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26 Sep 2012
The papers didn’t like the performance of the team and the tactical draw of Oltra; including the aids given to the side defenders, but the main conclusion was the great game of Sevilla’s Jesús Naves, without doubt the best man of the match.

La Opinión A Coruña: A matter of orientation. Disputed game with chances for both teams. Both goals from Sevilla were preceded by the fact that Depor’s players were choosing the wrong direction in the output of the ball. In the first Manuel Pablo instead of making a pass to an unmarked team mate at the side chose to do it to the centre and thus the first goal arrived. In the second, the clearance of Aranzubia is misdirected. When you have a player so close, he should have released the shot to the right or left. The side defenders continue to miss help at defense. Both halves were similar. In the first half there was variety of strategies in the corner-kicks, the output of Sevilla was well covered from behind and therefore the Andalusian team was forced to attempt shots from outside the box, something that was in favour of Deportivo. I have a weakness for Oliveira, he can shoot on target with both legs. Luis Rodríguez Vaz

La Voz de Galicia: Boarding the plane with the points. I think Sevilla and Deportivo gladly heard the referee's whistle, signaling the end of the first half. A first part in which both sides didn’t have reasons to complain. First, neither of these teams looked behind in the 0-0 score. It wasn’t that the keepers were preventing the goals with good interventions. It happened that the first 45 minutes of a game announced as hotly contested turned to be a mere match of feints in the vicinity of both areas, but without the feeling that those shots were going to end in a goal. Nothing of this happened. These were 45 minutes more of fear than courage, consuming energy at midfield, much conservatism, which abounded increasingly at both teams. "While we aren’t losing, no problem," they say to themselves.

The second half will not be stored in the memory of the Galicians. That 0-0 score was broken by Jesús Navas. He pulled Sevilla on the half hour mark and, at the edge of the end, the lead was increased with a rebound of Aranzubia against a Sevillan player, which meant the 0-2. Vicente Leirachá

La Opinión A Coruña: Stumble at a bad time. Someday would happen, something any fan would say, anyone having the Deportivista gene that advances potential setbacks. Deportivo's first home defeat in a year arrived at the worst moment of the calendar and leaves an uncomfortable feeling after what was saw yesterday on the pitch.

From the first minute it was clear that Evaldo wasn’t going to be as unassisted on the left as on previous matches, though ultimately Sevilla's first goal arrived from his side. The threat was greater than in any of the previous meetings and the Brazilian was more aided than in previous appointments, Pizzi and especially Abel Aguilar.

The slogan for the side was also clear from the start: to follow Jesus Navas wherever he goes. With this idea on mind Evaldo appeared at midfield and at times he seemed to gain the confidence that abandoned him after the growing criticism and the murmurs at the stands. Yesterday turned into applause in a couple of actions and showed that he can be an exuberant footballer in a physically sense and correct in a tactical aspect.

The aids provided to him diminished the contribution of that side in attack and Pizzi was diluted in a dedicated exercise to maintain the order on the field. Riki thus lost one of his major partners since the season began. The Madrilenian needs an assistant to make good his moves searching for empty spaces almost always perpendicular to the opposing defense. When this fact isn’t occurring then he pulls out the repertoire of stubbornness, sneaking into the opponent area through stumbles and sometimes pushing if necessary. He fights, insists and sometimes he scores.

Yesterday he didn’t find the Portuguese winger and neither Valerón, the coach continues to give him a leading role in the matches at the Riazor, but sometimes he’s betrayed by the vertigo acquired by the team when it’s launching the attack. When the pause is imposed, however, the Canarian still has the criterion to provide opportunities for his teammates. Oltra hasn’t found yet a substitute for this task. Juan Dominguez seems to be a natural choice, but the young midfielder lacks risk. He escapes from it. He’s always looking for a partner in order to secure the pass and therefore abuses as he’s holding on the ball.  Marcos Otero

Marca: Navas puts Sevilla at the Champions League zone. Sevilla earned a valuable victory at the Riazor, which serves to complete the fifth matchday living at the Champions League positions. Led by the best version of Jesus Navas, the Andalusians beat Deportivo thanks to goals from Negredo and Rakitic.

Míchel’s men remain unstoppable in this league start. They still don’t know the defeat and at the Riazor they carried away with the meeting thanks to the craft and talent of the players. Especially of Jesus Navas, unstoppable before the Galicians. What began as an even duel, with good chances for both teams, was drifting in a clash with Sevilla dominating. The difference was that the Andalusians managed to score first. Deportivo crashed with Palop and the woodwork, which eventually decant the match in favor of Sevilla. Ramiro Aldunate.

AS: Sevilla treads at the Champions League and it does it in large part because of the speed and class of Jesus Navas. The Andalusian winger was a headache for Depor throughout the night and if his teammates would understand him a little more, then the game would have favored Michel’s side long before. Not a matter of searching of somebody to blame at Deportivo, because it wasn’t only Evaldo who was stunned by the dribbling of Navas, everyone who tried to help the Brazilian side defender was surpassed by the jewel from Nervión.

The first goal was a summary of the night. Quick counterattack, huge driving by Navas leaving a perfect deep pass to Cicinho and later the Brazilian released the cross and Negredo, pretty unlucky until this point, scored the goal at the far post.

Too much punishment. Sevilla’s win ends the unbeaten streak at the Riazor that lasted more than a year for Deportivo. The defeat hurts maybe for this, also because the Galicians deserved something more as they didn’t hide. Riki and his mask tried until exhaustion, Valerón moved the ball with criterion when he had room for it and Abel Aguilar released an impressive shot that deserved a greater reward than the harsh punishment of the woodwork

The Galicians even dominated for many phases of the game and the second goal of Rakitic, in an unfortunate play of Aranzubia, was an excessive blow for a Depor that already knows what it’s to lose in a league that also knows that this new Sevilla is very serious. Luis De La Cruz

Diario de Sevilla: Sevilla shines in A Coruña. Sevilla, with goals from Alvaro Negredo and Ivan Rakitic, conquered the Riazor, a stadium in which Deportivo took more than a year without falling and could not resist the wisdom of the Andalusians within the last fifteen minutes of the game. It was hard for Michel’s team to score on its visit to Deportivo, outfit that also had its options to take the lead, but the Andalusian side was awarded for the insistence on the final stretch of the clash, which also ended the Galician team's unbeaten record in its return to the Liga BBVA. Carlos Alberto Fernández



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