21 Sep 2012
Former Depor player Víctor Sánchez Del Amo is currently the second coach of Sevilla CF; he visits the Riazor on Monday for the first time after his exit from the club. He gave an interview to La Voz de Galicia and talked of the game.

Q: You are returning to A Coruña…
A: It will be the first time I visit the Riazor. It will be a very special moment after the seven great years I lived there, I really enjoyed it and felt very loved and respected by the fans and this fact gives you more satisfaction. When you try to give everything for some colours and if you are fortunate enough to celebrate titles and you are loved, well… what else you can ask for. You can only giver the thanks and make a special room in your heart of remembrance for all those people.

Q: Were you able to watch Depor after the promotion? Are you surprised?
A: When a newly promoted team begins a season there are always some doubts, but perhaps Deportivo is different , a club that was very settled at Primera it has been like waking up from a nightmare and then it’s back where it has always been, it seems they haven’t been affected by the stage at Segunda. It looks solid, strong at all times and able to harm the rivals. It has played very solid matches and is undefeated. These are merits that you should have in mind after four matchdays, especially when you already faced rivals like Valencia.

Q: For your past, do you think of another thing rather than a victory at the Riazor on Monday?
Q: That's impossible, because the competitive nature, if you have it, only allows you to fight for victory. We'll travel there for the three points, with the utmost respect for the opponent, because it will be a difficult game. We know the almost magical effect that has the Riazor, which brings a bonus to your team as a few stadiums in the world. In that respect we want the three points that will allow us to stay at the top of the standings.

Q: Among other things, you are the one that plans the set-pieces at Sevilla.
A: The players are the executors of the plans designed by the coaches in all aspects, both in offensive and defensive tactics. The whole coaching staff work on this, you can’t focus in anyone in particular, because we are a team in which all the members present their ideas and obtain conclusions that are consensus and common positions, this is the best way to have better final ideas.

Q: Do you see yourself coaching Depor someday?
A: The true is that I cannot think of that, because I'm so focused and I have in my head in my current job that I cannot look further. When I was a player I was always fixed in the next game with the sole purpose of winning and then get to the next match and win it. And I do the same now. We had three points last week against [Real] Madrid; it was very difficult and we did it; we are going to the Riazor on Monday and the target is those three points. And with this mentality we’ll try to get as far as possible. Then, time and our capabilities will tell us where we can go.

Q: Do you know that Oltra is revealed as another expert in strategies?
A: He’s an example. A coach having a sensational career. All his teams have given a terrific performance. He’s characterized for having teams practicing an attractive football and is a reference in set-pieces. For people that like this, like me, who carefully study this type of plays, he has surprised us in more than one occasion with plays designed in a sensational and very intelligent way.



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