments, but my team was serious and solid, though we missed more depth in the first part.”

“In the second half we had two or three chances to score the 0-2. We didn’t finish them and in the end they ended scoring the equalizer, something that for me it wasn’t unfair due the merits of Granada, but it’s also true that we should have cashed the big prize. In any case my team was serious, supportive and disciplined. We were closer to win than to lose the game.” He added.

The Valencian coach didn’t give importance to the ‘ghost goal’ of Oliveira, “I am more discontent when they give four minutes of stoppage time rather to fail in a punctual action that’s impossible to watch.” Still, he repeated to be content with the result, “I am not unhappy though we did enough things to win the clash, every point is welcomed, especially if you play away from home.”

Then it came the tense moment, a reporter questioned Oltra for Evaldo’s performance; he asked: “Will you do the same with Evaldo than what you did with Ayoze?” The journalist was referring of what happened with Ayoze on last season as the coach defended the Canarian from the criticism until the defender was finally benched by Morel. Oltra understood that the question was a provocation and ended the press conference there. 

Later several journalists complained that Oltra told them off the press conference: “You already ruined Ayoze and now you want to ruin Evaldo. Luckily Evaldo doesn’t understand what you say.” The issue was also discussed in the social networks and several fans criticized the behavior of the journalists

Apart from the controversy, Nélson Oliveira explained that he was content with the performance of the team in this match, “I’m really satisfied with my game and with the one made by the whole team; the most important thing is the collective aspect and truly this was a complicated clash.”

The Portuguese player also commented the play of the ghost goal, an issue that could have earned him a second goal and the three points for Depor; Well, on the pitch I thought that it wasn’t goal, now people are telling me that the ball was in. I don’t know.”

Dani Aranzubia stated that, “When you see it so close and having so many chances to secure the result it is frustrating… but well we are content as we are adding and the team gave battle despite we would have been more content with the three points. The goal was their only clear opportunity; I thought he was releasing a stronger shot, but it was a low attempt and that’s why it the ball went down my body.”

Juan Dominguez didn’t make a solid game; he was intermittent, but at least he saw things clear after the clash, "We have the feeling of dropping two points; we had enough scoring opportunities and it wasn’t possible, but it's also good to add points playing away from home. We are leaving with the feeling that we could have won, but it's over now."

Alex Bergantiños entered in the second half and commented that, “The game was a little crazy when I entered; they were desperate, pushing and locking us up at the back zone; things were under control but unfortunately we had that unlucky play with a rebound included. I believe we had enough chances to score the 0-2 and it was a pity to not kill the game with the second goal, which would have been definitive.”

At Granada, coach Juan Antonio Anquela admitted that his Granada could have lost facing Deportivo, “A point is a good outcome; we lacked the correct approach and consistency today. The team started well, but lacked calmness in the final pass.”

“The goal conceded was an excessive punishment, but in the second half we were closer to losing than winning it, but with a bit of luck we may have also won. We have committed too many mistakes, so it’s very difficult. It isn’t easy to score two goals every Sunday. We risked a lot too, but we had to die trying. I am not too nervous though, because sooner or later we will pick up the points.” He added

Right-back Allan Nyom was convinced that his team should have won the clash, “These are the games that we should win; we need to play better; we need to improve in order to be a better team and know us better. At Primera División you end up paying any error and later it’s tough to achieve the comeback. At Segunda we should have won this game, but it’s different at Primera.”

Striker Riki was replaced at the end of the first half after a strong knock on the nose as he collided with a rival. On Monday the club has confirmed that the Madrilenian sustained a nose fracture during the meeting against Granada. Still, the striker won't be operated and will be able to play, though he will need to wear a mask.



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