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23 Sep 2012
On Friday the city of A Coruña inaugurated the street of Deportivo; an access road to the city that pays tribute to the contribution of the club. Around 2,000 people were present in the event, including the major and Lendoiro.

Ronda Real Club Deportivo La Coruña; that’s the name given to the street previously known as “Tercera Ronda”. It’s an access road to the city that goes from the Riazor stadium to the highway A6 that connects with Madrid (A6) and with the Alvedro airport. Part of the road still under construction and will be finished in 2013.

This tribute was an old wish of the fans and the club, and it was possible until today thanks to the city council of A Coruña and Peñas Federation of Deportivo. The inauguration took place on Friday’s evening and consisted in the unveil of a plaque, a concert of “La Banda del Camión” [the ones that made Deportivo’s anthem] and also a big party that included food for the 2,000 fans attending to the event.

Coach Oltra and the full first team was there, also president Lendoiro and the major of the city, Carlos Negreria, who stated before unveiling the plaque that, “Deportivo is our beacon. This is a tribute for the club, the coaches, players, the club’s officials, the president and especially the fans. This isn’t the only street of Deportivo, because Deportivo are all rounds, avenues, streets, crossings and city squares. Deportivismo is not limited to a stretch; it’s a feeling that pervades everything in A Coruña, Galicia, Spain and the world."

Later Lendoiro said that, “This is a road that connects Riazor with the world, a road that connects the city to Madrid and the airport; it’s a road searching for Europe and the rest of the world. This is the intention and the purpose of Deportivo. We are fulfilling the dream of all the fans. We all together are enlarging the Deportivismo across the world, even in these times of crisis. Thanks to all the people that are part of Deportivo.”

The street of Deportivo

Deportivo’s players crossing the street named as a tribute to the club

Starting this week the city hall of A Coruña is painting the outside walls of the Riazor, which were always full of signboards leaving a negative impression of the stadium. The city of A Coruña will also put big banners with photos of the big moments of the stadium. All these improvements will be completed in December.



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