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23 Sep 2012
Left-back Ayoze Diaz debuted on the season as he entered in the final minutes of the clash against Granada; the Canarian defender talked to newspaper La Opiniůn A CoruŮa and analyzed his situation and also commented the recent criticism towards Evaldo.

Q: You finally played on this season.
A: I am content for helping the group.

Q: Even though it wasnít in your natural position, the side, but as a false winger?
A: It isnít a common position for me, but the coach thought that I had to play there, and I loved it. What matters is to help, to contribute, to be there for the team.

Q: What was your feeling in your reencounter with the competition?
A: It's hard to go out like this, because they have much more pace than you. I felt fine and made my best effort, which was to cover the arrivals of the winger and help Evaldo as much as it was possible. These are the minutes in which the rival is squeezing you and I had to defend more than attacking.

Q: Too bad the victory escaped from your hands.
A: Yes. It was a pity. We were able to kill the game with the 0-2 and remain calm, but to draw away from home is positive. Now we must confirm this point beating Sevilla. The team is fine, we havenít lost and that's important for the group: to gain confidence. From now on we must keep trying to add points and achieve the goal as soon as possible.

Q: Two more left-back have arrived, Evaldo and Tiago Pinto, but it seems that there is no much difference between the three.
A: We are here to work and the coach is who decides. We're all professionals, we all like to play and no one feels inferior to anyone. We all want to participate and help the team. If you have to play then its fine, and if not, then itís time to wait, to work hard and try to do my best when Iím playing.

Q: Do you see a parallel between the situation of Evaldo, who has been criticized, and what you lived last season?
A: You have to give time to time. He made a great game at Granada. He was fine, worked at the top, fought hard, he was quick closing the gaps... From my point of view he made a pretty good game. These are opinions to be respected. It happened to me last year. I respected them and never had any problems with anyone. I follow my lane:  working, trying to help, trying to improve, and better times will come.

Q: Do you think that you were treated unfairly last season?
A: I donít care. I'm not going to value those things. Unfair or not, what happened, it did happen and that's it. I remain with the fact that we achieved the goal, which was the important thing. No hard feelings to anyone. I'm a guy who doesnít have hard feelings to anyone. I am a professional who arrived in order to help. I respect the opinions of everyone. I dislike valuing those things, because in the end we are all here to pull forward.

Q: You already saw him training, what about Tiago Pinto?
A: He's a guy who has many good things and also arrived in order to bring his grand of sand. Heís a fast player having a good left leg and that joins the attacks. You will see it when he plays. Heís a good partner and I always talk good things of the partners, because for me they are the best.

Q: The new ones seems to have fit well, donít you think?
A: Yes. Since last year the group was fine. People that have arrived must adapt in order to follow that positive lane and until now everybody is doing well.
Q: Does the lack of minutes makes you feel less footballer?
A: Everyone likes to play and be a participant, but just by being here and training I feel like a participant, because I'm at the squad, because I belong to Deportivo and because I'm training every day trying to get a spot. We are many and the coach has to make decisions, heís here for this. I respect him as I have done the same on all the team I have played.

Q: Are you feeling motivated after the minutes you enjoyed in Granada?
A: It's always good to go out, participate and be there. It helps to keep working, because at any time you have to go out and you need to be prepared, whether is for twenty minutes or more time.

Q: Are you scared of the complicate schedule that lies ahead?
A: It's going to be hard to get the points, but if other teams can do it we can do it too. We have achieved positive results in these early matchdays and you have to try to continue with this straight.



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