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22 Sep 2012
Diogo Salomão is finally back; the left winger received the medical okay on the present week and hopes to have minutes in the coming game with Sevilla, but the Portuguese man is aware of the competence at Oltra’s team.

The last four months have been tough for Diogo Salomão; the Portuguese arrived last season to A Coruña and, taking advantage of the injury of Bruno Gama, he was a starter at the beginning of the Segunda tournament, been the companion of Guardado on the wings. He turned to be an important resource for Oltra and scored three goals within the first ten matchdays.

But later Oltra benched him in order to make room for Gama; the Amadora-born winger turned to be a luxury replacement used by the coach in the second halves. Later he suffered a groin injury that, at the beginning, should have left him out of action for the last two matches of the Segunda tournament, but the injury turned to be more complicated and the winger also missed the whole pre-season and the first four matchdays of the present liga tournament.

He finally received the medical okay on this week and was pretty happy with it, as he said during an interview with Sportpaper AS, “Four months have passed and I was anxious in order to receive the medical okay. I’m very happy, I have been working hard and felt fine. I just need to regain the pace. Last season I had a tear in a muscle of the hip, but that wasn’t the main issue, the problem was that the groin injury turned to be more serious.”

The Portuguese winger confessed that it was hard to stay out for four months, “Never before I have been out for so many time; in the worst case I was stopped for a month. It was hard to me and there were moments in which I thought that I wasn’t going to surpass this injury; I was a little desperate. Now I am fine, there’s no pain and the feelings are positive.”

Now Salomão is finding Pizzi as the main competitor for a spot at the starting eleven; he admitted that it will hard to gain a place at Oltra’s team, “There’s a lot of competence with the players that have arrived, but that’s good as you have a big squad in which all the winger have options to perform at both sides and even at the centre. The coach has several options where to choose from.”

“You can have casualties or players in low form. I can only work hard in order to fight for a chance. There are some differences compared to last year, because some players have left and others have arrived. The squad is stronger and the team is feeling confident and you can notice it during the games. We must follow the same path and add a lot of points.” He added.

The winger was also giving his opinion in what he met at Primera División, “There are great teams, with a lot of talent and with a great organization, it will be hard throughout the season. For this reason is meritorious what we did at the beginning and already faced tough opponent. Our team is strong and balanced, and then you have the plus of the fans, it will help us in order to make a solid year.”

Finally, Salomão expects to have some minutes against Sevilla, though he’s aware that the competition is tough, “These are decisions of the coach. I am wishing to play my first minutes in the match against Sevilla; the game is played at the Riazor and it will be pretty to return in front of the fans.”



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